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Retainer Invoice Template

Are you a lawyer, marketer, or consultant? Moon Invoice presents a retainer invoice template for making your invoicing process simple. Manual methods of invoicing might be time-consuming and prone to errors. But no worries, try our retainer invoice templates to build invoices faster for a smooth payment flow. Our templates are available for Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PDF.

Retainer Invoice Template

Download The Free Retainer Invoice Template

Readymade templates for retainer invoices are available to enhance your invoicing process.

Blank Invoice
Blank Invoice

Use a blank invoice to request advance payment to your client. Fill out all the particulars within a short period with our retainer invoice template. Avail the right template to create the right invoice that satisfies your needs.

Retainer Invoice
Retainer Invoice

Any advance fee paid before the service delivery comes under retainer. It ensures the service availability when it is required. Create the perfect retainer invoice with us to enhance your payment process.

Small Business Invoice
Small Business Invoice

Our retainer invoice perfectly fits the needs of small business practice. Request advance payment to your client with our templates. Ensure that your business complies with legal practices.

Freelancer Invoice
Freelancer Invoice

Our free retainer invoice template is fully customized with all the necessary features. It is highly usable for freelance lawyers and other legal practitioners. Save your precious time while making an invoice in a few minutes.

Lawyers Invoice
Lawyers Invoice

Accelerate and secure your legal practices with our retainer invoice templates. Urge your client for the payment professionally. Give the next level wings to your lawyer practice with us.

Consultant Invoice
Consultant Invoice

Create professional retainer invoices with Moon Invoice to write the success story of your consultancy business. Boost your consultant profession with an easy-going invoice process.

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Give a smooth flow to your profession with our application. Urge your clients for the payment with a professional invoice.


What is a Retainer Invoice?

A retainer invoice is a document sent to the client for advance payment before service delivery. Lawyers and other consultancy practitioners use this kind of invoice. Their prime purpose is to secure their service with it.

What is a Retainer Invoice?
Why to Use a Retainer Invoice Template?

Why to Use a Retainer Invoice Template?

Retainer invoice templates help you to avail yourself of the professional invoice that ultimately helps on-time payment. Delivering high-quality service and a professional invoice are the two prime pillars to getting faster payment.

The main reasons to use invoice templates are as follows:


Choosing a retainer invoice template is the best way to maintain a standard format. Every template offers a standard layout that makes the invoice look professional.

Save Time and Efforts

The ready-to-use templates are handy to save time and effort. They cut down the extra efforts associated with the manual invoice-making process.


Retainer invoice templates provide the clarity of the detailed information. It includes fee amount, scope of the service, and additional or hidden charges.


A well-designed template puts forward a professional image of your work. It also creates a trust relationship between the service provider and the client.

Organized Records

Retain invoice templates provide a well-organized way to keep records of payments. Even they are customizable and can be edited as per the requirements.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Retainer?

Creating or filling an invoice for a retainer should include the following details:

  1. Initially, log in to Moon Invoice to create an invoice.
  2. Opt for the right template and download it.
  3. Fill in the required details like invoice number, currency type, and invoice date.
  4. Include the business name, contact details, and logo.
  5. Add client details like customer name, email ID, and phone number.
  6. Add the details of your service. It may include the total number of hours of your service, additional charges, and other details.
  7. Highlight the total amount to make the client's attention on it.
  8. Save the details, and your invoice is ready.
  9. Send the invoice through email or take the hard copy and dispatch to the client's address.
How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Retainer?

Why Should Retainer Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Professional invoices are crucial for the best impact on the client and uplift your branding image. Some of the reasons to choose it are as follows.


A proper professional invoice always gives documentation. It helps in keeping an appropriate record of the invoices with gentility.

Record Keeping

Professional invoices help to keep a record of every transaction in a well-organized manner. It helps in tracking the particular record easily.

Faster Payment

An invoice with lucid data makes it easier for the clients to understand the payment. It accelerates the payment process.

Legal Protection

Professional invoices not only help to accelerate the payment process but act as legal documents also. Thus, it protects the business during any dispute.

Provide Credibility

Professional invoices are highly credible and build client relationships. It creates a positive image in front of your client.

Brand Image

Any professional invoice is directly associated with a business brand. It helps business owners to acquire the right position in the market.

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Our retainer invoice template can fuel your business with attractive designs and error-free invoices.


Invoice Tips for Retainer Business Owners

Are you all about sending your professional invoice? Have a look at the crucial tips that make your invoice perfect.

  • Keep a simple format of an invoice.
  • Always use professional language in the invoice.
  • Mention all the payment terms of your business in the invoice.
  • Choose the right template that has a professional design and covers your requirements.
  • Include the mode of payment you accept.
  • Review the invoice at last to fix the shortcomings.
  • Add the authorized signature to the invoice.
Invoice Tips for Retainer Business Owners

What Should be Included in a Retainer Invoice?

Retainer invoices should be detailed and information-rich. Some of the mandatory points to include in the invoice are as follows.
The retainer invoice template from Moon Invoice enables you to fill up the details in a short time.

Business Details

The invoice for retainer should include your business name, contact number, address, and business logo.

Clients Details

You must include client information like client name, address, email address, and phone number.

Payment Method

Include payment methods that your organization supports. It includes payment terms, bank details, and the last date.

Invoice Date and Serial Number

The invoice date and serial number should be there on the invoice. It makes invoice tracking simple.


A service description is a crucial part of the retainer invoice. Mention all the important points of your service.


If any tax is applicable, you must include it in your invoice. A proper detail of the tax with no error brings transparency.

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Retainer Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Retainer Clients?

Retainer invoice sending time may vary from organization to organization. However, business owners should send an invoice soon after accepting the retainer agreement. You must send the invoice in that time only as per the company’s norms if you are charging for a particular period. You must send the invoice at the right time to avoid any confusion that may arise. 

Download a Retainer Invoice Template Free

Follow a seamless invoicing journey with our retainer invoice template for your profession.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Write a Retainer Invoice?

To write or create any retainer invoice, you must include the following details

  • Business details like name, logo, and contact details
  • Customer details like name and contact details
  • Invoice date and serial number
  • Service description
  • Retainer agreement terms
  • Tax (if applicable)
  • Mode of payment
  • Authorized signature

How Do I Bill My Retainer Fees?

Creating a sub-contractor invoice is quite an easy process. Here are the steps you need to follow on invoicing software.

Establish Terms

Mentioning the terms in your invoice is a great practice. It must include the type of service, payment, payment terms, and other relevant information.

Retainer Agreement

The invoice can have all the agreement of retainer points. It all includes the agreement that is made between you and your client.

Receive Payment

The client should make a retainer fee payment. It must include that payment should be processed and recorded accurately.

Maintain Communication

You must maintain an open communication with your client. Business owners should be proactive for any question or concern.

What is an Example of Retainer Billing?

The best example of retainer billing is a lawyer. Let's assume a lawyer may charge a $500 retainer fee. If the lawyer charges $100 an hour, the retainer will cover the entire service up to the 5-hour limit. The lawyer will charge an additional $500 if there are 10 hours. The lawyer will refund the remaining part if the case is resolved before the 5-hour limit.

What is the Difference Between a Retainer Invoice and a Regular Invoice?

The major purpose of retainer invoices and regular invoices is the same. Both are issued to make the payment faster. However, the regular invoice is for the payment made after the service, whereas the retainer invoice is for urging the payment before availing of the service. Professional retainer invoices empower the business payment approach.

What Is a Retainer In Invoicing?

Retaining refers to the advance payment that the client made before availing of any service. Retainer invoices are usual for lawyers and consultancy firms. It makes a service secure for a particular period.