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Freelancer Invoice Template

Offering freelance services? Make your invoices as professional as your standalone services by sending freelance invoices to your clients.

We offer free invoice templates in 66+ design options that help freelancers like you design customized invoices per your client's business.

Freelancer Invoice Template

Download the Free Invoice Template for Freelancers

Freelancers like you are best known for managing the side business independently. We add more flair to your business by making invoicing easier and more personalized. Here are some of the readymade freelancer invoice template options to choose from.

Freelance Art Director
Freelance Art Director

As an art director, you can focus on your movie or ad direction while we can help you design professional invoices for your art direction services.

Freelance Copywriter
Freelance Copywriter

As a copywriter, you must focus on your writing deadlines and other creative stuff by leaving the invoicing worries on us with freelancer invoice templates.

Freelance Recruiter
Freelance Recruiter

Recruiters have many things to manage on their calendars. Hence, we help freelance recruiters with free invoice template to issue quick invoices.

Freelance Designer
Freelance Designer

Focus more on your creativity and other minute details, as we have readymade invoice template for making your invoicing tasks easier.

Freelance Photographer
Freelance Photographer

Focus on your lights, camera, and action as we simplify invoicing with free photography invoice template. Start making invoices now!

Freelance Developer
Freelance Developer

Freelance developers can now generate timesheet invoices using our free invoice template. Save hours of timesheet invoice calculation with our templates.

Grow Your Freelance Services 20X With Accurate Invoicing

Trust is an important factor while you are serving your services on a freelance basis. We help you design accurate invoices to win your client's trust.

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How to Create a
Freelance Invoice?

Create your freelancer invoice in no time by following our step-by-step pointers. One of the important things to remember while designing your invoice is that it must showcase your brand's identity; hence, try using a freelancer invoicing app that helps you add a business logo, watermark, or theme to the invoice's blank template.

A. Focus on the basic details first

Freelancers must focus on the basic details of the invoice to make their invoice look accurate such as the freelance business name, business logo, shipping, billing address, currency, and all the details related to basic invoicing elements.

B. Mention all invoice essentials carefully

Another important section to focus on while creating an invoice is the invoicing elements that state the invoice number, invoice date, recurring or standard invoice check, etc. All these details are important at the time of the audit.

C. Take care of the line items with descriptions

Line items reflect the details of your freelance business that describes the type of freelance services you have provided, including the fees for the same, hourly rate, discount, taxes, and the total amount of the service.

D. Add any additional notes or payment terms

To create professional invoices, it is important to mention all your clients details, including any notes or payment terms that can add value to the mentioned invoice details. Nevertheless, it clears confusion and helps build trust between parties.

How to Create a Freelance Invoice?

How to Invoice for Freelance Work - Best Invoicing Tips

Invoicing for your freelance business can be exciting as you will demand payment against the freelance work or services provided. We can help you with some really good tips to help you invoice for your freelance business.

Proofread Your Invoice Before Sending

Freelancers are best known for managing their businesses or services independently. Hence it is important to keep your professional image intact by proofreading every minute detail of your invoice before sending it to the client.

Stick to a Professional Tone

Creating a professional invoice is possible using a formal tone in the invoice and the email. Clients generally appreciate professional communication; hence while invoicing your clients, be professional with the tone.

Cross-check All the Freelance Services Mentioned

Line items that mention all the freelance work or services must be cross-checked before sending the invoice. Do thoroughly check all the line items and tally the calculation before further shooting the invoice to the client.

Select the Right Time to Invoice Your Client

The right time to send a freelance invoice is always confusing for many. Our readymade freelance invoice template options help you design quick invoices from anywhere. You have to send it as soon as the services are rendered.

Automate for Payment Alerts

Invoicing is easier, but waiting for the payment takes you on a curious ride. Invoice generator like Moon Invoice allows freelancers to automate the payment alerts for invoices, hence no more wait to get notified for the payments.

Add Direct Payment Link in the Invoice

Ensuring that your invoice has all the elements to help you get paid promptly is essential to get paid on time. Moon Invoice lets freelancers add a direct payment link in the invoice to help clients with the click-and-pay option.

Invoice to the Right Person or Department

Invoices are processed early when they are being sent to the correct department or person; henceforth, one of the tips to get your payments processed on time is to send them to the right department or person.

Ask for Acknowledgement

You must ask the recipient to acknowledge the invoice that has been sent. It helps you stay updated on whether or not the client has received your invoice. Nevertheless, it leaves no excuses for late payment.

Automate Payments & Set Reminders With Moon Invoice

Our online invoicing software helps freelancers to set automatic payment alerts for the invoices due upon receipt.

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Freelance Invoice Templates Vs. Freelancer Invoicing Software

Are you confused about using a freelance invoice template or invoicing software? Here are some sets of differences as per the functions mentioned.

Set of Functions Freelance Invoice Template Moon Invoice
Free Freelance Invoice Template Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
Automatic Payment Alerts Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
Invoice Tracking Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
Settling Invoices Using Credit Notes Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
Send Invoice via WhatsApp Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
Project Management Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software Freelance Invoice Templates v/s Freelancer Invoicing Software
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What's the Right Time to Generate a Freelance Invoice?

The right time to do anything is not too late or not too early. Freelancers have to manage everything right from accounts to their services and after-support. Henceforth, they must indulge in smart invoicing efforts and save time sending payment reminders. 

For freelancers rendering different services, the right time to send an invoice is after the completion of the service. As soon as the services are completed and the code or content is delivered, it is important to raise an invoice mentioning all the details. 

Studies showcase that invoices sent right after rendered services are paid on time. Hence, you must not delay issuing your invoice to expect timely client payments.

Quick Pest Control Invoices?

Experience Advanced Invoicing with Moon Invoice

Freelancers can make the most of their side business by switching their business accounting to Moon Invoice. Besides the standard invoicing, Moon Invoice helps manage different financial business modules, including estimates, purchase orders, credit notes, business reports, project management, time tracking, and more. 

Freelance business owners can focus on their freelancing services as a primary focus and can leave their invoicing worries to us. We have readymade freelance invoice template options that help freelancers in designing quick industry-wise invoices. Our invoices are tracked automatically, depicting the invoice tracking history under the sales module. 

Try our online invoicing app to generate unlimited invoices, estimates, POs, receipts, and credit notes. Let's make invoicing a better deal for you!

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Moon Invoice makes invoicing much quicker and easier by offering 66+ readymade templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to send a freelance invoice?

The freelancer must demand payment as soon as the freelance work is completed. The right time to send an invoice is after the completion of the service or project.

What are the different types of invoices for freelancers?

Freelance copywriter invoice, Freelance art direction invoice, recurring freelance invoice, freelance credit memo, freelance photography invoice, freelance proforma invoice, final freelance invoice, freelance interim invoice, freelance graphic designer invoice, web developer invoice, prepayment invoice, and other templates are some of the invoice types for freelancers. We offer freelancer invoices in different formats including google sheets, microsoft word, PDF, and excel.

Which format to choose for your invoice?

Professional invoicing is always beneficial for freelancers. A standard invoice format that includes all the invoicing essentials including a personal note is a right format for your invoice. Send professional invoice using our online invoice template software.

How do I make a self-employed invoice?

To generate a self-employed invoice, mention all the basic details about your self-employed business or profession, along with the invoicing essentials and line items. Adding payment terms or additional notes helps the client with basic understanding.

Do freelancers add the tax to invoices?

Yes, tax is one of the main line item essentials. Our readymade freelance invoice template helps you add the tax in the tax column that is automatically calculated in the total amount figure. Scroll down for our invoice template options on our website. We offer various invoice templates as per your industry niche.