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Dental Invoice Template

Are invoicing or billing delaying your dental practice tasks? How about downloading our readymade dentist invoice templates that help with accurate invoicing? Simplify your billing process by using our 66+ PDF invoice templates.

Dental Invoice Template

Download the Free Dental Invoice Template Online

Do you want the perfect dentist invoice sample to issue accurate invoices to your dental patients? Well, we have precise dental invoice templates that are 100% customizable.

Standard Dental Invoice
Standard Dental Invoice

A standard dental invoice template helps generate standardized dental invoices for your regular dental patients. It has the details regarding the dental check-up fees or any treatment the patient has undergone, mentioning the total fees.

Orthodontic Invoice
Orthodontic Invoice

We have an exclusive orthodontic invoice template for your patients undergoing an orthodontic treatment that helps generate quick orthodontic invoices. Download the template in MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.

Dental Treatment Invoice
Dental Treatment Invoice

For patients who are undergoing long-term dental treatments, we have got you covered with the dental treatment templates that help generate dental treatment invoices in minutes. Issue the invoices with the custom number series.

Generate Dental Invoices in 60 Seconds

Try our readymade dental invoice templates for generating accurate yet professional-looking invoices in minutes.

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What is the Use of a Dentist Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Dentist Invoice Template?

A dental invoice template helps generate final dental invoices with less effort and time. Here are the reasons for choosing readymade invoice templates for your dental studio.

Maintains Efficiency & Accuracy

Generate invoices using readymade templates, which helps maintain unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Using invoice templates provides automatic calculations along with professional formatting that helps maintain consistent accuracy and professionalism.

Looks Highly Professional

Using invoice templates helps generate professional-looking invoices. Moon Invoice offers highly professional dental invoice samples that create perfect invoices in minutes. Hence, using invoice templates enhances overall professionalism.

Saves Time & Efforts

Using a readymade dental invoice template helps save both time and effort for the accountant or the dental clinic owner. Readymade templates generate invoices more accurately and quickly, as the format is already ready & easy to customize.

How Do You Create or Fill a Paid
Dental Invoice?

Using Moon Invoice's readymade dentist invoice template forms, it takes just a minute to fill or create dentist invoices.

  1. Log in to Moon Invoice to start generating professional dental invoices or
  2. Download the free dental invoice template online.
  3. Start filling out the basic details of the invoice, such as the invoice number, currency type, and invoice date.
  4. Mention the dental studio name and logo, followed by contact details.
  5. Add client details such as the patient's name, email ID, address, and phone number.
  6. Add the line items to the invoice mentioning the dental treatment or check-up fees, discounts, applicable taxes, and total amount.
  7. Add payment terms to the invoice to get your invoice clear on time.
  8. Authenticate your invoice by adding a signature.
How Do You Create or Fill a Paid Dental Invoice?

Why Should Dentists Send Professional Invoices?

Doctors or dentists need to issue professional invoices for the following reasons:

Maintaining Patient Records

While offering dental services, it becomes crucial to record the patient data for treatment and taxation purposes. Sending professional dentist invoices will help you maintain accurate patient data in the invoicing app, helping with easy tax compliance.

Easy Tax Compliance

Taxation and audit are essential financial aspects for any profession. Sending professional invoices helps upgrade your brand image and also helps with easy tax compliance, thereby helping your dental studio handle the tax season smoothly.

Getting Rightly Paid

Sending professional dentist invoices is the best way to demand treatment fees from your patients. Also, patients need to file for health insurance compensation or dental insurance claims for which they require an original copy of the invoice from your dental studio.

Send Instant Dental Treatment Invoices Online

Moon Invoice helps you issue professional dental cleaning invoices in minutes.

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Dental Services: Best Invoice Tips

It is essential to issue an invoice to your patients as it helps them with dental insurance claims or for filing health insurance claims. Here are some exclusive invoicing tips for professional dentists like you.

  • Keep your invoice accurately labeled with the date and invoice number
  • Use a dentist invoice template to generate accurate paid dental invoices.
  • The invoice must be descriptive, mentioning the type of dental treatment, check-up, and use of any dental implants during the treatment.
  • Itemize your invoice for the childcare or babysitting services, mentioning taxes, discounts, and daycare fees.
  • Highlight the total payment due.
  • Sign the invoice for authorization.
  • Check with the patient's health insurance company and tally the invoicing elements as per their requirements.
  • Add payment terms for your dental services.
  • Offer multiple payment methods to get your invoice clear on time.
  • For patients you offer treatment at home, issue a digital invoice and send it on WhatsApp to get quick payments.
Invoicing Tips for Daycare Businesses

What Should be Included in a Dental Invoice?

A dentist invoice must include the following essential elements:

Invoice Details

Mention the correct invoice date, number, and currency.

Business Details

Add the business logo, name, and address.

Patient Details

Add the patient's name, address, and contact number.

Treatment Details

Add the dental service or treatment details, including the fees, taxes, discounts, and total amount.

Payment Details

Add payment terms with the due amount in the highlighted section.


Authorize the invoice by adding a signature at the bottom of the invoice.

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to your Dental Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to your Dental Clients?

The best time to send a dentist invoice is after the treatment. In many cases, where the patient has to come for the treatment in different sessions, it is best to divide the payment as per each session and invoice right after the particular session. In the doctor-patient relationship, there is never advance invoicing except in cases where you must book the operation theater for a major treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make a Dental Invoice?

Download a dental invoice template online and start customizing the details with your dental services information to generate an accurate dental invoice.

What is the Meaning of Dental Billing?

A dental billing refers to an invoice that states the dental services description and the fees for the same. It also helps with dental insurance claims work or compensation.

Is Dental Billing Difficult?

It is easy to issue dental bills if you have the right dental invoice template or software.

Are there any Legal Requirements I Should be Aware of When Creating a Dental Invoice?

Nothing as such. But yes, when you are running a dental clinic, your invoice must mention all the information regarding your dental clinic, patients, dental services offered, and fees.