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Accounting Invoice Template

Give new heights to your accounting profession with our accounting invoice template. It's an approach to simplifying your invoicing and focusing better on your business. Our free invoice templates are fully customizable and available in MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, and Google Docs. Settle for automation, a better alternative to the time-consuming manual process of generating invoices.

Accounting Invoice Template

Download The Free Accounting Invoice Template

Creating a professional invoice through human efforts is not a good option. With a human touch, the perfect sketch is impossible
and more prone to errors. Get our accountant invoice template and prepare your invoice in an eye blink.

Blank Commercial
Blank Commercial

Generate an accounting invoice through a blank invoice template. The highly customizable template fills your details smoothly. Download the blank template for invoices and accelerate your invoicing process.


Download and send customized invoices to all accounting clients. Either it's for doing taxes or managing the budget. Meanwhile, you can also modify the invoice template easily in a simple way.

Tax Accountant
Tax Accountant

Every client needs your expertise to cut down on the tax amount. Customize our free invoice template to manage your tax accounting efficiently. Get ready for your tax account invoice in a split second.


It is not easy to manage financial data recording. However, our invoice template is ideal for simplifying your bookkeeping process. Choose, modify, and finalize your bookkeeping invoice in 60 seconds.

Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you should guide your clients to the right financial investment plan. Include the correct cost and related terms in this free financial advisor invoice template.

Insurance Agent
Insurance Agent

Convey the peace of mind to your clients through your insurance guide. Our invoice template will help you build the final invoice with the proper insurance plans. Say goodbye to the complex approach.

Enrich your Accounting Business with Ingenious Invoice Crafting

Streamline your invoicing process with Moon Invoice. Our invoice templates for accounting are here to upgrade your accounting process.

What Is the Use of an Accounting Invoice Template?

What Is the Use of an Accounting Invoice Template?

Choosing an ideal accounting invoice template is the right way to gain professionalism, precision, and peace of mind. The use of free accounting invoice templates is listed below.

Legal Compliance

The accounting invoice templates are designed to comply with legal requirements. It includes the entire financial and tax-related information.


Accounting invoice templates encourage business credibility. It is also useful to draw attention to the details. Thus, crafting a well-structured invoice.

Time Saving

Invoice templates are ready-made samples that enable users to fill in the details in less time. The templates streamline the invoicing with a well-assembled framework.


Invoices always act as crucial documentation of transactions. It helps you to track payments easily and manage financial records skillfully.

Brand Identity

The customizable invoice templates enhance your brand identity. Professionals can easily include their logo, branding elements, and colors to differentiate their brand.

How to Create an Invoice for an Accounting?

After downloading our free invoice template from Moon Invoice, you need to modify and fill in the correct details. Here are the crucial steps to creating the perfect accounting invoice.

  1. Give a proper title or headline.
  2. Mention the project name and describe the type of work you offer to the client.
  3. Company details like the company name, phone number, address, and logo on an invoice.
  4. Include customer details like customer name, address (with PIN code) and contact information.
  5. Fill in the correct bank details to get the payment.
  6. Write down your terms of payment.
  7. Put your signature on crafting an authorized invoice.
  8. Review the entire details once to prevent any shortcomings.
How to Create an Invoice for an Accounting?
Why Should Accounting Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Why Should Accounting Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Professional invoices reform your business impression. Also, it keeps errors at arm's length while enabling users to fill in the correct information. Here are some points to justify the sending of professional invoices.

  • Implementing a professional impression
  • Improving the cash flow and making prompt payment
  • Professional invoices enhance credibility.
  • Making payment terms communication highly robust
  • Bring clarity to the payment terms
  • Enhancing legalization and tax compliance

Professional invoices are a great way to enhance your impression on the market. However, it is only possible with free accounting invoice templates.

Invoice Excellence as your Financial Success Starts Here

Sleek the perfect invoicing process with Moon Invoice. Composing a victorious accounting profession with our highly customized invoice templates.


Invoice Tips for Accounting Business Owners

  • Always offer multiple payment options instead of one single form of payment.
  • The invoice should be easy to understand for customers with simple language and format.
  • It must convey clear communication to build a strong bond.
  • The invoice should be error-free and cover the correct details.
  • Automated invoicing can enhance the billing process because it saves resources and time.
  • The accounting invoice should include every crucial information in detail.
  • Include timely reminders because they enhance on-time payment.
  • Choose digital Invoices for optimal delivery assurance.
Invoice Tips for Accounting Business Owners

What Data to be Included in an Accounting Invoice?

An accounting invoice is an important document for a professional accountant. It must involve the following information.

Company Details

The accounting invoice must include the following information about the company. The crucial details to include are the company name, address and contact details.

Clients Details

Client details like client name, address and phone number are mandatory to include in an invoice.

Invoice Date and Number

Invoice date and number should be there on the invoice. This simplifies invoice tracking.

Payment Terms

The payment terms should be clearly mentioned on the invoice. Sharing terms and conditions with your client in a transparent way enhances the interaction.


The tax portion will include details about the tax (if applicable). Business owners must include every applicable tax on an invoice to enhance transparency.


The description section will include detailed information of the type of service provided. Along with it, the number of hours for each service is also good to mention.

What Is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Accounting Clients?

What Is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Accounting Clients?

The best time to send an invoice to your accounting client is proportional to the accounting services you offer.

In case you offer year-round services like payroll, balancing the books in a month, it is better to send an invoice every month.

You must be sure to mention the chosen payment cadence for each invoice. The time of sending the invoice should neither be too early or too late.

Download Accounting Invoice Template Free

Generate your accounting invoice with just one click at Moon Invoice and streamline the billing process efficiently. It's simple, effective and elegant.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Create an Invoice in Accounting?

Choose the right accounting invoice template that highly satisfies your needs. After finalizing the template, you must fill in the following fields -

  • Business name and contact information
  • Customer's name and corresponding contact details
  • Date of invoice and number
  • Total number of hours worked and hourly rate
  • Subtotal of the amount
  • Additional taxes, fees and discounts
  • Total amount and due date

Do Accountants Do Invoicing?

Accountants also handle invoicing and it is a part of their job. This case is very common in small businesses where there is no dedicated accounting staff. They advise clients on the proper flow of invoicing.

What Is a Good Message to Put on an Invoice?

Invoices should have a clear description and information. Professionals can put a thank you message to show their gratitude. Any hazy language in the invoice can confuse your clients.

How Do I Invoice for Bookkeeping Services?

In the case of a bookkeeping service, there should be an informative list of the services you offer. You must include the location, date and any other related information.

How to Create an Invoice for Professional Services?

The following information is necessary to consider while creating an invoice for professional accounting services.

  • Accounting invoice should carry the business name, address, logo, and contact information.
  • Similarly, client information like client name, billing address, and contact details on an invoice is unavoidable.
  • Added taxes or any additional fee is also good to include in an invoice. It should include the tax rate or any other additional charges.
  • You must include terms and conditions like a cancellation and refund policy.

When Should I Send Accounting Invoices to My Clients?

It is popular to send a monthly invoice system. However, the 10th and 15th of every month is the best time to send an invoice. It is better to automate the invoicing process for better cash flow.