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Interior Design Invoice Template

Are you a professional interior designer looking for an interior design invoice template? Here, the search is over. Get plenty of designs that deserve your attention and requirements. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, our invoice template is for all. With the elegant design, you can effortlessly get a professional invoice for your business. Templates are available for MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, and Google Docs.

Interior Design Invoice Template

Download The Free Interior Design Invoice Template

Say goodbye to the traditional invoice-making method and switch to our invoice template for interior designers. It's easy, fast and accurate.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Interior design services need creativity, effort, and time to produce results. Why choose a hectic invoice-making method? Our invoice template assists you in building your professional invoice.

House Designing
House Designing

Promote your interior design profession to the next level with elegant invoice templates. These templates are carefully designed to capture your every design journey.

Room Designing
Room Designing

Get the seamless billing process with our interior design invoice template. Let your client understand every minute terms of the invoice with full clarity and transparency.

Private Residence Interior Design
Private Residence Interior Design

Working as a professional interior designer for residential projects? Choose our invoice to accelerate your billing process while saving time.

Remodeling and Renovation Fix
Remodeling and Renovation Fix

Showcase your remodeling and renovation fix work in your invoice. Our invoice is enough to create a clear picture of your billing and urge for faster payment.

Office Space Interior Design
Office Space Interior Design

The invoice from Moon Invoice supports your interior design business objectives effectively. Generate a professional invoice for the office interior design profession with just a few clicks and entries.

Design Your Dreams While Billing in Brilliance Way

Run a successful business with our app by following a smart approach. Send a professional invoice to your clients with automation and a robust accounting process.

What is the Use of an Interior Design Invoice Template?

What is the Use of an Interior Design Invoice Template?

The interior design invoice templates can assist business owners in making their payment management smooth. Our app enables professionals to avail the superior quality invoice process.


The interior design invoice template incorporates clarity in the billing process. Every minute details are represented clearly and concisely.


The invoice represents professionalism and helps in maintaining the decorum of your business. It offers a professional document of interior designers business.

Improve Financial Management

With our interior design invoice template, professionals can refine their capital management. The standard format makes it easy to organize and track the financial data. 


The ready-made templates save time and effort. Interior designers can customize their invoices as per their needs. Enter details, and the invoice is ready to use.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for an Interior Design?

The invoice format and design may vary from company to company. Every interior designer professional has different payment terms and services. However, the general way to fill an invoice is as follows.

  1. Your name or company name with contact number and address
  2. Your clients name with contact number and address
  3. Invoice date
  4. Description of the service and rate for the particular service
  5. Mention the number of hours if hourly rates are applicable
  6. Total amount of payment
  7. Mentioning the payment methods you accept

With a few efforts, you will be able to create professional invoices. It is crucial to fill in the correct data while mentioning all the details. Business professionals can send the invoice via email or take a hard copy to send it over to the postal address.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for an Interior Design?

Why Should Interior Design Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Interior designers have big brand clients like residential and commercial builders. Therefore, sending a professional invoice reflects the professional image of the interior designers. No matter what domain or business size the organization has. Professional invoices always help business owners to keep their reputations up to the mark.

Some of the reasons to opt for a professional invoice are as follows.

  • It makes better branding
  • It helps to stay organized well
  • It enhances clear communication with clients
  • It keeps the professional image of the business

Avail the Best Fusion of Your Design and Our Invoice

Our invoice templates are handy to use. Let's enable our invoice to speak and present every work you did to accomplish the project. Add invoice power to make your client happy.


Invoice Tips for Interior Design Business Owners

Generate invoices with our readymade templates with a professional outlook and zero errors. Our interior design invoice sample ensures to follow the same.

Contact Information

Complete contact information helps in building strong communication between either party. It enables your client to reach you at any time for any concern.

Professional Language

Integrating a professional language can upgrade your invoice quality. It is always good to include a professional tone in your invoice.

Payment Terms

Payment terms may vary depending on the company's norms. Interior design business owners need to define clear payment conditions.

Defining Services

It is ethical to define services like design development, consultant, or management. Mentioning a service reflects transparency and strong business bonds.

What Should be Included in an Interior Design Invoice?

The professional interior design invoices should include all the crucial details. The basic information and data are as follows:

Business information

The business information will be the section where you need to fill in your business details. It all includes the business name, contact number, address and company logo.

Client information

The client information section will have all the client's information. It includes name, contact information and address.

Invoice date

This will be the invoice issue date.

Due date

The due date will be the final date of payment made from the client side.


The description will be a detailed explanation of the service you provide. It will vary from company to company.

Payment methods

The payment method will show what method your company follows to accept the payment.


Companies need to define a clear tax description if any kind of tax is applicable in the service.

What Should be Included in an Interior Design Invoice?
What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Interior Design Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Interior Design Clients?

The best time to share your invoice with your client depends upon the business norms and nature of the project. Generally, invoices should be shared right after the project's completion. Sending an invoice before projects begin or too late after the service delivery can ruin your business reputation. As every organization has different norms so interior designers can also send the invoice after the completion of project milestones. It is fine to send an invoice during the business days while avoiding weekends and holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make an Interior Design Invoice?

To generate interior design invoice templates, you can refer to the Moon Invoice App or directly download our free templates.

How should I start an interior design business?

If you are curious to unlock the answer for how to initiate an interior design business, then follow the below steps.

Business plan: It includes business aims, targeting market, services, and estimate of investment.

Legal steps: Registering your business and getting an employer identification number and license to run the business.

Create your portfolio: Portfolios include all your past work or the projects in which you accomplished your goal.

Purchasing tools: Buy all the necessary tools that are useful in the interior design process.

Networking: Make connections with local networking groups to expand your reach and acquire a market position.

Set price: Make a complete price structure with a transparent approach.

How Do I Make an Invoice for Design Work?

For the design work, the flow will be the same as mentioned above. You can choose any invoice template as per your need. Fill out the entire information correctly with the payment terms. Include your business sign and the invoice is ready to use.

Is There a Template on Word for Invoice?

Yes, our interior design invoice template is available in Word.

How Often Should I Invoice My Clients for Interior Design Services?

You can send an invoice to your client after the interior design project is completed. However, invoice sending also depends on the payment terms of the particular project or the company.