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Handyman Invoice Template

Handyman always impresses the client with all the skills and versatility at work, including painting, installing, repairing, servicing, and building. Likewise, we are here to impress you with our quick invoice template.

Start invoicing in a matter of minutes for your different handyman services. Draft each invoice template separately or in a single line item using our printable handyman invoice templates for FREE.

Rental Invoice Template

Download a Handyman Invoice Templates for Free

Are you running a Handyman Company? We have covered all the Handyman services for our invoice templates. Check the one that suits the best for your services and download it.

Free Handyman Invoice Template
Free Handyman Invoice Template

Get the readymade free handyman invoice template options in 66+ themes to draft a perfect invoice mentioning all the handyman services provided to the client. Download the free invoice template and start customizing it per your business services.

Painting Invoice
Painting Invoice

Do you wish to draft a handyman invoice mentioning the painting services you offered to a client? Get our handyman invoice template for free and start customizing it per your business requirements. Get it in MS Word, Excel, Google Sheets, & PDF.

Home-repair Invoice
Home-repair Invoice

Are you searching for the right invoice template to mention the home repairs you performed for a client's residence or corporate place? Well, we have got you covered with 66+ different free Handyman invoice template options. Start customizing and sharing.

Corporate Handyman Services
Corporate Handyman Services

Download the handyman invoice template for drafting a corporate handyman invoice stating all the descriptions of the services performed at the commercial site. Get the invoice templates in PDF, Google Docs, MS Word, and Excel format.

Installation Invoice
Installation Invoice

Get the best invoice template for drafting an invoice for installation services. Our readymade invoices have the best format that helps draft quick yet professional invoices for your handyman business or service.

Rush Handyman Services
Rush Handyman Services

Rush hour or emergency services are charged higher than regular handyman services. Hence it is important to design a perfect invoice for the highly levied services. Download the free handyman invoice template in the format that suits your requirement.

Design Professional Invoices for Your Handyman Business Services

Moon Invoice lets you design professional-looking invoices with all the primary invoicing essentials, including payment terms and due date.

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How to Create a
Handyman Invoice?

To create a handyman invoice, follow these steps.

  1. Download any of the relevant handyman invoice template options shared above.
  2. Open the invoice template and start filling out the invoice details.
  3. Focus on the business details, such as the name, business logo, and address.
  4. Mention the correct customer information, such as the customer name, address, contact details, email address, and phone number.
  5. Add all the invoice essentials, including the unique invoice number, invoice date, payment due-date, invoice issued currency, and type.
  6. Add all the line item details such as the handyman services information, price or fees of the services, tax and discount details, and total amount.
  7. Fill out the additional invoice details, such as the payment terms or business notes.
  8. Save all the details.
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

What is a Handyman Invoice Used For?

Handyman services are related to installation, painting, and repair. Be it a commercial complex or a residential plot, everyone requires handyman services to keep their basic appliances functioning. Using the handyman invoice template designs that we have on board, it is easy for the handyman experts to generate a final invoice right after the job work.

A Handyman invoice demands payments for the quick and efficient service for fixing, repairing, or installing at the client's residential or commercial place. A handyman invoice is used as proof of service or job work- and the recipient is liable to pay for the services.

To best use, the invoice templates designed by Moon Invoice, the handyman service owners must include the payment link in the invoice to get quick payments. Also, our online invoicing software allows users to add invoice attachments, leaving no room for any confusion about the services provided.

Various Types of Handyman Invoice

Handyman services include many services such as painting, installation, repair, rush services, etc. Moon Invoice helps handyman business owners download different types of handyman invoices in a matter of minutes.

So, be it any business or service, we are here to help you provide various handyman invoices. Let us explore the types.

  • Plumbing Invoice
  • Locksmith Invoice
  • Painting Invoice
  • Installation Invoice
  • HVAC Invoice
  • Emergency Services Invoice
  • Labor Invoice
  • Repair Invoice
  • Home inspector’s Invoice
  • Power Washing Invoice

Design Different Types of Handyman Invoices in Minutes

Our online invoicing software offers 66+ readymade invoice templates that help draft different types of handyman invoices in minutes.

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Free Handyman Invoice Template vs Invoicing Software

For a better idea, let us compare the free invoice template and professional invoicing software.

Features Free Invoice Templates Moon Invoice
Downloadable Invoice Template Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Invoice Tracking Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Adding Business Signature to Invoices Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Adding Attachments to Invoices Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Send Invoice Via WhatsApp or Email Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
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Invoicing Tips for Handyman Services

Handyman services include different types of services, as mentioned above. For each type of service, a customized invoice must be drafted perfectly to get paid on time. Here are some of the essential invoicing tips for handyman services.

Draft a Professional Invoice
Draft a Professional Invoice

The invoice sent from your end must be professional. It should include all the invoicing essentials and relevant business information.

Mention Payment Terms
Mention Payment Terms

Payment terms help the client or the customer in getting a clear understanding of your business's payment information, including the last date of payment.

Invoice at the Right Time
Invoice at the Right Time

An invoice sent at the right time helps to get paid promptly. Handyman businesses primarily serve rush services and must use a digital invoice generator.

Accept Payments Online
Accept Payments Online

Invoicing apps like Moon Invoice allow users to accept payments from various payment gateways, guaranteeing payment on time.

Request Signature
Request Signature

Requesting a signature from the clients on invoices helps you to get certain about the receipt of an invoice from the client's end.

Handyman Services Must Focus on the Right Invoicing Tips!

Invoicing using the right tools and tips is the key to getting paid faster.

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How Does Moon Invoice
Help Generate Fast
Handyman Invoices?

Moon Invoice, the online invoicing software, is a fully-functional invoicing solution that helps handyman services draft different types of invoices for their exclusive services in minutes. The invoicing software helps with 10+ business sales modules that simplify financial management!

Moon Invoice because:

  • It helps with unlimited invoicing and estimates.
  • Draft unlimited purchase orders and credit notes.
  • Get 15+ business reports to analyze the financial stability of the business.
  • Manage projects and outstanding payments right from the dashboard.
  • Work offline, work from anywhere, anytime!
  • 10+ accepted payment methods; also add custom payment methods for accepting payments.
  • Add or request a signature on invoices.
  • Send invoices via WhatsApp and Email.
  • Print invoices with a single click.
  • Track time for hourly projects or services. Get timesheets and convert them to invoices.
  • Accept advance payments and add them to invoices.
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a handyman invoice include?

A handyman invoice must include the various invoice essentials such as the business name and details, customer name and details, invoice details, line items, and payment information.

What is the difference between a handyman bill and an invoice?

A bill states the total amount with a description of the services, whereas an invoice states all the information in line items, and the total amount is mentioned with a demand for payment. Bills are often viewed and forwarded, but invoices are sent to the concerned department to get paid on time.

When should your client pay their handyman invoice?

Handyman invoices must get paid on time from the client's end. Handyman services are offered as rush services. Hence it must get paid on time as a token of appreciation for managing the services.