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Landscaping Invoice Template

While you focus on the makeover of your client's outdoor properties, we help you makeover your business's financial operations.

Keep your business going green by sending accurate landscaping bills.

Landscaping Invoice Template

Download Free Landscaping Invoice Template

Landscapers like you need to generate quick landscaping bills as soon as the job is completed. Landscapers must often create landscaping receipts from their smartphones before leaving the premises. Understanding your requirements, we have got readymade sample landscaping invoices for your various gardening or lawn services.

Free Landscaping Invoice
Free Landscaping Invoice

Generate free landscaping bills by utilizing our readymade landscaping invoice template in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, & Google documents. Start billing your clients right from the client's outdoor space.

Gardening Invoice
Gardening Invoice

Send instant gardening invoices to your clients using our landscaping invoice examples. Invoicing your clients for the gardening service is quick and easy by downloading our templates in different formats.

Lawn Care Invoice
Lawn Care Invoice

Lawn care services have a fixed service fee for many clients. So, why waste time designing a new invoice when Moon Invoice helps with readymade landscaping invoice templates for Free? Download now!

Snow Removal Invoice
Snow Removal Invoice

Landscapers generally take up seasonal landscaping tasks such as snow removal services. We help you get readymade landscaping bill templates for creating snow removal invoices in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, & Google Docs.

Spring Maintenance Invoice
Spring Maintenance Invoice

Generate spring maintenance invoices for your special and regular gardening clients with our free landscaping bill templates. Download our invoices in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF & Google documents.

Lawn Mowing Invoice
Lawn Mowing Invoice

Send instant lawn mowing invoices to your personal and corporate landscaping clients using Moon Invoice's landscaping invoice examples. Send invoices from the client's place in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.

Create Landscaping Invoices in Any Format

We help you generate landscaping bills using our 66+ FREE invoicing templates in Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Docs.

Download Readymade Samples

How to Create a Landscaping Invoice?

Landscaping invoices are not rocket science, but creating one perfect invoice draft is challenging for many. Moon Invoice's readymade invoice template for landscaping makes it super quick and easy to create gardening bills. Here is how to draft a perfect professional invoice for your landscaping clients.

  1. Download the appropriate landscaping invoice format.
  2. Start filling out the basic invoice details, such as invoice date and number.
  3. Fill in customer details such as name, address, contact number, and email address. Mention shipping and billing addresses differently if they vary.
  4. Items description with rate, discount, and tax amount.
  5. Start adding business or payment terms, including payment due date.
  6. Add a payment link to get payment directly in your bank account or mention bank account details for a swift payment transfer.
Construction Invoice Template

What Is a Landscaping Invoice Used For?

Landscaping is a beautiful job. And you can make it beautifully organized by creating simple yet professional-looking landscaping or gardening invoices. There are many reasons why landscapers need to invest their time and money in sending perfectly crafted landscaping bills.

Landscaping bills or invoices are used for the following purposes:

Create a Professional Impression One of the many reasons for using a free landscaping invoice is to create a great business impression in front of your clients or customers. In addition, of course, professional-looking invoices are always helpful in getting paid on time.

Maintains Accuracy Nothing can be more accurate than having a digital or computer-generated invoice for your landscaping service. Landscaping bills generated using a smartphone or computer are always accurate with the total amount calculations.

Business Records Another reason for investing your time and efforts in designing professional invoices is to maintain the records. Invoices that are recorded in the books of accounts are easy to search at the time of filing taxes or during any discrepancies.

Easy Edits and Changes Landscaping professionals may have to edit the invoices after sending the first copy of the invoice to the client concerning the total amount, discounts, or gardening area. Digital invoices are easy to edit, and we at Moon Invoice offer unlimited edits.

Prompt Payments Getting paid on time is the goal behind sending a perfectly described invoice. Business invoices written using a digital device or computer have perfect calculations and narrations for which they are paid on time.

Taxation Purpose Another reason that landscaping invoices are important for any individual landscaper, agent, or corporate body is to maintain accurate records for filing taxes. It helps to check tax calculations as well.

Below are the Landscaping Invoice fields for your reference

Proforma Invoice

Invoicing Tips for Landscapers

Invoicing can be perfect yet simple by downloading Moon Invoice's landscaping bill templates. Here are some tips to help landscapers like you generate a perfect-looking invoice.

Send Timesheets Generated Using Time Logs Our online invoicing software helps landscapers record time logs using the manual, automatic, and clock-in-out timer options. Time logs generated digitally are quite accurate and easy to convert into timesheet invoices.

Add Online Payment Method Clients mostly prefer to pay invoices online. One of the best ways to get your invoices paid on time is by adding a popular online payment method to the invoice. We help with 20+ popular accepted payment methods that are added to invoices.

Mention Accurate Payment Terms Payment terms are important for helping your clients understand invoice terms, business terms, or payments due for receipt. Hence, always add payment terms to invoices to leave no confusion for your client regarding payments.

Add Signature The signature adds validation from the sender's end. Invoices that are sent without signature are considered unverified. Hence, one of the important landscaping invoice tips is to add a signature to your invoices. It is considered verified.

Proofread Before Sending As humans, we make mistakes, which is quite common too. Hence it is always advisable to proofread your invoice before sending it to your client. Invoices with errors can create trust issues between you and your client.

Need to Send Perfectly Crafted Landscaping Invoices?

How about trying our automatic invoicing software that helps create accurate invoices with payment and stock alerts?

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When Should I Invoice My Landscaping Clients?

Landscaping business generally provides a single-time service. The industry definitely has a loyal customer base, but the services aren't offered too quickly. Hence, the best time to send an invoice to a landscaping client is right after the service is provided.

Moon Invoice helps to invoice clients from anywhere, anytime. Hence, sending invoices from the client's place is easy and quick using our online invoicing software. Install our app on any smart device, including smartphones or laptops, and invoice your client in 60 seconds using readymade landscaping invoice template.

Create a Landscaping Invoice Fast with Moon Invoice

While you are into the landscaping business and looking forward to making it more modern and advanced by generating digital invoices, you must get Moon Invoice. Our online invoicing software helps create quick landscaping business invoices at your fingertips.

  1. Get Moon Invoice readymade invoice templates for Download in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.
  2. Download and Sign Up with Moon Invoice on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Webapp.
  3. Add Company, and fill up the setup cards to make invoices within 60 seconds.
  4. Create on the '+' icon to start making invoices using readymade landscaping invoice templates.
  5. Fill out the invoice details, and check all the details before saving it.
  6. Save the invoice.
  7. Click on the Print or Email icon at the top of the invoice to share invoices online.

Moon Invoice helps generate and send quick landscaping services invoice with the following:

  • Instant print option
  • Timer For Hourly Rate Calculation
  • Download Invoices
  • Quick payment setup
  • Add Signature to Invoices
  • One-touch share button

Free Invoice Templates Vs Moon Invoice Software

Looking for advice on how to improve your situation? Let's analyze how Moon Invoice stacks up against the benefits of the free invoice template to see whether it's the right choice for you.

Features Invoice Templates Moon Invoice
Free invoicing Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Tracks invoice activities Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Add payment methods to invoices Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Apply credit notes to invoices Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Send online payment reminders Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Add signature requests Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Add on features like estimates, purchase orders, and receipts. Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
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Frequently Asked Questions

A sample landscaping invoice template includes the customer's basic contact details, invoice items breakdown with cost and quantity, total amount, tax details, payment terms, and signature.

Yes, with our readymade gardening invoice template, you can design your invoice with complete customization. Customize background, theme, fonts, titles, and more using our landscaping invoicing software.

After lawn mowing or landscaping services, the landscaping companies generally raise an invoice to their clients after the completion of the service.

Professional invoices create a good impression in front of clients. It, therefore, helps in getting paid quickly.

Manual landscaping invoices can take approx. 20-30 minutes, whereas our landscape invoicing software can help you generate a perfect landscaping invoice in less than a minute. You can definitely try using our landscaping invoice template for your lawn care business or similar services provided.