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Financial Advisor Invoice Template

Moon Invoice introduces a financial advisor invoice template to streamline your financial consultancy service. Now, no more follow a manual method to create an invoice for your financial consultancy. Switch to highly personalized invoice templates to get down to the basics of your billing process. Avail feasible invoice templates for MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs, and PDF. Make your billing process effective with no errors.

Financial Advisor Invoice Template

Download the Free Financial Advisor Invoice Template

Boost your billing process with our in-built invoice templates for your every financial advice.

Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor

Regardless of your financial services and advice, our invoice templates are highly fit for your needs. It is a flexible template that is useful to bill the client as per their needs.

Financial Planner
Financial Planner

Never spend your time making invoices through a manual process. Your expertise is very useful for your clients so give time for it while generating invoices effortlessly.


Impress your accounting clients with our highly customized free professional finance invoice template. Either it is for taxes or account balancing for the company.

Empower Your Financial Advice

Looking for a highly customized professional invoice template for your finance advisory?

What Is Utilization of a Financial Advisor Invoice Template?

What Is Utilization of a Financial Advisor Invoice Template?

The financial advisor invoice template is a crucial document that financial advisors use to document services.

Tax and Legal Compliance

Financial advisor invoice templates are highly tax compliant and legal compliant. It helps in ensuring compliance with highly relevant laws and regulations.

Professional Outlook

Any well-designed invoice template always offers professionalism. Hence, a highly credible touch is there in the invoice and overall billing process.

Lucid Explanation

Professional billing always gives a description of the invoice. Hence, it is easy for clients to understand every detail clearly.


Invoice templates are highly customizable with an easy-to-use interface. Users can modify as per their requirements to create the perfect invoice.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Financial Advisor?

Download the free professional invoice template for financial advisors to fulfill your every invoicing need.

  1. Login to Moon Invoice or directly download the financial advisor template
  2. Add your details like company name, address, email ID, and phone number.
  3. Include client information like full name, address, and mobile number.
  4. Add the invoice number and invoice date.
  5. Include the financial advising service description with all the crucial information.
  6. Mention the payment terms in the invoice.
  7. Include your authorized signature
  8. Review the invoice once

Send the invoice to the client via WhatsApp or Email. Meanwhile, you can also send the invoice offline by sending a printout of the invoice.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Financial Advisor?
Why Should Financial Advisor Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Why Should Financial Advisor Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

The role of financial advisors is vital because their guidance helps an individual to conquer the best financial planning. To maintain the level of reputation of this profession, it is highly important to send a professional invoice to clients.

Clarity In the Invoice

Professional invoice templates enhance transparency as they present a clear picture of every detail. Hence, it prevents the chances of misunderstanding between the vendor and customers.

Enhance Your Reputation

Professional invoices always contribute to enhancing a company's reputation. With a professional outlook, the billing process is less prone to errors.

Easy Documentation

Professional invoice helps to systemize transaction records. Also, they are useful for tracking tax, income, and other expenses.

Client Satisfaction

A professional invoice is always beneficial to strengthen client relationships. As it always conveys the clear landscape of every related detail in an invoice.

Want to Streamline Your Financial Advising Billing?

Generate the best invoice to keep your financial consultancy ahead


Invoice Tips for Financial Advisor Business Owners

At the time of creating a financial advisor invoice, you should be aware of the following tips.

  • Include correct information related to the business and client's details.
  • Always include multiple payment options like a credit card, PayPal, and Stripe.
  • Mention the invoice number on every invoice.
  • Add a thankful note to an invoice to show your gratefulness to your client.
  • An invoice should always carry payment terms and conditions.
  • Never forget to review your invoice before sending it.
Invoice Tips for Financial Advisor Business Owners

What Should be Included in a Financial Advisor Invoice?

After finalizing a financial advisor invoice template, certain elements are essential to consider when creating a financial advisor invoice.

Client Information

The invoice should always contain the correct client information like client name, client phone number, and address.

Business Information

Business information like business name, contact information, and financial advisor business logo are crucial to include in an invoice.

Invoice Details

Invoice details like the invoice number and invoice date are also essential to include.

Service Details

A financial consultancy service description will give your clients an understanding of the charges applicable to the service they get.

Include tax

One must include the details of the tax (if applicable). This enhances clear calculations when tax is applicable


Every financial consultancy invoice should include a signature at the bottom of the invoice. This invoice looks highly authorized.

What Is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Financial Advisor Clients?

What Is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Financial Advisor Clients?

The time of sending a financial advisor invoice depends upon the financial service you offer. For instance, if you are completing a tax return or some other service held annually, you can share an invoice once you finish the job.

If you offer annual services like investment account management, sharing an invoice every month is good. You can also choose another time period for this at your convenience. This helps to make financial flows easier.

Any payment accent you choose, make it clear to note on each invoice. You must mention in an invoice the payment method you accept.

Download a Finance Invoice Template Free

Sending a professional invoice can bring your financial consultancy to the next level. Get a free financial invoice template at Moon Invoice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Financial Advisors Bill You?

Financial advisors charge the amount on the following models.

Assets Under Management (AUM) Fees -

Under the assets under management fee structure, financial advisors will charge some percentage of its manageable total assets.

Hourly rate -

Some financial advisors consider the hourly rate to charge the fee. However, it depends on the type of advisory service the client takes.

Commission fees -

This is purely a commission-based payment model. Here, financial consultants get a fee as per product sales.

Flat fees -

In the flat fee model, the financial advisor provides a list of services with their charges to their clients under the frequent model.

What Does a Financial Invoice Include?

The financial invoice should cover the following particulars

  • Invoice Number
  • Business details and customer details
  • Financial service description with charges
  • Tax (if applicable)
  • Payment terms and available payment options
  • Authorized signature

How Do Financial Advisors Make Commissions?

The commission-based advisor earns income by receiving commissions from financial products. So earning commission is directly proportional to the financial products they recommend.

How Do Financial Advisors Source Clients?

The following approaches are applicable for financial advisors to source client

  • Identifying the niche
  • Having an online presence
  • Social media
  • Financial webinar hosting
  • Network through the community
  • Perform email marketing