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Notary Invoice Template

Being a professional notary you have a big responsibility as a witness when crucial legal documents are signed. Creating a notary invoice for your notary profession can be tough. Fortunately, Moon Invoice is here to simplify this task for you. Replace your traditional method with a new and advanced approach. It's a perfect platform to explore various types of notary invoice templates in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, and Google Docs.

Notary Invoice Template

Download The Free Notary Invoice Template

Upgrade your notary services with us by using the perfect notary invoice template for your needs. Utilize the best templates available by justifying the format, color and layout. 

Blank Commercial
Blank Commercial

Easily create blank documents that need notarization. We cater templates for all types of commercial agreements or legal documents. Generate a legal document easily.

Notary Public
Notary Public

Create a bill with our free notary invoice template for your client for any kind of notary service like witnessing sign or certifying copies. Certify the important documents effortlessly with a few clicks. 

Retainer Fees
Retainer Fees

Download the free notary invoice template for you. It can be modified anytime and easily sent to your clients for regular revenue flow. Highly useful for long-term contracts.

Oaths and Affirmation
Oaths and Affirmation

There is a need to legalize the oath and affirmation in some cases. This gives a positive impact on their professional and personal lives. Our template makes it possible to accomplish this task on time.

Copy Certification
Copy Certification

It is crucial for you to authorize the copy of the certification efficiently and accurately. Don't miss a single payment with our notary invoice template. Your skills deserve to get an on-time payment.


Your role as a notary professional is crucial in an affidavit process because you guide people. Gain true payment for your services with our professional notary invoice template.

Simplify Your Transaction and Empower Your Notary Solutions

Discover numerous invoice templates to keep your notary service on the right track. Simplify your payment process with ready to use templates at Moon Invoice.

What Is the Use of a Notary Invoice Template?

What Is the Use of a Notary Invoice Template?

Are you all about sending your professional invoice? Have a look at the crucial tips that make your invoice perfect.

  • Notary invoice templates allow professionals to well organize their services along with travel costs and other expenses.
  • It is easy to keep records and payment tracking along with outstanding balances and client information.
  • A notary invoice template helps generate invoices in less time and effort.
  • It is easy to create a professional invoice with a notary invoice template.
  • The notary invoice template simplifies the tracking of payment along with capital and tax management.
  • There is a well-organized format of structure for every detail like client information, date, payment status, and charges.
  • Establishing transparent communication between professionals and clients.

How To Create or Fill In an Invoice For a Notary?

Follow the below steps for a notary invoice generation.

  1. Firstly, log in to Moon Invoice with your login credentials.
  2. Find and choose the right template for your needs.
  3. Fill in the details like the invoice number, date, and currency.
  4. Add your business details like your company name, logo and contact details.
  5. Add client details like the customer name, email ID, and phone number.
  6. Include a description of the service you provide.
  7. Highlight the total amount so that the client can pay attention.
  8. Click the Save button and the invoice is ready to dispatch
  9. Send the invoice to your client through email or WhatsApp or send the hard copy to the client's address.
How To Create or Fill In an Invoice For a Notary?

Why Should Notary Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Notary professionals always provide essential services to the public. So, the invoice should also be great enough to gain attention. The invoice
should be with a professional outlook and with all the crucial details. Also, it is easy for your clients to understand and prevent perplexing. A
professional invoice presents your image on the market.

Legal Compliance

Professional invoices always assist you and ensure you follow the legal requirements for every billing task. Often there are legal documentations involved in notary services.

Build Reliability

Professional looking invoice helps to build a business reputation while increasing credibility. Clients always prefer a notary who abides by professional standards.

Payment Understability

A professional invoice is always helpful for clients to understand payment details. They get a clear picture of the charges for each service and the way of payment.


Professional invoices always adhere to high efficiency standards. They are always helpful to efficiently manage clients' accounts.

Brand Reputation

An invoice with a professional outline is helpful in building your brand reputation. It also individualizes your business from your competitors.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients like receiving an invoice with clear and accurate data. With a professional invoice, notary business owners can enhance the customer experience.

Avail the Professional and Efficiency in Your Notary Service

Experience the ultimate invoicing process with Moon Invoice. Give fuel to your notary business with seamless invoicing.

Invoice Tips For Notary Business Owners

Invoice Tips For Notary Business Owners

Payment Instruction Details

The payment details should be in clear form on the notary invoice. The invoice should have an acceptable payment method.

Add Item Description

The free invoice template should have the important points in the description section. Adding details keeps confusion away and enables customers to have a clear idea of the service.

Create Concise Invoice

It is crucial to add details to the invoice like invoice number and date. Also, your business details and client details are other important information.

Payment Acceptance Information

The notary invoice templates should include the understandable payment instructions for your client. You must mention the mode of payment acceptance.

Add Personalized Note

Writing a thank you note is a simple step you can take to leave the lasting impression. This also plays a significant role in retaining your clients by leaving a great impression.

Additional Expenses

If there are any other additional services in your business that lead to additional charges then you should mention them in the invoice. Everything should be in detailed structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make an Invoice for Notary Services?

To write or create any retainer invoice, you must include the following details

  • Log in to Moon Invoice
  • Search and download a free invoice template
  • Fill in the details and review the same to avoid error
  • Save to create an invoice
  • Send the invoice to clients by email or WhatsApp

Do Invoices Need to be Notarized?

Yes, invoices should be notarized.

What Is a Good Message to Put on an Invoice?

Invoices should have a clear description and information. Professionals can put a thank you message to show their gratitude. Any hazy language in the invoice can confuse your clients.

Can I send the Notary Invoices to My Clients Online?

You can send the notary invoices via email or WhatsApp.

Are There Any Legal Requirements for Notary Invoices?

Yes, there is a need for legal requirements for notary invoices. However, it varies depending on the jurisdiction. It is compulsory that invoices should comply with general business practices and accounting.