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Roofing Invoice Templates

Busy placing roofs over people's heads? We have personalized roofing invoice template forms that help you generate roofing invoices in minutes. Focus on the most essential tasks that you are doing, and let Moon Invoice take care of the invoicing like a PRO.

Roofing Invoice Templates

Download Free Roofing Invoice Templates

We have different roofing invoices templates to help you generate a tailored roof invoice.

Roof Replacement Invoice
Roof Replacement Invoice

Do you wish to generate invoices for the roof replacement services? Moon Invoice lets you download roofing invoice templates specially designed for roof replacement services. Download the roof invoice templates in MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.

Blank Roofing Invoice
Blank Roofing Invoice

Need to draft a roofing invoice from scratch? We have the best roofing invoice template format for drafting professional roofing invoices in minutes. Download our blank roofing invoice in MS Word, Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF and send it across.

Roof Repair Invoice
Roof Repair Invoice

While you are repairing your customers' roofs, we help you draft accurate roofing invoices in minutes. Download our roof repair roofing invoice example in MS Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF to create accurate roofing invoices.

Change Order Invoice
Change Order Invoice

Are there any modifications made to your existing roofing contract with the customer? We have got a readymade roofing invoice template for change orders that helps generate modified invoices in minutes. Download now in different formats!

Residential Roofing Invoice
Residential Roofing Invoice

Download professional roofing invoice templates for residential roofing contracts with Moon Invoice. Generate roofing invoices from your smartphones instantly using our readymade roof invoice templates in PDF, Word, Excel, or Google Docs.

Commercial Roofing Invoice
Commercial Roofing Invoice

Download professional roofing contractor invoice template for commercial roofing contracts with Moon Invoice. Generate roofing invoices from your smartphones instantly using our readymade roof invoice templates in PDF, Word, Excel, or Google Docs.

Generate Roofing Invoices in 60 Seconds

Get our readymade roofing invoice templates to create roofing invoices in less than a minute.

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What is the Use of Roofing Invoice Templates?

What is the Use of Roofing Invoice Templates?

Roofing invoice is designed for roofing business contractors. It is a standard roofing invoice template to issue professional and accurate roofing invoices.

Maintains Professionalism

Creating roofing invoices using a professional roofing invoice template will help you present the first good impression in front of your clients. It helps maintain professionalism, thereby enhancing your brand image.

Easy to Generate

One of the ultimate reasons to use roofing invoice templates is that they help generate final invoices in minutes. The format is ready and must be tailored using accurate roofing contract details.

Gets You Paid

When you send a professional yet accurate roofing invoice to your client, it is easily accepted by the client. Also, accurate invoices with payment links integrated into the invoice help you get paid faster.

How to Create Or Fill an Invoice
For Roofing?

While filling an invoice for roofing, roof maintenance, roof repair, roof installation, or any roofing services- here are the quick steps to help you generate a professional roofing invoice.

  1. Download the roof invoice template from the above per your roofing business requirement, or log in to Moon Invoice and sign up for FREE to start generating roofing invoices.
  2. Start filling out the roofing invoice details in the template. Add correct business details such as name, logo, and contact number.
  3. Mention customer details, including the customer name, address, contact number, and email address.
  4. Add invoice essentials such as invoice number, currency, and invoice date.
  5. Add itemized details in the line form mentioning the roofing contract, such as the type of roofing service, roofing cost, applicable taxes, discounts, and total amount.
  6. Mention payment terms and other business conditions at the bottom of the invoice.
  7. If you use online invoicing software, try adding a payment method or link to the invoice to get paid faster.
Steps to Fill Out an Invoice Sample Template: Example of Invoice

Why Should Roofing Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Below are some apparent reasons for creating and sending professional roof invoices.

Professional Image

Sending professional roofing invoices will help your business maintain professionalism with its clients. Manual invoices are always a big no for the clients receiving them.

Tax Compliance

Roofing invoices, when drafted professionally, all the essential invoice details are mentioned including the applicable taxes.

Business Records

Generating digital invoices using the right format helps maintain accurate business records for bookkeeping.

Client Communication

Issuing invoices professionally helps build positive client communication, thereby impressing the client.

Timely Payments

Professional roofing invoices will impress the client first, inspiring them to move ahead with the payments easily.


Generating professional invoices in the digital format is easy to modify or edit, saving time and resources.

Send Professional Roofing Invoices with Moon Invoice

Leverage the capabilities of our advanced invoicing template designs to generate professional roof invoices in minutes.

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Invoice Tips For Roofing Business Owners

Are you Invoicing for the first time and your invoice payments getting delayed?
Follow these invoicing tips while you create and send your roofing invoices.

Clear Information

The roofing invoice must contain clear and crisp information regarding the roofing contract or work you or your team delivered.

Highlighting the Total Amount

To help the client save time on going through the complete invoice, it is best to highlight the total amount for verification.

Mentioning Payment Terms

Adding payment terms is highly essential to inform the client about the last due date for payment.

Keeping the Invoice Itemized

A breakdown of the services, along with the amount, taxes, and discount, is important to help the client know about the final cost.

Using Roofing Invoice Templates

Professional invoice templates for your roofing business will save time and help you draft an accurate invoice.

Disclose Warranty Information

It is best to disclose the warranty details in the invoice for all the roofing installation, repair, or maintenance materials.

What Should be Included in the Roofing Invoice?

What Should be Included in the Roofing Invoice?

A roofing invoice generated using a free roofing invoice template must contain these details for sure.

Invoice Details:

The invoice date, invoice number, and the currency in which the invoice needs to be issued

Invoice Breakdown:

Detailed roofing contract information, type of work performed, with a breakdown of the total cost

Customer Details:

Add customer name, email address, phone number, and address

Business Details:

Add the business logo, name, contact details, and office address

Payment Details:

Mention the payment terms, add a payment link, and highlight the due date

Other Information:

Add a business signature for authorization and disclose any warranty details of the parts used in the roofing installation, maintenance, or repair

What is the Best Time to Send
an Invoice to Your Roofing

Here are the three best times to send a roofing invoice to your client.

Upon Project Completion

Sending an invoice right after the project is completed is the best time to issue an invoice. Generally, invoices sent right after project completion are addressed for payments quickly.

During the Project Hours

While you must spend money on roofing materials, it is best to issue an advance invoice right in the middle of the project hours to balance your roofing business cash flow.

As Per Mutual Discussion

If there is any mutual agreement between you and the client regarding the payment due date, it is best to follow it and send the invoice accordingly to get it paid on time.

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Roofing Clients?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make An Invoice For Roofing?

The best way to create a roofing invoice is by downloading an online invoicing template for a roofing business. Start customizing the template and send it further to your client.

What Should A Roofing Invoice Include?

A roofing invoice must include all the invoicing parameters, including the roofing company logo, details such as address and phone number, client information, service and cost breakdown, payment terms, and more.

Is There Any Free Invoice Template?

Yes, free invoice template forms help generate easy and quick invoices for your roofing business. Example: Download a free roofing contractor invoice template using our invoicing app to generate contractor roofing invoices.

Is There A Template On Word For Invoice?

We offer invoice template in MS Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Docs format.