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Printable Invoice Template

The only reason for drafting a promising invoice is to get paid on time. Our free printable invoice template designs help you draft professional invoices in minutes.

Why wait to get paid when you have Moon Invoice templates by your side? Let's get them to preview and print with a click!

Printable Invoice Template

Download the Free Editable Printable Invoice Template

For any business or industry, a free printable invoice form is necessary. We offer free blank invoice template designs that are easily printable. Here are the template options to download.

Freelancer Printable Invoice Template
Freelancer Printable Invoice Template

Download free printable invoices after customizing our readymade template in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Excel. Download the relevant file format and get started with customization.

Consultant Printable Invoice Template
Consultant Printable Invoice Template

You can maximize invoicing benefits as a consultant by downloading our free printable invoice template designs. Customize it as per your consultancy business & start sending it further.

Construction Printable Invoice Template
Construction Printable Invoice Template

While working on your construction site, you can use our construction invoicing software and download free printable invoices. Also, customize the template by downloading it in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or Word.

Photographer Printable Invoice Template
Photographer Printable Invoice Template

As a photographer, you can send timely invoices to your clients anytime, anywhere, by leveraging the benefits of our editable printable invoice template options. Download, customize, and send it further.

Landscape Printable Invoice Template
Landscape Printable Invoice Template

You can get a free blank invoice template online from Moon Invoice after the landscaping job. Customize the printable invoice form and send it further to get paid faster without waiting for clearance.

Small Business Printable Invoice Template
Small Business Printable Invoice Template

Small businesses need to send invoices for various reasons. We have invoice templates for different niches in each file format, including Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Sheets, to keep you sending professional invoices on time.

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We have your back for downloading, customizing, and sending free invoice templates.

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How Small Businesses Can Use Printable Invoices?

Small business owners can leverage the power of printable invoices with Moon Invoice. It reduces the effort of the accountant in giving the printable format to the invoices as they are printable.

Download Printable Invoice Form

Firstly, a small business owner needs to ask the accounting team to download the free invoice form in Google Sheets, Word, or Excel format to view and customize it.

Customize Printable Invoices

After downloading the invoice form, customize the printable invoice template by adding invoice details, customer details, company details, and line items.

Single-Click to Print

Proofread the invoice twice. Click on the print icon to instantly print the customized invoice template. Our free invoice templates are ready to print with a single click.

Steps to Create Professional-Looking Printable Invoices

Well, our users can either download the printable invoice templates in the relevant file format or can create an account with our invoice creation software to generate professional-looking invoices.

  1. Open the printable invoice template or log in to Moon Invoice software.
  2. Customize the template by adding relevant details about the customers, company, invoice, and description of the services or products.
  3. Add invoice number, invoice date, and currency.
  4. Add customer information, including the name, address, and contact details.
  5. Add the company logo, name, and address.
  6. Mention the line items precisely with description, discount, tax, unit price, and unit quantity details.
  7. Cross the total of the invoice amount.
  8. Add details like payment due date and bank details, and mention the preferred payment method.
  9. Proofread the entire invoice.
  10. Send the invoice directly to the customer.
Steps to Create Professional-Looking Printable Invoices

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How to Fill Out a Printable Invoice in MS Word?

After successfully downloading our printable invoice form in Microsoft Word, follow the steps below to fill it out professionally and error-free.

Client Information
Client Information

Address the correct customer details here, including the customer's name and contact details.

Company Details
Company Details

From mentioning the company name to adding the business logo- add every minute detail of your company here.

Invoice Details
Invoice Details

Add invoice details such as invoice number, date, and currency in which the invoice is to be issued.

Line Items
Line Items

Mention the line items that include the service or product description, quantity, unit price, tax, discount, and total amount.

Payment Terms
Payment Terms

Add the business terms about the payment due date. Also, mention the bank details if required to get paid on time.

Additional Notes
Additional Notes

Add any important notes for the client regarding the product sale or service exchanged. Add these notes at the bottom of the invoice.

How to Send a Printable Invoice to Your Clients?

Moon Invoice is a professional invoice maker online that helps you send printable invoices online. Well, if you have downloaded the free printable invoice template on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone- you can send it via email or any other sharing options.

Our invoice creation software has an in-app invoice-sharing option that helps you send invoices via WhatsApp and Email with a single click. Nevertheless, you can also send a hard copy of the invoice after getting it printed.

How to Send a Printable Invoice to Your Clients?

Share Printable Invoices Via Email or WhatsApp

Get Moon Invoice to send printable invoices directly to your client's WhatsApp number or Email address.

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Benefits of Using Customizable & Printable Invoice Templates

While you download the free blank invoice template from Moon Invoice, you can avail of the following benefits.

Maintains Business Records

Printable invoices are a kind of sales document that helps maintain business records. It can be helpful to you or the customer for referring to the transaction or sale.

Instant Print & Share

While you have printable invoices online that are quick to print, it saves you time adjusting the invoice for the printer settings. Just click and print multiple invoices.

Easy Audit & Taxation

Invoices that are easy to print and customize help during audits and taxation. Invoices are important sales documents and can be referred to for filing taxes or during audits.

100% Customizable

The editable and printable invoice templates help with unlimited customization that can serve branding purposes. Above all, customization is the key to a perfect invoice.

100% Editable

Our free blank invoice template serves unlimited edits. The user can edit unlimited after downloading the invoice in any file format.

Get Paid on Time

The reason to have printable invoices is that they can be printed with a click and can be sent to the client for receiving online payments.

Free Printable Invoices Vs. Invoice Creation Software

Confused using printable invoice templates and invoice maker software like Moon Invoice. Here you go!

Set of Functions Printable Invoice Template Moon Invoice
Free Editable Printable Invoice Template Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Automatic Payment Alerts Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
One Click Invoice Print Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Settling Invoices Using Credit Notes Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Send Invoice via WhatsApp Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Incredibly Easy Receipt Creation Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
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How to Generate a Printable Invoice with Moon Invoice?

Moon Invoice is a one-hat solution for unlimited invoicing and estimate creation. We offer free printable invoice template options in 66+ designs to help businesses, consultants, contractors, and freelancers enjoy a customized invoicing experience. Generating a printable invoice with Moon Invoice is just easy and click!

  1. Log in to Moon Invoice
  2. Click on Dashboard > Sales > Invoices
  3. Generate Printable Invoices by Clicking on the '+' Icon
  4. Start Customizing the Invoices by Adding More Details
  5. Mention Company, Customer, and Invoice Details
  6. Add Line-Item Description to the Invoice
  7. Save the Invoice
  8. Click on the Print Icon to Print Invoices Using a Standard or Thermal Printer
How to Generate a Printable Invoice with Moon Invoices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Printable Invoices Free of Cost?

Yes, our printable invoice templates are free of cost.

Does Invoice Template PDF is the Best Suitable for Printable Invoices?

PDF is definitely one of the best file formats for printing invoices at its best.

What is the Alternative to Using a Printable Invoice Template?

Invoice creation software like Moon Invoice is the best way to download and print invoice templates online.

Why Use Free Printable Invoice Templates?

Printable invoice template options can help you with quick printing options without setting the invoice paper with the printing dimensions.

What to Include in the Printable Invoice?

A printable invoice must have all the legit information about the sale, including company, customer, invoice, and sale description.