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Invoice Template UK

Business owners in the UK can issue paperless invoices by downloading a free invoice template UK in MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs, or PDF format. Explore 66+ UK invoice templates free on Moon Invoice, edit details, and send invoices to your clients in a matter of minutes. Adopt a faster and more secure way of online invoicing and get paid promptly.

Invoice Template UK

Download a Free Invoice Template UK

We have the best UK invoice templates to create professional invoices for enterprise-level businesses and freelancers no matter whether you include or
exclude VAT.

Word Invoice Template UK
Word Invoice Template UK

Generate a digital invoice using a template in MS Word format for easy approvals from clients and increase chances of quick payment. You only need to fill in the details, have an overview of the invoice, and share it through an online platform in no time.

Excel Invoice Template UK
Excel Invoice Template UK

Get your professional invoice ready with our free UK invoice template in MS Excel format. Now, no more hard work of designing and formatting invoices from scratch. Instead, choose the best invoice template that meets your business requirements and create UK invoices quickly.

VAT Invoice Template UK
VAT Invoice Template UK

Creating an accurate invoice for your UK business has been easier than ever. Select the right template, include all details and your invoice is all set to share. While creating a UK invoice, you can choose the tax you want to include in your invoice, and it will automatically count the total amount.

Stripe UK Template
Stripe UK Template

When on the move, get the stripe invoice template UK from Moon Invoice and generate invoices in a fraction of a minute. It needs no manual effort as you get ready-made UK templates, which can be used for making invoices even if you are travelling or away from the office area.

Classic UK Template
Classic UK Template

If you are looking for an invoicing solution to your daily hassle of issuing poorly written invoices, then the classic template UK is all you need. Get it from Moon Invoice to create a polished and professional-looking UK invoice that helps you make a lasting impression on your customers.

Simple UK Template
Simple UK Template

Whether you are a small business owner or sole trader, you only need a simple yet customizable UK invoice template. It helps you generate a clean and easily understandable invoice that accelerates the payment process. Thus, no need for a pen and paper.

Improve Your Cash Flows With e-Invoices

Get over the use of poorly-written invoices and switch to an online invoicing process for increasing cash flows.

Create an Invoice Now

How to Create a UK Invoice Online?

Creating an online UK invoice is a quick and easy process. Here is how to generate it on Moon Invoice.

  • Firstly, find a suitable UK invoice template in Word, Excel, or Google Docs format at Moon Invoice.
  • In the next step, populate the required details like the client's name, address, and contact number.
  • Then, add the quantity of goods and services along with a brief description in the invoice template.
  • Thereafter, include product rates or service charges and double-check the amount you entered.
  • Select the tax of your choice from the dropdown menu, and it will automatically adjust the total amount.
  • Review the invoice to check if everything is what you expected in the invoice.
  • Take out the print of an invoice or directly send it to clients via WhatsApp or Email.
How to Create a UK Invoice Online?

What Should Be Required for Invoicing in the UK?

Not all countries have the same set of rules for creating an invoice. Similarly, the UK has its own rules regarding invoices and taxes. You need to include all
necessary information on the invoice if your business is registered in the UK. Also, make sure that the invoicing process complies with the tax regulations
followed in the UK. Here are the elements required for invoicing in the UK.

VAT Number

Mention your VAT number at the start of the invoice to let the customer know you are a registered company in the UK.

Invoicing Date

Write an invoice date at the time of issuing an invoice to help customers learn about when it was generated.

Business Details

Put on your business details such as business name, email address, and phone number along with the company's logo.

Quantity of Goods

Describe the number of goods and products supplied. You can even add a brief description of the products in the invoice.

Discount (if applicable)

Include the discount offered while calculating a total due amount in the UK invoice. It should be exclusive of VAT.

Due Amount (VAT inclusive)

Enter the correct pending amount for services you provided to your clients. Also, don't forget to specify payment terms.

UK VAT/GST Tax Information on Invoices

Go through the following points related to VAT/GST tax information applicable in UK.

  • If you are selling goods and services in the UK, you need to register for VAT in order to share VAT invoices with customers.
  • In the case of a distance seller, you need to register for VAT by filling out the form VAT 1A.
  • Goods, services, and products sold anywhere in the UK will be subject to the standard VAT rate of 20%.
  • Energy bills and natural gas supply will fall under the reduced VAT rate of 5%.
  • Zero-rated VAT applies to some products such as food items and kids' clothes.
  • As a registered business, you can collect VAT from the customer at the time of selling goods.
  • Later, you can submit VAT to HMRC when you file a VAT return. You have to pay VAT to HMRC regardless of whether you collect tax from customers or not.
UK VAT/GST Tax Information on Invoices

Generate VAT Invoices That Enhance Brand Recognition

Never settle for hand-made invoices. Instead, send digital VAT-compliant invoices to enhance your brand recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write a Simple Invoice in the UK?

To create a simple invoice, you must download a suitable invoice template. Let's take a UK invoice example, where you have a ready-made invoice template. Here, include all the necessary details and mention payment terms. As soon as you save it, the final invoice will be ready. Review the invoice once before you share it with your clients.

Can I Edit My UK Invoices?

Yes, we provide a customizable invoice template UK, which is easy to edit on the go. Select a format such as MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs, or PDF and perform unlimited edits. When you are done with editing details, send it to clients, even if you are away from the office.

How Do I Send My UK VAT or Non-VAT Invoice?

Sending VAT or non-VAT invoices is a matter of a few clicks when you are using invoicing software like Moon Invoice. You can share VAT-compliant invoices via WhatsApp or Email after downloading them from Moon Invoice and expect 2x faster payment.

Can I add my company's logo to customize the UK invoice template?

Yes, you can put your business logo on the top of the invoice as we are offering fully customizable invoice templates. It will hardly take a few minutes to add a business logo and get the UK invoice ready.