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Invoice Template NZ

Are you a sole trader or managing a small business in New Zealand? If yes, then make your invoicing simple and efficient. Get invoice Template NZ in Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PDF to simplify your VAT/GST in New Zealand. Moon Invoice brings numerous templates to make your VAT/GST filling easy. Adopt a paperless invoicing approach while switching to a smart digital concept. 

Invoice Template NZ

Download a Free New Zealand Invoice Template

Generate an invoice with our free New Zealand invoice templates. Avail the streamlining of billing and give a new
direction to your business.

Word Invoice Template New Zealand
Word Invoice Template New Zealand

If you are looking for an invoice template for NZ in Word, then Moon Invoice is here to end your search. Easily get your invoice in MS Word without putting in extra effort and time.

Excel Invoice Template NZ
Excel Invoice Template NZ

Get an Excel invoice to keep your transaction on the right track. Choose the right template and fill in the details to get the outcome you want in your billing.

VAT Invoice Template New Zealand
VAT Invoice Template New Zealand

Include applicable VAT in your invoice and let it be automatically calculated on the bill. Now, no more laborious approach to calculating tax on the invoice.

Stripe NZ Template
Stripe NZ Template

Say goodbye to the manual process of generating New Zealand invoices. Get your Stripe NZ template and create an invoice within a minute.

Classic NZ Template
Classic NZ Template

The classic NZ template is the right solution to your invoicing issues. Generate a classic invoice for any business in New Zealand in a moment.

Simple NZ Template
Simple NZ Template

Accelerate your billing with our simple yet customized NZ invoice template. It is acceptable for all kinds of businesses to make the invoicing process fast and accurate.

Every Invoice Creates a Billing Story

Download the free invoice template for NZ to create the right billing story


How to Create a New Zealand Invoice Online?

Creating a New Zealand invoice online is simple at Moon Invoice. You need to follow the listed steps to accomplish this process.

  • Choose the invoice template NZ as per your need
  • Inhabit the details about your business and the client like name, address, and phone number.
  • Write the service/product details that your client purchased.
  • Include the tax (which every applicable according to your region)
  • Put the authorized signature at the bottom side.
  • Have a glance at your invoice to ensure accuracy.

Send the invoice or make a draft of the same for future use. You can either send an invoice online or dispatch a hard copy of the same.

How to Create a New Zealand Invoice Online?
What Should be Required for Invoicing in New Zealand?

What Should be Required for Invoicing in New Zealand?

For every business professional in New Zealand to acquire a great invoice, the following elements are necessary to include.

Company details

Don't forget to include business details like your business name, address, and contact details.

Customer details

Mention the customer's name, address, and phone number correctly in the invoice.

Invoice date

Every invoice should have a date mentioned on which the invoice was generated. Invoice numbers are very useful for invoice tracking.


If you are running a business in New Zealand then it is compulsory to include a GST number or tax detail in an invoice.


The description section will include the proper details of the service/product you offer to the client.

New Zealand VAT/GST Tax Information on Invoices

Before mentioning VAT/GST tax information on an invoice, you must know New Zealand tax legislation.

  • Tax registration is compulsory if the business charges GST for services and goods.
  • If the turnover is below NZ$60,000, voluntary registration is compulsory.
  • 15% is the standard GST rate in New Zealand
  • Inland Revenue manages the goods and services tax in New Zealand.
  • The tax invoice should be mentioned in clear form and the amount should be in local currency ($NZ).
  • Business owners in New Zealand can use myIR to submit their GST returns.
  • GST filing frequency is always dependent upon the volume of sales.
  • The deadline for GST returns is the 28th day of the month.
New Zealand VAT/GST Tax Information on Invoices

Looking for a high-quality invoice template in NZ?

Choose Moon Invoice to avail highly customized invoice templates in New Zealand

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make an Invoice in New Zealand?

Making an invoice online in New Zealand requires the following information

  • Choose the invoice template NZ
  • Fill in the details like business and customer information
  • Add the invoice number and invoice issue date
  • Added service/product description
  • Include payment terms and modes of payment
  • Include the signature

What Is an Example of an Invoice Number NZ?

Invoice numbers like INV 20-9-007. Here, it refers to the 7th invoice issued in September month 2020.

How Do I Invoice a Sole Trader NZ Template?

Follow the below steps to invoice a sole trader NZ template

  • Choose the right template
  • Fill in the business details and customer details
  • Add the description of the services
  • Include the invoice number and date
  • Add the total amount of payment
  • Payment mode and signature

Is an Invoice a Contract NZ?

No, an invoice is not equal to a contract. It is a document requesting payment from the buyer or client. On the other hand, a contract is a legally binding document.

How Do I Send My New Zealand VAT/no VAT Invoice?

The following requirements are necessary for sending VAT/Non-VAT invoices in New Zealand

  • Including business name, consumer name, and address with contact details of both parties
  • Tax details should be mentioned
  • Suppliers' GST number
  • Invoice date
  • Service or product description
  • Add an authorized signature
  • Download the New Zealand invoice in PDF