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Simple Invoice Template

Have you always been looking for a perfect way to design easy invoices using a basic invoice template?

Stop searching now! Here is a key to designing free simple invoices.

Simple Invoice Template

Download Free Simple Invoice Templates

Does your business involve creating easy invoices that can be perfectly designed without any extra effort or formatting nightmares? We help your business get the best method for generating simple invoices using our free, readymade invoice templates.

Simple Business Invoice
Simple Business Invoice

To generate a simple business invoice in Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF- we allow our users with a readymade simple invoice-free template.

Simple Job Order
Simple Job Order

Customize, and download the simple job order for any business or service site by downloading easy invoice templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF.

Simple Bill
Simple Bill

Create invoices or bills for your clients and customers using our simple invoice form for free. Download these bill templates in Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF.

How to Make a Simple Invoice?

Well, making simple invoices is as easy as it says. Moon Invoice helps you generate different types of simple invoices for your business in less than a minute. Here is the exact method for generating a simple invoice using our basic invoice templates for free.

  1. Mention customer or client details, including name, address, and contact number.
  2. Add a simple invoice number and date.
  3. Describe the breakdown of services or products you wish to disclose in the invoice details.
  4. Mention the quantity, discount, and tax details correctly to get the perfect total amount details.
  5. Add payment terms or business terms.
  6. Add bank details or payment links to get paid faster.
Simple Invoice Template

Do You Want to Create Easy Invoices?

Generating simple invoices is easy and quick with the help of Moon Invoice. We offer readymade basic invoice templates to make invoices without any effort.

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How to Fill Out a Simple Invoice Template for Work?

Filling out a simple invoice template refers to customizing basic invoice templates with the right business and customer details.

So, wondering how to do that?

Well, it's simple with Moon Invoice.

Choose the invoice template free that you wish to fill out for sending it further to the client or customer. We have shared a few options above for generating easy invoices. So, please select from the free simple invoices type, and let’s start filling out the details.

  1. Download Simple Invoice Template FREE.
  2. Start customizing the easy invoice template by filling in the right invoice details.
  3. Add invoice details such as invoice date and number.
  4. Mention the payment due date.
  5. Enter business information, including the business name, contact person, address, contact number, and currency for the transaction.
  6. Enter product details, if any, including the product quantity, rate per quantity, discount, and tax.
  7. Enter service or task details, if any, including the service description, service rate, discount, and tax.
  8. Click on the '+' icon in the description column to add more products and services to the list.
  9. Get the auto-fill total cost or amount using our free invoice template.
  10. Add terms and conditions. (Payment or business terms)
  11. Add payment link for direct payment request. It helps to get paid faster

How to Send Simple Invoices to Clients?

Sending an invoice to clients requires an ideally generated computer or digital invoice. Once a professional invoice is generated, it is time to send an invoice to the client or customer for getting payment.

To send an invoice, follow these steps

  1. Log on to our online invoicing software, Moon Invoice
  2. Complete the basic formalities for utilizing the app features.
  3. Create the company for generating an invoice.
  4. Click on the Sales Module > Invoice
  5. Create professional invoices from readymade templates.
  6. Fill out the details and click on 'Save.'
  7. Open the saved invoice, and click on the share icon.
  8. Send invoice via Mail
  9. Download invoices on your device or print them directly

Small business owners, freelancers, and contractors generally need to design quick, simple invoices, for which using basic invoice templates is a smart idea. Sending invoices using our smart invoicing software is both quick and convenient.

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Send simple invoices to your clients with a single click!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A simple invoice is also a standard invoice generated using a computer or any other digital device. It is mostly created and issued by small business owners and freelancers to get payments on time.

Yes, Moon Invoice online invoicing software offers basic invoice templates that are quick to download in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF.

Users can download our online invoicing software to create a general invoice in less than a minute. We help to generate unlimited invoices using invoice templates for free. So, do not wait- make your simple invoice using our invoicing application.

After downloading and installing our invoice generation software, you can send a single invoice to multiple contacts.

The essential fields for filling up free simple invoices online are company details, invoice date, number, invoice breakdown, and payment terms.

Different types of invoices are sent at different times. Simple invoices can be generated as soon as the service is delivered. So, it is okay to send an invoice to a client right after the service.