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Courier Invoice Template

Adopt a simplified way of generating invoices via online free templates and get rid of manual paperwork. Pick a courier service invoice template of your choice completely free from Moon Invoice and get your invoice ready in a few minutes. You no longer need to waste time designing a fresh invoice as you can quickly create it by choosing a suitable template and get paid faster.

Courier Invoice Template

Download The Free Courier Invoice Template

Get a professional and polished courier template to create an invoice at no cost. Here are some different invoice templates available for your courier business.


Make courier invoices that capture your client's attention in a fraction of a second. Utilize the best courier template to create an invoice in MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF format and share it with clients instantly. Online courier invoices play a crucial role in enhancing the payment process.


Download an invoice template for your time-sensitive deliveries, fill up all necessary details, and issue an invoice instantly using your smartphone or tablet. This clean and error-free courier delivery invoice not only shows your professionalism but also ensures you are compensated for service.


Send professional-looking invoices for your driving skills that make it possible to deliver cargo packages on time. Generate a perfect digital copy of the driver invoice with a free invoice template and have no more unpaid invoices. Hence, you don't need to send payment reminders.

Send Courier Invoices From Anywhere

Generate a perfect courier invoice with a suitable template and issue it from anywhere without stepping out of your office.

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What is the Use of a Courier Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Courier Invoice Template?

Using online templates to create courier invoices can help you reap the benefits that paper-made invoices may not provide. Here is why integrating templates into invoicing practice is important.

No Late Payments

Courier delivery invoice templates are mostly used to issue invoices on time and in return accelerate the payment process. This clean and polished invoice helps clients learn about the due amount quickly and encourages them to complete the payment. Thus, no more payment delays.

Organized Bookkeeping

Online courier invoices resolve your bookkeeping challenges as you are no longer required to manage a bundle of papers. Invoices made using courier templates will help you simplify the bookkeeping process in such a way that you don’t require manual effort.

Wipes-off Human Errors

When you enter details in courier invoice templates, it automatically calculates the total amount including taxes and discounts. Such an automated process leaves no room for any human errors. It increases the chances of getting paid faster compared to the traditional invoicing process.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Courier?

With Moon Invoice, you can create a paperless courier invoice in just a few steps. Here's a detailed explanation.

  1. Download a courier service invoice template from a variety of templates available on Moon Invoice.
  2. Then, include your client's details like full name, shipping address, email, and phone number.
  3. Next, add your business information like business name, contact, and delivery person name, and put the company's logo on the top.
  4. Following that, specify the delivery type and choose the preferred payment mode of your customer.
  5. Start adding the courier delivery charges along with applicable taxes. It will automatically calculate the total amount.
  6. If required, you can put on additional notes regarding late payments or any other payment conditions.
  7. Afterward, tap on the 'Save' button and your courier invoice is good to go.

Moon Invoice enables you to send an invoice for security services online through WhatsApp or email. In offline mode, you can send a hard copy of the invoice to your customers. It is important to note that you must review the invoice once before dispatching it to the customer.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Courier?
Why Should Courier Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Why Should Courier Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Professional-looking courier invoices have played a key role in achieving business success. Here's how.

Enhance Credibility

Courier businesses make the most of professional invoices to develop a polished image for their clients. It fosters healthy customer relationships that ultimately lead to better credibility.

Increased Cash Flows

Well-designed invoices can improve cash flow as they capture client's attention quickly and allow them to pay the due amount via their preferred payment mode.

Time savings

Since you don't require pen and paper to create a courier invoice from scratch, you can invest adequate time in developing business strategies. Paperless invoices can be created in a minute.

Generate Courier Invoice in a Matter of Minutes

Never let your business take a hit due to late invoices. Create online courier invoices quickly and get paid 2x faster.

Start Generating Invoices

Invoice Tips for Courier Business Owners

Here are some tips for courier business owners to take care of while creating fresh invoices.

Choose Courier Invoice Templates

Always use an invoice template before you start generating invoices for courier deliveries. It makes sure you don’t forget to fill in the necessary information no matter how hurried you are.

Clearly Mention Due Date

Ensure your clients do not take longer than usual to check the due amount and due date in a professional invoice. It should be highlighted so that they can quickly process the payment.

Different Payment Options

When it comes to sending online courier invoices, you must allow customers to transfer money via different payment methods. You can ask them to pay online instead of handing over cash.

Avoid Longer Payment Terms

Since many customers find it difficult to read long paragraphs, it is better to keep the payment terms short and easily understandable. It can reduce the number of unpaid invoices.

Ensure Correct Amount

Whether you generate a hand-made invoice or an online invoice copy, you must enter the correct amount. With online invoices, there won't be errors as it automatically calculates the total amount.

Updated Contact Details

Double-check if contact details are up-to-date to allow customers to reach you quickly in case they are not satisfied with invoice details. It helps you receive payment without any interruption.

What Should Be Included in a Courier Invoice?

Make sure you add the below-mentioned details whenever you create a courier invoice from scratch.

Invoice Details

Insert basic invoicing details such as invoice number, currency, due date, and issue date.

Business Information

Type your courier business name, full address, email, and business logo along with a delivery person's name and mobile number.

Client's Details

Include basic details like the client's full name, delivery address, city, and phone number in the courier invoice.

Service Charges

Add service cost incurred for providing courier delivery to your clients. You can even add a brief description.

Payment Terms

Highlight payment terms & conditions in bold to avoid last-minute disputes with your clients.

Issuer Signature

Authorize an invoice by putting your signature or stamp once the invoice is generated.

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Courier Clients?

Courier invoices can be sent to customers as soon as they place an order. Some courier businesses also share the final invoice at the time of order delivery. In special cases, customers may ask you to share an invoice for delivery services hours before the actual delivery so that they can pay via an online payment link.

In this scenario, you can quickly create an invoice using a suitable template and send it to your client. If you have loyal clients, consider offering them the option to avail of a monthly billing process, through which you can send invoices periodically. Notably, the timing for issuing a courier invoice can also vary depending on the type of courier job..

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Courier Clients?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up to download the courier invoice?

Yes, you need to log in or sign up to select the best courier invoice template completely free from Moon Invoice. It helps us keep you posted regarding new updates on the software. You can download the template on your device and start generating invoices in no time.

Is the courier invoice template available in a different format?

Yes, we offer courier invoice templates in different formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, Google Docs, or PDF. You can access any format of your choice and download it on your smartphone or tablet to create fresh invoices in a jiffy.

What is the purpose of a courier invoice?

Courier invoices are sent to bill the clients for offered services like on-demand courier delivery or scheduled delivery. This formal document serves as proof that clients have the due amount, which needs to be paid at the earliest. Courier invoices can be stored in business transaction records to be eligible for tax refunds.

What are the different invoice types for couriers?

When generating a courier invoice, you can select the best courier type based on the service offered. Here is a list of different types of invoices for the courier business.

  • Standard Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Credit Invoice
  • Mixed Invoice
  • Debit Invoice