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Contractor Invoice Template

We know that contractor invoicing differs from standard invoices. Hence, we have brought you specific contract invoice templates to keep your jobs going smoothly. Make your ongoing contractor jobs easy to track and invoice; we have free contractor invoice templates designed for you.

Generate contractor invoices in Excel, Word, PDF, or Google Docs and send them to your clients. Get paid for the contractor's job done by issuing timely and accurate invoices.

Contractor Invoice Template

Download Free Contractor Invoice Templates

As an independent or general contractor, you must have a unique invoice layout that details your contractor's business elements.
Download a free contractor invoice template in various formats.

General Contractor Invoice Template
General Contractor Invoice Template

Construction companies often have to issue a general contractor invoice for hiring subcontractors, managing contractor schedules, and ensuring project timesheets. We help you design accurate general contractor invoices by downloading our PDF, Word, Excel, and Google Sheets invoice formats

Independent Contractor Invoice Template
Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Freelancer contractors can download an independent invoice template to generate a project-based invoice. Download our templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Sheets to issue an invoice on time. Customize the invoice with your contractor's business details and send it across.

Masonry Contractor Invoice Template
Masonry Contractor Invoice Template

Contractors dealing with the building or repairing walls, chimneys, sidewalks, and bricks must download our Masonry invoice template to issue a perfect-looking Masonry invoice. Download any relevant formats that best suit your skillset and start customizing it as per the job work details.

Roofing Contractor Invoice Template
Roofing Contractor Invoice Template

Does your business involve only installing, repairing, or maintaining the roofs of residential or commercial buildings? We have got you covered with our roofing contractor invoice templates that are easy to customize and send to your clients, mentioning all the roofing work details.

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template
Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

Our contractor invoice template helps your plumbing business to draft perfect-looking invoices mentioning the installation, repair, and maintenance of the plumbing work, including the pipes, fixtures, or water body systems of the commercial or residential buildings. Download the templates and start customizing them!

Electrical Contractor Invoice Template
Electrical Contractor Invoice Template

Licensed electrical contractors can now issue a professional electrical invoice to their clients mentioning installing or repairing the electrical items installed at the client's residential or commercial place. Electricians can mention their labor and product details separately using our electrical invoice template, from wiring to the final fittings.

Manage Your Contractor Payments with Moon Invoice

We help you design specific contractor invoices that help you get paid faster.

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How to Create a
Contractor Invoice Online?

By following these steps, generate a professional invoice as an independent or general contractor.

  1. Download any of the contractor invoice template formats suggested above.
  2. Start customizing the contractor invoice template by adding the important details of the invoice, such as invoice date and number, due date, and currency.
  3. Add customer or client details, including the customer's address, contact details, and phone number.
  4. Add your contractor's business details, including the business logo, company name, and address.
  5. Add line items mentioning the type of contractor invoice with labor and product details. Enter the unit price, tax details, discount, and total amount.
  6. Add payment terms and accepted payment gateways.
  7. Add extra notes to highlight them for the customer before paying the invoice.
  8. Save the invoice on your device or system. Send it across and start getting paid.
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

What Items to be Included in a Contractor Invoice?

A contractor invoice needs all the precise contractor business information for generating professional invoices on behalf of your firm.

Focus on the Invoice Basics

The invoice's basic information includes the invoice number, date, currency, and theme. If you are a contractor, you must mention these details as per your contractor's books of accounts to give it a genuine and easy reference to the ongoing invoice series.

Enter Correct Business Information

Your business needs to be defined correctly to help the client or customer understand your business name and location as well. Enter the company logo to give a branding idea about your agency or brand, including the correct address and contact details.

Write Client Information in Detail

Mentioning the customer or client is essential in an invoice to make it look professional. Enter customer or client information such as the name, address, and phone number. Also, click on the recurring invoice tab if the client is recurring.

Highlight the Line Details

Line details of a contractor's billing invoice include items such as the description of the contract or service, with hours or quantity, rate or cost, total service or labor or product cost, taxes, discount, and total invoice cost.

Add Payment Terms/Labor Terms

Payment terms include the last date of the payment, which we know as the payment due date, and the customer's payment information, such as the installments or final payment, including the payment link and late fees/charges.

Verify the Contractor Invoice

Adding a signature is essential to verify the invoice. A business signature indicates that the contractor invoice is verified from the sender's end with all the details included in the invoice by their accounts department.

Draft Professional Invoices in 60 Seconds!

Create contractor invoices with all the professional details using our readymade contractor invoice templates.

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Different Types of Contractors

Different types of independent and general contractors can leverage the benefit of our readymade contractor invoice templates to generate
professional-looking invoices in less than a minute.

  • General Contractors
  • Installation Contractors
  • Independent Contractors
  • Plaster Contractors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Flooring Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Painting Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Home Interior Contractors
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Painting Contractors

Best Invoicing Tips for Contractors

Drafting a contractor invoice for the first time? Or your earlier contractor invoices didn't get you paid on time?
Here are some expert contractor invoicing tips to help you get paid faster.

Draft a Detailed Invoice
Draft a Detailed Invoice

Whether you have downloaded a free contractor invoice template or use contractor invoicing software, your invoice must be detailed to avoid further confusion. A detailed invoice includes all the business and client's contact details, job details, and amount.

Add Direct Pay Link
Enter Accurate Details

Accuracy is the key to keeping your business's impression right in front of the clients. Drafting an accurate invoice always helps to get paid as the client knows about the accuracy maintained in the invoice, and it helps eliminate the time to cross-check the details.

Highlight Total Cost
Attach TimeLog Reports

Contractors generally have time-based projects or jobs that need to be defined correctly in an invoice, for which attaching a time log report is necessary. Online invoice generators like Moon Invoice help record time logs for each contractor project.

Mention Payment Terms
Mention Payment Terms

Adding the payment terms helps the client to know about the payment procedure and contractors' rules for seamless and easy payments. Payment terms also help the clients to get acknowledgment on the payment due date to pay the invoice on time.

Add Direct Pay Link
Add Direct Pay Link

Adding direct pay links to invoices helps the client pay by clicking on the time, eliminating the time to enter the contractor details for initiating the payment. Also, it makes the payment turnaround time quicker as the client just needs to click and pay!

Highlight Total Cost
Highlight Total Cost

Highlighting the total invoice amount shall help to capture the client's attention quickly. It informs the client of the total invoice amount on the first instance and helps the contractor pay their invoice on time.

Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice

Are you confused about whether a contractor invoice template or a contractor invoicing software is the right choice for your small businesses? Here is the answer.

Set of Functions Contractor Invoice Template Moon Invoice
Free Invoice Template Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
Automatic Payment Alerts Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
Invoice Tracking Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
Generating Time Logs Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
Send Invoice via WhatsApp Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
Customer/Vendor Management Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice Free Invoice Templates Vs. Moon Invoice
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Right Time to Issue a Contractor Invoice?

The right time to issue an invoice as a contractor is after the job is completed. Draft an itemized list invoice ideally mentioning the labor costs, unit price details, total amount, and payment terms to get it paid faster.

Is Moon Invoice a Free Contractor Invoice Software?

Our contractor invoice software offers a seven-day free trial to experience unlimited invoicing. Download independent contractor invoice template PDFs, general contractor invoice template PDFs, send invoices directly via WhatsApp or Email, generate time logs of laborers, and much more with Moon Invoice.

Can Moon Invoice Help Design Custom Invoice Number Series?

We help design custom series for each client, mentioning the unique invoice number.

Do Contractor Adds Labor Hours to Invoices?

After you create plumbing invoices, you can send receipts as well. After designing final invoices using the plumbing invoice templates, you can also generate sales receipts for the same using our online invoicing solution.

What are the Different Formats Available to Draft Contractor Invoices?

For drafting a contractor or construction invoice, we help with formats such as Google Doc, PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel. Downloading any of these templates shall help make your invoicing process smooth.