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Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial business owners can now use our free commercial invoice template forms to generate bulk invoices. Forget about the invoicing stress as Moon Invoice brings you all different commercial invoice format templates, making creating and sending an invoice online simple.

Commercial Invoice Template

Download The Free Commercial Invoice Template

Forget about creating commercial invoices from scratch. Now, you can simply download these commercial invoice sample forms and start customizing them by filling
in the accurate details. These readymade commercial invoice forms will help generate invoices in minutes.

Commercial Invoice Template for Shipping
Commercial Invoice Template for Shipping

While your business has to ship goods in bulk or at a significant frequency, you must get the readymade commercial invoice template for shipping that helps design the commercial goods shipment invoices in minutes. Download the invoice template in MS Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF format for free.

Commercial Invoice for International Shipping
Commercial Invoice for International Shipping

Does your business need to ship goods internationally? We have the right set of free commercial invoice template forms integrated with multi-currencies and taxation slabs to help you design international invoices for your large foreign shipments for free. Download the template in various formats online.

Commercial Sample with Colorful Business Name
Commercial Sample with Colorful Business Name

Do you want your commercial invoice to highlight the business name or logo in an attractive color and font? Our free commercial invoice template helps design invoices with highlighted business names in any color you want. Download the commercial invoice sample in MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Sheets.

Generate Commercial Invoices Online in 60 Seconds

Let your commercial business raise timely invoices for the business you have successfully carried on.
Get the invoice templates in PDF, Google Docs, Word, or Excel for FREE.

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What is the Use of a Commercial Invoice?

What is the Use of a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is used to send the details of the goods shipped via sea or air, such as the total quantity of the goods, goods price, taxes applied, and the total amount due for receipt.

Two types of commercial shipments:

Airfreight: For all the international shipments transported via air, the airfreight commercial invoice will be designed to mention the customs clearance details at the airport.

Sea Freight: For all the international shipments transported via sea, the sea freight commercial invoice will be designed to mention the customs clearance details at the seaport.

The customs duty officer or panel will consider all the information mentioned in the commercial invoice regarding the shipment of the goods as valid. It will proceed further with the format based on that information. Hence, a commercial invoice must be designed accurately, mentioning all the applicable goods taxes and duties.

How Do You Create or Fill a
Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice can be generated or filled out in 60 seconds if you have a suitable commercial invoice template online. So, let's talk about how fast and accurately you can fill out a commercial invoice online.

  1. Download the Commercial Invoice Template Free.
  2. Start filling out the details in the commercial invoice sample, such as the business information, including name and address, and client details, such as client name, address, contact number, and email.
  3. Add invoicing details such as the invoice number, date, and currency.
  4. Add line items mentioning the goods description, quantity, price per unit, applicable taxes, discount applied, and any other applicable charges with the total amount.
  5. Mention payment or business terms at the bottom of the invoice template.
  6. Add a business signature and verify the invoice details.
  7. Save the invoice on your device and send it across to the client.
How Do You Create or Fill a Commercial Invoice?
Why Should Commercial Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Why Should Commercial Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

  • Commercial business owners are either exporters or sellers who are selling and sending their goods from one location to another and need to send a proper document verifying the transaction of the goods for easy customs clearance. Hence, it needs a professional invoice format that helps testify to the details of the transaction.
  • On the other hand, importers or buyers who are accepting the goods at their location need a professional invoice that testifies to all the details of the transaction for future taxation and audits.
  • Suppose it is an air freight or sea freight goods shipment. In that case, the customs authorities require a professional yet perfect commercial invoice for customs clearance services accessing the value of the goods that are being traded from one port to another.

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Invoice Tips For Commercial Business Owners

Below are some of the most valuable tips for commercial business owners and exporters.

Don't Miss Out On Formatting

While generating a commercial invoice, it is crucial to take care of the formatting. A professional format is highly preferred as the commercial invoice will be viewed by your importers and customs officer.

Maintain Accuracy in Details

While filling out the details in a commercial invoice template free, it is important to check and verify if all the data, such as the invoice number, date, goods description, applicable taxes, and total price, is accurate.

Detailed Goods Description

Commercial business owners must specify each minute detail of the goods, including the total quantity, weight, color, texture, and price of the goods. The goods description is important to mention correctly for easy customs clearance.

Mention Terms & Conditions

Exporters generally have terms and conditions for the goods that are being transported via air or sea. It is best to mention all the shipment details in the invoice related to the damage or loss of the goods, such as insurance or theft.

Set for Invoice Tracking

While sending your goods nationally or internationally, tracking the invoice for easy port clearance is important. Tracking the invoice will keep you updated on the payment due for receipt after the importer receives the goods.

Add Payment Instructions

Clarity is the key to good business relations. The exporter needs to mention the accurate payment terms in the invoice. Especially in the commercial business the payment instructions must be specified in detail.

What Should Be Included In a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice must correctly have the following elements mentioned to receive timely payment from the importer or client

Seller's business details
Buyer's complete information
Goods description in detailed format
Applicable taxes
Discount if any
Shipping and payment terms
Total amount due
Payment link for quick payments

What Is The Best Time To Send An Invoice To Your Commercial Clients?

While dealing in the commercial business, taking care of the following timings while issuing an invoice is essential.

Send Before the Goods React the Custom Port

A commercial invoice must be issued before the goods are delivered to the importer. For easy customs clearance, issuing a commercial invoice is mandatory.

While Applying for the Insurance of the Goods

If you are applying for goods insurance, you must issue an invoice that helps prove the transaction between two parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make My Commercial Invoice Online?

Yes, you can generate your commercial invoice form online by downloading the different commercial invoice format PDFs online from Moon Invoice. Start customizing the commercial invoice form to fill it with the right details, including the customer reference number, invoice number, date, and many more details. Save the invoice and send it across to your client.

How Do I Issue a Commercial Invoice Form?

Download the commercial invoice template Excel online or PDF format and start customizing the form with accurate details. Save the invoice form and share it with your clients via email or WhatsApp.

Who will Prepare the Commercial Invoice?

The exporter or the seller will generate a commercial invoice for the importer or the buyer.

What is the Commercial Invoice Format?

A commercial invoice template format includes the details starting from the seller's business information, buyer's contact and address details, line items, goods description, payment and shipment terms and conditions, business signature, and total amount.

How Do I Create Commercial Invoices in Excel?

Download Moon Invoice's commercial invoice template in MS Excel to easily generate invoices in the Excel format.

What is the Difference Between a Proforma Invoice and a Commercial Invoice?

A proforma invoice is generated and sent by the seller before the goods are sent for the port clearance whereas the commercial invoice is sent for the easy ports clearance and for requesting payment from the client.