Invoicing is crucial for every business to get the on-time payment and let the cash flow smoothly. Beyond that, invoice contributes to easy payment tracking, taxation, and forecasting of the overall financial activities.

However, professionals find invoicing as a challenging task when it is a manual process. Creating paper invoices is more prone to inaccuracy. That’s where the need for invoice software is always a priority.

Here, we will unlock the correct path on how to fill out an invoice and what best practices you can follow while invoicing. So, let’s take a journey of filling out a proper invoice here.

How to Fill Out a Small Business Invoice?

How to Fill Out a Small Business Invoice

Let’s get you started in generating an accurate business invoice by filling in the details like a PRO. Keep ahead of the invoicing game by adding the right invoice details at the right place.

1. Personalize the Invoice

Invoice software always offers customized invoice templates and enables users to create invoices according to their requirements. Personalizing an invoice always generates the perfect invoice.

You must select a professional-looking template and change its color, font, and other layout to keep it clean-looking. Always keep the invoice that looks close to your business nature and type.

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2. Brand Your Business

Invoices can do many things for your business. It’s not only about receiving payment. It also represents the company’s image. So, try to empower your business branding through invoices.

Add your business logo and choose a color that matches your company logo, theme, and work concept.

Include other branding elements in your invoice. The Invoice template offers a flexible approach to branding your business. Any small business owner must brand their business with this approach.

3. Fill Out Invoice Basics

Certain information fields make a successful invoice story. That’s why you should fill these fields with correct information. Don’t forget to perform the same for the below fields –

  • Your Business’s Contact Details – Include your business name, address, and contact information.
  • Your Client’s Contact Information – Like business details, you must include your client’s contact details like name, address, and contact information.
  • Unique Invoice Number – Give a unique invoice number (known as a reference number) to every invoice. This helps in tracking the invoice correctly.
  • Products or Services with Prices – In the line item section, give a complete description of the products or services you sell to your client. Provide the correct pricing information for each product or service for the proper understanding.
  • Due Date – Setting a due date is crucial when you create an invoice. It helps prevent payment delays.
  • Currency – Set the currency for which you are issuing an invoice as per the country.
  • Add Payment TermsInvoice payment terms help the client to make payment correctly and help to avoid confusion. Mention every crucial point related to your business policy.

4. Offer Flexible Payment Options

Different people use different modes of payment. Never depend on only one payment method. Giving multiple payment options to clients helps you receive payments quickly. Give full flexibility to your clients by including various accepted payment methods in your invoice.

5. Include the Tax

Including tax in the invoice lets your customers know how much tax you have applied. Invoice-creating tools provide the convenience of including tax. Moreover, tax applies and is calculated automatically from the total amount. Thus, generating sales tax, GST, or VAT in invoices is simple.

6. Verify Your Invoice With a Signature

An invoice with an authorized signature presents an invoice with a professional look. Therefore, always include a signature in the invoice below. Invoice software like Moon Invoice provides the “add signature” feature to include digital signature/e-signatures.

7. Include Direct Payment Links

Adding a direct payment link or method to an invoice not only offers convenience for customers but also enhances professionalism. Professionals must include the direct payment link along with the payment details to enhance the payment process.

8. Send an Invoice

Once you create an invoice, the next turn is to share it with the client. Invoice software like Moon Invoice offers a convenient way to perform the same. The system offers to send an invoice through WhatsApp or Email address. Thus, sending an invoice is simple and needs just a few clicks.

How to Include Discounts on an Invoice?

Offering discounts while writing an invoice is a good practice to keep your customers bound to the business. Discounts are small deductions from the total cost that can boost customer satisfaction. These discounts are mostly applicable during festival seasons and holidays and enhance frequent purchases.

As far as the invoice is concerned, it is mandatory to include a discount in it. Moon Invoice offers a separate cell to include the discount. Moreover, it is automatically calculated in the total amount.

Let’s have a look at the following steps –

  1. Create a new invoice or select the invoice for which you want to apply a discount.
  2. Add the entire details related to company information, client, and service description with cost.
  3. Choose the discount form (percentage or rate).
  4. Include the discount, and it will be automatically calculated in the amount.

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What are the Best Practices for Invoicing?

Still not sure how to fill out an invoice professionally? Here are some of the best practices to follow for issuing quick invoices.

1. Concise Information

One of the most essential invoice checklists is keeping your invoice data clear and concise. Avoid adding too much or too little information. Keep your invoice brief, mentioning the highly mandatory details. Include the correct details like company name, email address, and line item.

2. Clarity of Amount & Payment Terms

It is obvious to keep your invoice clear and highlighted for receiving payments on time. Also, makes crucial payment terms bold for better attention of customers and preventing any further issues. Always include when and how you expect payment.

3. Correct Invoice No. Series

One of the best invoicing practices is to mention the correct invoice numbers followed by the correct number series. After deciding on an invoice numbering system that suits the business, write down your invoice number.

Moon Invoice allows users to create custom and unique invoice number series for easy invoice tracking. After deciding on an invoice numbering system that suits the business, write your invoicing number.

4. Issuing Invoices in the Correct Currency

So, while generating an invoice, you have to generate it in the currency for which you are demanding your invoice. Using a multi-currency invoicing platform like Moon Invoice, issuing invoices in more than 50+ currencies is best.

5. Using an Itemized Invoice Template

To generate a professional invoice, the crucial thing is to itemize your invoice details. With the help of an itemized invoice template, it becomes easy and quick to generate an itemized or detailed invoice.

6. Accurate Calculations

Lastly, 100% accurate calculations are essential to keep your relations with your client sound. It is better to use a free invoice template that helps with automatic calculations to keep your invoice looking professional and perfect.

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Putting It Simply!

With our pro invoice checklist, you must have an idea of how to fill out an invoice in minutes. Check out our Moon Invoice templates and make your invoicing super easy. If you are still facing issues in generating invoices, reach out to our team and we will help you follow easy steps in generating professional-looking invoices. Have a happy invoice!