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Hotel Invoice Template

Busy serving your room and event guests at the hotel? Try our free hotel invoice template designs to help you invoice your clients in 60 seconds. Download templates as per your hotel services and generate invoices like a PRO.

Hotel Invoice Template

Download the Free Hotel Invoice Template for Your Hotel Guests

Choose the appropriate hotel invoice template as per the services rendered to your guests.

Room Invoice Template
Room Invoice Template

Bill your clients efficiently for the room they have accommodated at your hotel. We have readymade hotel room invoice templates to help you issue hotel invoices in minutes. Don't make your guest wait after checkout; print instant hotel bills with Moon Invoice.

Group Invoice Template
Group Invoice Template

Do you have guests at your hotel that have booked your hotel as a group? We help you generate quick group booking invoices in minutes using our readymade group hotel invoice templates. Download the invoice template in MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.

Wedding Events Invoice
Wedding Events Invoice

Is your hotel often booked for wedding ceremonies or events? We have covered you with the exclusive wedding events invoice template that helps you issue wedding invoices in minutes. Download the template and start filling in the correct details now!

Corporate Invoice Template
Corporate Invoice Template

If your hotel welcomes the corporates for group or individual bookings, we have covered you with corporate invoice templates. Issue professional-looking corporate hotel invoices to your guests with our online invoicing software. Download templates and start issuing!

Recurring Invoices Template
Recurring Invoices Template

We have an exclusive hotel invoice template format for all your loyal hotel guests that helps design recurring invoices in minutes. Using our online invoicing software, you can also auto-set the recurring cycle for your hotel guests, saving you valuable time and effort.

Day-Use Invoice Template
Day-Use Invoice Template

Many guests use the hotel room only during the day. For your day-use hotel room guests, we have covered you with an exclusive day-use hotel invoice template. Fill in the details for your day-use guests and start issuing instant hotel bills during their checkout.

Create Accurate Hotel Invoices in a Minute!

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What is the Use of a Hotel Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Hotel Invoice Template?

A hotel invoice is a standard hotel bill format issued by the hotel owner to guests. Hotel invoices are generated using a standard or exclusive hotel invoice template. The following are the essential reasons for using a hotel invoice template.

Quick Billing on Checkout

The hotel invoice sample template helps generate quick bills during the guest's checkout. It helps eliminate the guests' waiting time as invoices are generated quickly by leveraging the free invoice templates' readymade format.

Maintaining Records

Another reason for leveraging the hotel invoice samples is that they help generate digital invoices accurately, which is an essential document for the books of account. Also, it helps during tax compliance or audit.

Expense Reimbursement

Using a hotel invoice template to generate a hotel invoice for the guest helps the guest record the document for expense reimbursement. The guest can save the invoice and submit it to the accountant to file the return.

How Do You Fill Out or Create a Hotel Invoice?

Filling out the hotel invoice template or creating it from scratch is relatively easy and quick with Moon Invoice. Let's check out the quick steps:

  1. Download the hotel invoice template online or log in to Moon Invoice to generate the hotel invoice from scratch.
  2. Start filling out the details in the invoice template, starting from the invoice number date, and choose the correct currency in which the invoice needs to be issued.
  3. Add the business details, including the business logo, name, and address.
  4. Mention the client details, such as the hotel guest's name, permanent address, contact number, and email address.
  5. Next is filling in the hotel service details such as the room number, room type, number of days the client stayed at the hotel, room rate per night followed by breakfast charges, laundry charges, applicable taxes, voucher discount, and the total amount to be paid by the guest during the checkout.
  6. Mention your hotel's payment terms and any terms and conditions at the bottom of the invoice.
  7. Add a payment link if you email the invoice to demand the payment.
  8. Save the details, and your hotel invoice will be ready to ship or deliver.
Steps to Fill Out an Invoice Sample Template: Example of Invoice

Why Do Hotel Owners Need to Issue Professional Invoices?

Hotel owners need to invoice professionally and accurately for the following reasons.

Maintaining the Brand Image

One of the reasons that hotel owners need to issue an invoice to their guests is to maintain the brand image. If the hotel doesn't issue an invoice during checkout, demanding the payment would sound absurd. Hence, invoicing is crucial for hotels.

Helping Guest with Reimbursement

Another reason for issuing a hotel invoice is to help the guest file an expense reimbursement based on the invoice document. Invoice documents are crucial in the corporate accounting because they help with easy reimbursement.

Bookkeeping or Taxation Purpose

Invoicing is important from the accounting perspective. The hotel has to file for taxes and also undergo an audit for which keeping the records of the income is essential. Invoice helps maintain accurate records of guests and their payments.

Automation & Efficiency

Professional invoicing can improve the efficiency of your hotel operations. It helps uplift your brand value and increase productivity, as digital invoices are generated easily and quite accurately with the help of hotel invoice templates.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Hotels are legally required to provide guests with detailed invoices that include information such as taxes and fees. Professional invoices help hotel owners comply with local regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring the business operates within the law.

Liability Towards the Guest

The hotel is liable to issue an invoice to the guest at the time of billing. It is not legal for any hotel to accept the payment from the guest without issuing a legal hotel invoice to the guest. Hence, professional hotel invoicing helps to serve the liability towards the guest.

Best Invoicing Tips for Hotel Owners

Best Invoicing Tips for Hotel Owners

Here are some of the best hotel invoicing tips to follow:

Use Hotel Invoice Template

Using an invoicing template for generating hotel invoices is best, as a professional invoice format helps create accurate invoices.

Keep the Invoice Clean

Create crisp invoices mentioning only the details that are mandatory for the guest. Make invoice compact and detailed as per the requirement.

Add Payment Terms

Adding payment terms such as the Net 30, Net 45, Net 90, or due upon receipt is critical to acknowledge the user on the last date for payment.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Guests should be offered multiple payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, UPI, digital wallets, and more to complete the payment.

Proofread the Invoice Twice

Proofreading the invoice is important as all the information mentioned in the invoice must be accurate to prevent any disputes.

Keep Your Invoice Design Consistent

Invoice is the best tool to brand and market your business! Therefore it is best to use a consistent invoice design to enhance your hotel branding.

Generate Professional Hotel Invoices with Moon Invoice

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Main Invoicing Elements for a Hotel Invoice

Below are some essential invoicing elements to add to a hotel invoice.

Invoice Header
  • Business Logo
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Contact Number
Client Information
  • Client Name
  • Client Address
  • Client Contact Details
  • Client e-Mail Address
Invoice No. & Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Currency
Hotel Service Description
  • Service Description
  • Charges
  • Applicable Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Total Amount
Invoice Footer
  • Payment Information
  • Terms and Conditions
Hotel Stamp & Signature
  • Signature of the Issuer
  • Hotel Stamp
What is the Right Time to Invoice Your Hotel Guests?

What is the Right Time to Invoice Your Hotel Guests?

The right time to invoice a hotel guest is at the time of booking or during the checkout. If the guest has booked the hotel via a trip advisor or through a website, the invoice is sent right after the guest completes the checkout procedure. At the same time, add-on services such as food, drinks, laundry, etc. can be paid for during the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hotel Invoice Template?

Free hotel invoice templates are hotel invoice sample formats that are ready to use for generating final invoices.

Can Hotel Invoice Templates be Customized?

Yes, hotel business invoice templates can be easily customized. Explore Moon Invoice for creating personalized invoices with our free hotel invoice templates.

What Should be Included in a Hotel Invoice Template?

A hotel business invoice template must include all the invoice information such as the invoice details number and date, client details, business information, line items, and payment terms.

Can Hotel Invoice Templates be Used for Other Types of Businesses?

Hotel invoice templates can be used for room accommodations, events, corporate gatherings, conferences, and more.

Is the Hotel Receipt the Same as an Invoice?

No, the receipt and invoice are not the same. Invoices are issued at the time of payment whereas a receipt is sent for the proof of payment or the proof of booking.