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Key Reasons for Downloading Contractor Invoice Templates

Our contractor invoice software helps businesses with the following benefits.

Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice Project Timesheets
Moon Invoice Business Invoices
Moon Invoice Client Statements
Moon Invoice Add Team Members
Moon Invoice Quick Business Proposals
Moon Invoice Financial Reports

Are You Looking to Download Invoice Templates for Contractors?

Why Moon Invoice?

Our invoicing app offers the below modules that help contractors with improved productivity.

Quick Billing Feature

Our contractor invoice template app helps different industry contractors design bills quickly and accurately. We offer 66+ predefined PDF templates ready for customization to convert into a perfect bill. Hence, billing becomes super quick!

Project Time-Tracking

Contractors work on hourly-based jobs, for which a time-tracking app does wonders for recording logs and issuing timesheets for the same. Our online invoicing app offers a time-tracking feature to record project timings, further converted into invoices.

Converting Estimates

One of the ultimate goals of the contractor is to send accurate price bids for winning the contractor deal. Our estimate maker app allows contractors to send unlimited professional estimates for acquiring the deal. Also, estimates are converted to invoices on the go!

Printing Bills For Clients

Only creating invoices using the independent contractor invoice template isn’t enough! There is a regular need for the contractors to send a hard copy of the invoice, for which having online invoicing software is a must. We offer printing quick contractor bills!

Getting Client Statements

A contractor has to deal with different clients for the entire year. It is not easy to have an oral record of each client, for which our invoicing app helps with a client management feature that helps download client-wise statements to understand them better.

Managing Activities

Contractors can check the activity logs of invoices, estimates, proforma invoices, credit notes, and purchase orders to know all the recent activities that different users have carried out. The dashboard also helps know all recent activities on the go!

Profit & Loss Statements

Contractors must know the profit and loss figures for operating their business further, for which our online invoicing software helps download different business reports, including profit and loss statements. It helps to know the financial stability of the business.

Payment Security

Payment security is quite important for contractors while asking for payments from the clients. Using our independent contractor invoice template, the contractors can securely customize invoices with the pay now button for demanding quick payments.

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Moon Invoice, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks are the best apps offering independent contractor invoice templates with time-tracking features.

There are different contractor invoices, including standard invoices, business invoices, timesheets, credit notes, proforma, interim, and final invoices.

Moon Invoice is an online invoicing software offering 66+ predefined PDF templates for generating quick contractor invoices. We have a unique contractor invoice example to help you customize into final invoices.

It is important to generate a timesheet for downloading contractor timesheets by converting the time logs into invoices.

  1. First, the user needs to record time logs using the time tracking feature. Later, click on invoices and click on create an invoice.
  2. Users will get an option to convert time logs into invoices. This is exactly how timesheets are prepared.
  3. Later, the timesheets can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon.

Moon Invoice app offers invoices in different formats such as PDF as download, email, and direct print preview. For downloading the contractor invoice example as PDF, the user needs to click on the download button on the top of the invoice.

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