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Professional Services
Invoice Template

Get paid on time for your expertise and specialized skills by using our free invoicing templates for professional services. Make the best use of your time by focusing on your skills, as our invoice software helps manage billing with ease.

Professional Services Invoice Template

Download the Free Professional Services Invoice Template

Generate quick and accurate professional services invoices by downloading these readymade invoice templates in formats like MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.

Agency Clients
Agency Clients

Send professional invoice to your agency clients for whom you work on per hour or per project basis using our readymade template invoice for professional services. Download these templates in PDF, MS Word, Excel, or Google Sheets with a single click.

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

While you are offering excellent consulting services to your clients for your exclusive professional services, we help you draft 100% professional invoices using our service invoicing template forms. Download in the format you prefer to send it further.

Technical Services
Technical Services

Professionals who offer technical services such as software development, IT recruitment, UI UX designing, technical writing, technical designing, and much more can download technical service invoice template forms and customize them within minutes.

Generate Professional Invoices in 60 Seconds!

No matter what services you offer, we have the right set of professional services invoice template designs to generate quick invoices.

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What is the Use of a Professional Service Invoicing Template?

A professional services invoice template can help your profession to grow or be noticed in various ways. Here are some of the benefits of
using the professional service invoice template forms.

Evidence of Delivering Services

A professional service invoicing template will help generate service invoices that will prove to be evidence of delivering services.

Quick Bill Payment

Generating a professional services invoice using an invoice template will help your business to get paid on time.

Professional Image

Service invoicing template forms are designed professionally; hence, using their format helps in delivering professionalism.

Tax Compliance

Using a professional invoicing template for generating service invoices will help mention all the correct tax information.

Reference for Future

The service invoices generated for your business will always stay on the record for any future reference.

Easy Customization

The ultimate benefit of using a professional service invoice template is that it allows for 100% personalization.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice For
Professional Services?

Generating a professional services invoice is a 60-second job with our readymade professional services invoice template designs. Here is the simple yet quick procedure.

  1. Download Moon Invoice's professional service invoicing template in any of your required formats, i.e. MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.
  2. Start customizing the professional invoice template by filling up the right details.
  3. Add business details such as logo, name, address, and contact number.
  4. Add client details, including client name, address, and contact number.
  5. Mention service details as line items in the invoice template. Write a brief description of the professional services that you have delivered with project hours, hourly rate, project rate, discount, taxes, and total amount.
  6. Add a business signature.
  7. Write clear payment terms.
  8. Save the invoice and send it to your client via WhatsApp or Email.
How to Create or Fill an Invoice For Professional Services?

Have You Ever Filed an Invoice in Less than a Minute?

Moon Invoice's free invoice templates let you fill the invoice easily and quickly, imposing no format or calculation stress.

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Invoice Tips for Professional Service Providers

Invoicing your clients and are worried about the right invoicing tips? Well, here are some awesome tips that will help your invoice to get noticed as well as paid.

Keep Your Invoice Clear & Compact

One of the best ways to get your invoice clear on time is to keep your invoice message clear and compact. Too much information or too little information can confuse the client hence, it is best to go for clear and concise details in the invoice regarding your professional services.

Don't Miss Mentioning Payment Terms

Payment terms are important to mention in an invoice to get the invoice paid on time. The payment terms such as Net 15, Net 30, Net 40, or due upon receipt need to be mentioned correctly in order to acknowledge the client about the last due date for payment.

Recheck Your Invoice Number & Date

Another tip to follow for professional invoicing is to keep an eye on the invoice number and date mentioned in the invoice or bill. Invoice numbers and dates are often used for future references, for which it is essential to mention the correct details.

Use Only Professional Invoice Template

There are various types of professional services invoice template designs; selecting the most appropriate and professional format is crucial in order to give a lasting impression in front of their clients. Use our online service invoice template to get paid faster.

Add Payment Links for Positive Cash Flow

Another tip to get your invoice paid at the right time is by adding the direct pay links or payment QR scan code in the invoice. Adding the payment details to the invoice will help clients to pay instantly without making much effort

Add TimeLogs for Hourly-Based Projects

Professionals generally work on projects that are either hourly or daily, for which generating the time logs is essential. Adding time logs to invoices will help the client with clarity while clearing the invoice payment.

What Should be Included In Professional Service Invoice?

A professional service invoice must include the following details

Business Logo
Professional Services Business Information
Client Details
Invoice Number, Date, and Currency
Service Details
Service Time Logs
Service Rate
Service Total Amount
Applicable Taxes
Discount on Services Offered, If Any
Business Signature
Payment Terms
What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Professional Service Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Professional Service Clients?

The right time to issue a sales or service invoice is right after the completion of the services. Also, if you are working or dealing with the client for the first time, it is better to ask for an advance amount, which can prove to an evidence of the project from the client's end. Using a free service invoice template will help generate professional yet quick invoices, resulting in timely payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create An Invoice For Professional Services?

For generating a professional invoice, it is best to download a free professional invoice template online from Moon Invoice and start customizing the details. Later, save the invoice and send it across to the clients.

How Do You Write A Professional Invoice?

Download professional or sales invoice template for writing a professional invoice easily and quickly. Follow the steps mentioned in the blog to create an accurate invoice in minutes.

How Do I Write An Invoice For Consulting Services?

For generating an invoice for consulting services, you can get our consulting invoice template designs available online. Use the free invoice templates from Moon Invoice to generate quick invoices.

How Do I Invoice Someone For Services Rendered?

Download the free invoice template for professional services online to issue an invoice for the services rendered. Mention all the details of the rendered service along with the final amount and payment details.

How Are Professional Services Billed?

Professional services are billed by sending a professional invoice. Download the free professional invoice template online and start adding details to it, which can be easily sent to the client for demanding payments.