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Itemized Invoice Template

Invoices are best when sent in a detailed format. Itemized bills eliminate confusion, increasing the chances of quick payment clearance.

Moon Invoice offers 66+ PDF invoice templates that are in itemized format. Create and send detailed itemized bills to your clients from anywhere, anytime, by customizing these free invoice templates.

Itemized Invoice Template

Download the Free Itemized Invoice Template in Various Formats

Itemized PDF invoice template format can help design quick invoices in seconds. Mentioning all the items in the prescribed columns can generate faster invoices.
Download the best itemized invoice template form from the below options.

Itemized Bill Template
Itemized Bill Template

Create and send itemized bills to your customers or clients with itemized bill template formats. Download these templates in Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, and Google Docs.

Product Itemized Template
Product Itemized Template

Make your product bills more detailed with the product itemized templates. Customize the itemized invoice template in the required format. Download the template now!

Hourly Itemized Template
Hourly Itemized Template

Bill your hourly projects with ease by sending hourly itemized invoices. Download the templates in PDF, Word, Excel, or Google Sheets. Get paid faster with detailed billing.

Generate Detailed Bills with Itemized Invoice Templates

Get the itemized invoice templates in PDF, Google Docs, Excel, or Word. Start Customizing the Itemized Invoices.

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How to Create an Invoice in Itemized Format?

Businesses dealing with multiple products and services often require to send itemized bills. Our easy invoicing software offers itemized bill templates to issue detailed bills in minutes.

Create an invoice in itemized format by following these steps.

Enter Basic Invoice Details

Itemized invoices must have the basic details of the company and the customer at the top of the invoice. It includes the contact information, such as the company name, logo, customer name and address, and phone number.

Mention all the Invoice Details

Itemized invoices must be labeled with proper invoice essentials, including the invoice date, invoice number, currency, type of invoice (Standard or recurring), and payment due date. Moreover, our easy invoicing software allows you to customize invoice number series.

Itemize the Invoice Carefully

Itemize refers to the accurate line items, including the products and services with their unit type, price or service charge, discounts, taxes, and total amount. Also, the itemized invoice has a detailed description mentioning the services or products right below its name.

Focus on Additional Notes or Terms

Payment terms are an integral part of an itemized invoice template. Add essential notes or payment terms at the bottom of the invoice to help the client understand the payment terms, late payment fees, and more.

Steps to Create Professional-Looking Printable Invoices

Benefits of Designing & Sending an Itemized Invoice

Whether you are a business owner, a service provider, or a freelancer- sending itemized invoices can help you in many ways. Let's discuss the benefits of creating and sending an itemized invoice to your customers.

Accurate Billing

Itemized billing helps with accuracy. As all the items are minutely mentioned in the invoice, it is easy to maintain accuracy in the bill. It avoids unnecessary questions or doubts as every product or service is defined distinctly in an itemized invoice.


Another reason for opting for itemized invoices is embracing professionalism. Itemized invoices are not compact; they are detailed with accurate descriptions, making the invoice appear more professional and legible.

Bill Clarity

Itemized invoices are best at clarity as every detail of the product or service is mentioned with description, unit, price, tax, and discount. The recipient has nothing to ask for as every piece is mentioned.

Prevents Confusion

An itemized bill template is a detailed format; hence there is no scope for confusion. All the details are mentioned in separate columns, including the product description, price, units, tax, discount, & final amount.

Builds Trust

Detailed itemized invoices help build trust between both parties as the invoices carry all the details about the product or services sold. Clients do not have to ask for anything during payment clearance.

Record Keeping

Another reason for choosing an itemized invoice is to maintain accurate records. Detailed invoices are best for recording discounts, taxes, and units, which are further helpful during audits & inventory.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are satisfied with detailed invoices because they can look at each column mentioning the products or services they purchased from the seller. As there is nothing left to ask for, the clients are content.

Legal Compliance

Specific companies or brands must send detailed bills to ensure legal compliance or agreement. Hence, our itemized list template can help your business with itemized invoices abiding by legal requirements.

Enhance Client Satisfaction with Detailed Invoices

Send itemized bills to your clients and enhance the trust and satisfaction of your clients.

Design Itemized Bills

What Should Be Included in an Itemized Invoice?

An itemized invoice must include all the detailed invoicing essentials to look professional and accurate. Here is the checklist for creating an itemized bill or invoice.

  • Invoice Number
  • Line Items Description of Products or Services
  • Invoice Date
  • Product Price, Unit, Discount, and Tax
  • Company Logo
  • Total Amount
  • Business Name & Details
  • Business Signature
  • Customer Contact Details
  • Payment Terms
  • Payment Date & Payment
  • Bank Details
What Should Be Included in an Itemized Invoice

How to Send Itemized Invoices to Your Clients?

Our easy invoicing software helps send itemized invoices to your clients easily and swiftly. After an itemized bill is saved on our invoicing app, it can be sent directly to the client via email or WhatsApp sharing feature. We also have a direct print feature that helps users print the itemized invoice with a single click. Also, the users can download the invoice and send it via other applications by attaching it.

Sending Via Email
Sending Via Email

Moon Invoice users can click on the email sharing icon to send itemized bills directly to their customers via email. Enter the email address and send the bill in the blink of an eye.

Sending Via WhatsApp
Sending Via WhatsApp

Moon Invoice users can send itemized bills or invoices to their clients using the WhatsApp sharing feature. Enter the WhatsApp number of the recipient & click on send.

Sending Hard Copy
Sending Hard Copy

Moon Invoice users can click on the print icon to print the itemized bills. Users can send the hard copy to the clients after printing the invoice in the standard/thermal printer format.

Moon Invoice Vs. Free Itemized Invoice Templates

Are you confused about choosing our easy invoicing software and free online invoice templates? Here is the set of functions to help you decide quickly.

Set of Functions Free Invoice Template Moon Invoice
Free Itemized Invoice Template Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Automatic Payment Alerts Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Invoice Tracking Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Recurring Itemized Invoices (Auto) Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Send Invoices via WhatsApp Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Project Management Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make An Itemized Invoice?

To generate an invoice that is itemized, we offer itemized invoice template PDFs that are easy to customize and save. Generate itemized invoices in minutes with Moon Invoice.

Does Invoice Template PDF is the Best Suitable for Printable Invoices?

Small businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers use itemized bills to get paid faster. An itemized invoice has all the essential information of the sale including the products sold, goods, sold, services exchanged, hourly rate of the service, payments due information, and much more.

How Do I Make An Itemized Invoice In Excel?

Download our itemized invoice template in Excel and start customizing it with the relevant information. Save the invoice template and share it across to your client or customer via email or WhatsApp using Moon Invoice.

Which is Better for My Business, Free Invoice Template or Invoicing Software?

An itemized invoice template from Moon Invoice has a detailed format for sending itemized invoices. Other free invoice template options available for download may only help with a single invoice form. But we offer itemized invoice template in 66+ themes that can serve as the best purpose for sending a detailed invoice to your customers. Also, our invoicing app helps with many additional features such as WhatsApp invoice sharing, advance payments, business reports, and more.