Does the pressure of drafting an accurate invoice stress you out? Filling out an invoice correctly is definitely not rocket science if you have the right invoicing tips and templates by your side.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss some of the easiest tips and tricks that help as your personal invoice checklist and will answer questions on how to fill out invoices in minutes. But before that, it is essential to understand what type of invoice you are trying to fill, what the purpose of generating the invoice is (proof of transaction or to get paid), and what your profession or business is.

Moon Invoice has readymade invoice templates for all types of businesses and freelancers worldwide. Whether you are a contractor, interior designer, digital marketing agency, or photographer, we have covered you with 66+ PDF invoice templates to generate professional-looking invoices.

How To Fill Out an Invoice Like a PRO?

How To Fill Out an Invoice Like a PRO

Let’s get you started in generating an accurate invoice by filling in the details like a PRO. Keep ahead of the invoicing game by adding the right details at the right place.

1. Focus on Professionalism

The first crucial step to filling out an invoice must be filled out professionally without making silly mistakes or with vague readability. An invoice with too much or very little information is not professional. So, to follow the professional league in designing the invoice, it is a must to download a highly professional invoice template.

The next step is to start filling in the invoice details per our invoice checklist in the blog.

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2. Don’t Forget to Brand Your Business

Branding is quite significant to grow your business exponentially. Our invoicing templates are easy to customize using your business’s watermark or design, which helps create a branding element for your business. Also, adding the business logo will help your invoice to complement your branding details.

3. Add the Basic Company and Client Details

The basic details about your company and client remain crucial while filling out an invoice. Add the relevant business details of your company, including the business name, business address, and contact details, including the GSTIN identification number.

Followed by your business information, also mention your customer’s or client’s basic details, such as your client’s name, address, email, and phone number. It helps to understand the seller and the buyer’s details of the transaction, which need to be filled out professionally and accurately.

4. Mention the Invoice Narratives

The invoice narratives are the invoice number, invoice date, and the currency in which you will be issuing your invoice amount. Moon Invoice allows the generation of custom invoice number series that help you define different invoice number series for different customers. Mentioning the correct invoice date and number is critical to refer to the same invoice data in the future. Even for easy tax compliance, filling in the proper invoice narratives is crucial.

5. Add Line Items with the Description

Confused about how to fill an invoice with the right line items? Here you go! Start filling out the invoice by mentioning all the line items such as the service description, goods description, quantity of the goods or the service fees, applicable taxes, discount amount, total invoice amount, etc.

6. Mention the Payment Terms

Adding the payment terms is highly crucial to make your invoice look professional. When confused about how to fill out an invoice efficiently, it is essential to note down the payment terms of your business, such as the Net 15, Net 20, Net 30, Net 45, or due upon receipt in clear words. It helps the client to know about the last due date for payment to avoid late payment fees.

7. Add Direct Payment Links or Methods to the Invoice

Another element to make your invoice look professional is adding or integrating the payment links in an invoice.

Moon Invoice allows users to add custom payment methods that help them receive payment from online payment portals, thereby avoiding the issue.

8. Verify Your Invoice with a Signature

Testifying your invoice with a business signature is a substantial invoice checklist that shouldn’t be missed. So, make your complete and verified by adding your or your business signature at the bottom of the invoice. While issuing your invoices online, you can also add a digital signature, which is valid.

9. Add Business Terms and Conditions

Many businesses have some terms and conditions, such as the refund policy, goods return policy, or any offers for early payment senders, which need to be added and mentioned at the bottom of the invoice.

How Do You Create an Invoice Using Invoice Software?

How Do You Create an Invoice Using Invoice Software

Wondering how to fill out an invoice using invoice software? Follow these easy invoice-making steps to generate professional invoices with Moon Invoice.

  1. Download Moon Invoice on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.
  2. Or, log in directly to Moon Invoice by registering on our web app.
  3. Complete the registration process and follow our invoice-making process after successfully logging into the app.
  4. Add your first company to start generating invoices for the company.
  5. Click on Dashboard > Sales > Invoice
  6. Click on the ‘+’ icon to generate a new invoice.
  7. Once the invoice template has been opened, add the invoice details, such as the invoice number, invoice date, currency, business details, and client information.
  8. Add line items mentioning the goods or services you delivered to your customer or client.
  9. Add unit price, project price, discount, sales tax, or any other applicable taxes, and the invoice amount.
  10. Integrate direct payment links to invoices using the accepted payment methods.
  11. Add payment terms and business conditions if required.
  12. Verify all the invoice elements and click on save.

Later, once the invoice is generated, you can send it directly to your clients or customers using the email or WhatsApp icon.

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What are the Best Practices for Invoicing?

What are the Best Practices for Invoicing

Still not sure how to fill out the invoice professionally? Here are some of the best practices to follow for issuing quick invoices.

Concise Information

One of the most essential invoice checklists is keeping your invoice data clear and concise. Avoid adding too much or too little information. Keep your invoice brief, mentioning the highly mandatory details.

Clarity of Amount & Terms

It is very obvious to keep your invoice totally clear and highlighted for receiving the payments on time. Also, add the payment terms in bold to help your customer understand the last date for payment.

Correct Invoice No. Series

One of the best invoicing practices is to mention the correct invoice number followed by the correct number series. Moon Invoice allows users to create custom invoice number series for easy client classification.

Issuing Invoices in the Correct Currency

So, while generating an invoice, you have to generate it in the currency for which you are demanding your invoice. Using a multi-currency invoicing platform like Moon Invoice, issuing invoices in more than 50+ currencies is best.

Using an Itemized Invoice Template

To generate a professional invoice, the crucial thing is to itemize your invoice details. With the help of an itemized invoice template, it becomes easy and quick to generate an itemized or detailed invoice.

Accurate Calculations

Lastly, 100% accurate calculations are essential to keep your relations with your client sound. It is better to use a free invoice template that helps with automatic calculations to keep your invoice looking professional and perfect.

How to Track Your Invoices Efficiently?

One of the best methods to track your invoices efficiently is using online invoicing software like Moon Invoice.

Our online invoicing app helps with a 360-degree invoicing module that offers invoice templates, invoice creation, payment reminders, invoice-sending features with email and WhatsApp, invoice tracking, and estimate-to-invoice conversion.

Track all invoice activities from the Moon Invoice, such as invoice sent, invoice delivered, invoice opened, invoice viewed, invoice paid, invoice due for payment, and other quick invoice updates.

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Putting It Simply!

With our pro invoice checklist, you must have an idea of how to fill out an invoice in minutes. If you are still facing issues in generating professional invoices, reach out to our team and we will help you follow easy steps in generating professional-looking invoices.