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Jewelry Invoice Template

Are you in the jewelry profession and seeking an elegant invoicing solution? Moon Invoice introduces a jewelry invoice template to simplify your invoice-making procedure. Generate jewelry invoices instantly and send a professional invoice to your client. This will enhance your jewelry billing and accelerate payment. Our attractive invoice templates are available in MS Word, MS Excel, and Google Docs.

Jewelry Invoice Template

Download the Free Jewelry Invoice Template

Create a jewelry invoice rapidly while customizing the details as per your needs. Reinforce the billing operation of your jewelry business regardless of its size.

Jewelry Design
Jewelry Design

Are you working to craft jewelry from precious stones? Create a jewelry design invoice and share it with your clients easily to get on-time payment.

Retail Jewelry Store
Retail Jewelry Store

Don't put more effort into making invoices and focus more on your retail jewelry store work. Our jewelry invoice templates will help you slick up your billing process.

Custom Jewelry Design
Custom Jewelry Design

Download jewelry invoice templates and create an invoice for your jewelry business. Receive your payment on time using our ready-to-use templates.

Create a Different Billing Story with Moon Invoice

Minimize your invoicing process and maximize your earnings with our customizable invoice template.

What Purpose Does a Jewelry Invoice Template Serve?

What Purpose Does a Jewelry Invoice Template Serve?

A jewelry invoice template is useful for building multiple invoices in less time. It also helps in giving a professional look to the invoice, hence leaving an impression on the customer. An invoice template for jewelry businesses helps with easy record management and tracking.

Jewelry invoice templates ensure compliance with tax regulations because they include information like taxes, item price and official payment terms.

Moon Invoice offers highly customized invoice templates for jewelry businesses. These templates provide multiple currency options and various shipping methods. Avail high accuracy in the bill calculation while keeping the errors at bay.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for Jewelry?

Now let's take a journey through creating an invoice at Moon Invoice. From entering the details to including your signature, every step is here.

  1. Log in to Moon Invoice or download a free jewelry invoice template
  2. Include details like your business name, logo, address, invoice number and date.
  3. Fill in the client details like the client name, address and contact details
  4. Write the description of the service and products with quantity, rate and tax
  5. Mention the terms and conditions of your payment
  6. Include the authorized signature
  7. Now if you want to make it as a draft then click on save as draft
  8. If you wish to send it to the client then click save & send.

Once you generate an invoice for a jewelry business, you can then share it with your clients via WhatsApp or email. You can share the hard copy of the invoice to your client.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for Jewelry?
Why Should Jewelry Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Why Should Jewelry Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Jewelry business is a sophisticated profession and a game of gems and diamonds. A professional invoice is crucial in this scenario because it enables you to craft an invoice with an elegant look. Moreover, it also helps customers with a clear understanding of the billing.

A beautiful looking professional jewelry invoice also enhances the jeweler. It also helps prevent misunderstandings and mistakes during the billing process. Business owners can create invoices through a free invoice template.

Elevate Your Invoices with Gleaming Charm

Make a new and different story of your business with Moon Invoice. Create a jewelry invoice efficiently in 60 seconds.


Invoice Tips for Jewelry Business Owners

Here are some tips to follow while generating a jewelry business invoice. Always keep a note of these points while generating jewelry invoices.

Business Details

Correct business details like name, logo, address and contact details are mandatory to include in an invoice. These business details will be according to the particular company.

Customer Details

Customer details like name, address and contact information have to be included in the invoice. This information should be accurate with no mis-spelling and errors.


In the description section, there is a need to include details like what material to use, working hours and a labor fee. There should be high transparency in this information.

Payment Terms

Invoice should include terms and conditions in lucid language. Every company will have different payment terms. It helps to avoid confusion during transactions.


Include an authorized person's signature or the owner's signature on the invoice to make it authorized. Every invoice should include the owner's signature.


Reviewing the whole invoice once before sending is good practice. This helps in removing any kind of mistake at an early time and avoiding further problems.

What Details Should Be Included in a Jewelry Invoice?

What Details Should Be Included in a Jewelry Invoice?

The following details are necessary to include while filling out a jewelry repair invoice template.


Include your business logo in invoice if you have a mid to big jewelry business brand.

Invoice Number

Every invoice should have a unique invoice number. This helps in tracking an invoice easily.


List the types of jewelry products, materials used during the process, and working hours.

Charges & Tax

Mention the applicable charges and taxes in the invoice.

Thanks message

Adding a thanks message at the end of the invoice strengthens your client relationship.

What Is an Ideal Time to Send an Invoice to Your Jewelry Clients?

In the jewelry business, buyers need to pay at the time of purchasing a product. However, this is not the case for small orders of jewelry. There may be a requirement for partial payment in the large order case. 

So, the ideal time for sending a professional jewelry invoice depends upon the order size. However, you should send an invoice within the service period. It helps you to modify the invoice in case of changes.

What Is an Ideal Time to Send an Invoice to Your Jewelry Clients?

Download a Jewelry Invoice Template Free

Our jewelry invoice template assists to create an invoice effortlessly


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make an Invoice for Jewelry?

To make an invoice for jewelry, you need to follow the steps below

  • Download the free jewelry samples templates
  • Fill in the business details and customer details
  • Insert the invoice number and due date
  • Enter the labor cost and working hours
  • Mention tax and discount where applicable
  • Mention a signature of an authorized person

How to Make Bill of Gold Jewelry?

Follow the listed steps to make a bill of gold jewelry

  • Fill in the fields for the name of seller and buyer along with their contact information.
  • Include invoice number
  • Add the description of the jewelry along with the gold price, labor rate and taxes.
  • There should be a signature at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Mention the terms and conditions in the invoice.
  • Review the invoice and send

How to Create an Invoice to Receive Money?

You need to take measures on the below steps to create an invoice for receiving money.

  • Develop a professional invoice by downloading a customizable invoice template
  • Mention business and clients' information
  • Select an invoice numbering system
  • Mention the due date and billing date
  • Include discount and taxes
  • Mention the payment terms and other notes