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Invoice Template Canada

Now simplify the billing process for every business in Canada. Moon Invoice offers highly customized invoice templates, suitable for every profession. Issue invoices electronically that commit to reliability and accuracy. If you are a business owner in Canada, generate VAT and NON-VAT invoices online through our ready-to-use invoice samples. Get the invoice template in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, and Google Docs.

Invoice Template Canada

Download a Free Invoice Template for Canada

Create an invoice quickly and easily by downloading our free invoice template for Canada. Make every billing highly accurate.

Word Invoice Template Canada
Word Invoice Template Canada

If you are looking for an invoice template in Canada in Word then Moon Invoice is your right hand. Create an invoice within a minute in Word with a high level of accuracy.

Excel Invoice Template Canada
Excel Invoice Template Canada

Get an Excel invoice template for Canada for any business billing. Switch to the most streamlined invoicing process for your business growth.

VAT Invoice Template Canada
VAT Invoice Template Canada

Say goodbye to the manual process of calculating tax on every invoice. Add Canadian VAT and it will be automatically calculated in the billing.

Stripe Canada Template
Stripe Canada Template

Avail the Stripe Canada template and divert your business in the correct direction. Moon Invoice is your right hand to avail customized invoice templates.

Classic Canada Template
Classic Canada Template

Give new wings to your business invoicing with our classic Canada template. With classic-looking templates, you can win the game of billing. 

Simple Canada Template
Simple Canada Template

If you are an owner of a small business, adopt our simple Canada template to enhance your billing. Discover numerous invoice templates to satisfy your needs.

Get a Key to Streamlining Canadian Invoicing

Moon Invoice is the right platform to streamline your billing in Canada. Personalized and robust invoice templates for your convenience.


How to Create a Canadian Invoice Online?

Generating a Canadian invoice is very easy with Moon Invoice. The platform has a wide variety of invoice templates, created to satisfy every business need. Let's take a general invoice example for Canada and follow the steps listed below to see your well-prepared invoice in front of you.

  1. Log in to Moon Invoice or download the invoice template for Canada.
  2. Search for a Canadian invoice template and finalize the template
  3. Fill in the details associated with your business and customer
  4. Include a service description
  5. Add payment details
  6. Put your signature
  7. Recheck the invoice and send it to your client

You can either take the hard copy of the invoice to dispatch or send it easily in online mode through WhatsApp or Email.

How to Create a Canadian Invoice Online?
What Should Be Required for Invoicing in Canada?

What Should Be Required for Invoicing in Canada?

Invoicing in Canada is similar to the invoicing process in other countries. It must contain the below information in the finalized invoice sample for Canada.

  • Business name and customer name
  • Invoice date and invoice number
  • GST registration number
  • Detailed descriptions of goods and services
  • Terms of payment
  • Authorized signature

You need to take care of the applicable tax terms in the invoice. Take care whether the goods and services include tax or not. HST or GST and PST are some applicable taxes.

Canada VAT/GST Tax Information on Invoices

Regardless of the particular region in Canada, the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable to all goods and services.

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Labrador and Newfoundland provinces

Quebec Sales Tax (QST)

Quebec Province

Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan provinces
The Canada Revenue Agency is the tax authority for Canada's federal taxes. There is a separate tax authority in each province or territory.

Canada VAT/GST Tax Information on Invoices

Avail Painless Billing for Your Business in Canada

Discover different kinds of invoice templates for Canada. Download highly customized templates to make billing simple.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create an Invoice in Canada?

  • Choose the invoice template for Canada.
  • Add details like the business name and client name
  • Include the invoice number and invoice date
  • Add service and product description
  • Include the applicable tax
  • Include payment terms
  • Download invoices in PDF

Can I Edit My Canadian Invoices?

Yes, it is easy to edit Canadian invoices with our free invoice templates.

What Legal Information is Required on an Invoice in Canada?

The following things are required on the Canada Invoice

  • Invoice number and date
  • Business and customer details
  • Service and product descriptions
  • Tax information (applicable tax)
  • Authorized signature
  • Payment terms

How Do I Invoice a US Client from Canada?

The general details are the same as those for Canadian Invoices. However, before sending an invoice to the USA, you need to take care of a few things.

  • Include payment terms and conditions
  • Keep a note of the exchange rate
  • Choose the medium
  • Understand the applicable tax

How Do I Send My Canada GST/no GST invoice?

To send your Canada GST and No GST invoice you need to follow the below instructions.

  • Download a free invoice template
  • Choose the template and include the required details
  • Include the service/product details
  • Add the applicable VAT
  • Add payment terms and conditions
  • Include the authorized signature
  • Cross-check the invoice once
  • Download the invoice

How Do I Freelancer Invoice in Canada?

Follow the instructions listed to invoice a freelancer in Canada

  • Choose the Canada invoice template
  • Add your freelancing details and clients' names.
  • Include the freelancing service that you provide along with the price
  • Include terms and conditions
  • Include the signature
  • Review and download the invoice in PDF