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Key Reasons for Downloading Professional Invoice Templates

Self-employed professionals can utilize the free invoicing templates for personalizing & sending it across to the clients.

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Are You Looking to Download Professional Invoice Templates?

Why Moon Invoice?

Our online invoicing application offers a lot more than invoicing. Here are some reasons for choosing it.

Moon Invoice

View Top Clients

Self-employed professionals can easily check the top list of their customers based on their sales and payments via the Moon Invoice dashboard. In addition, it helps in understanding the highest paying clients of your business or venture.

Moon Invoice

Check Recent Activities

Check all the recent activities such as new invoices, new sales receipts, proforma invoices, issue of credit notes, use of credit notes, payments from clients, new company names, and other activities on the go!

Moon Invoice

Work in Offline Mode

Our users have the privilege to work on our app or software offline mode. One of the USP features that make us stand different from other invoicing apps that offer free templates for self-employed.

Moon Invoice

Check Payment Status

Get the accurate payment report of each client by downloading the payment reports. Next, check the status of each client using the dashboard screen via bar charts. Then, ask the clients to help you get paid by sending a payment alert.

Moon Invoice

Add Auto-Alerts

Clients can set auto-alerts for stock and payments using our online invoicing application. It helps to stay updated regarding the inventory for purchasing new stock and helps us set payment alerts for the invoices due for receipt.

Moon Invoice

Send Business Estimates

Self-employed professionals need to keep bidding for new projects. Our estimate maker invoicing app helps users create quick business proposals using readymade templates. Hence, sending professional estimates is easy!

Moon Invoice

Download Financial Reports

Many reports, including profit and loss statements, sales, purchases, product by profit, product by sales, expense, invoice, invoice aging, and stock, are generated in one click using our online invoicing application.

Moon Invoice

Add Projects & Hours

Start adding new projects with time logs using the time tracking feature. It helps the self-employed professionals in generating timesheets for the clients quite accurately. Nevertheless, time tracking also boosts productivity.

Moon Invoice

Record Expenses

Self-employed professionals can start recording every bit of their expenses, including travel, miscellaneous, and stationery, with the help of our online invoicing application. Recording expenses and downloading expense statements is easy.

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Self-employed professionals require an invoicing app because it helps draft estimates, design bills, record expenses, issue credit notes, download financial reports, and track time. Indeed, it helps with many features that improve productivity.

Yes, Moon Invoice provides predefined templates for self-employed professionals. Whether you are subscribed to a bronze or gold plan, the user gets access to 66+ predefined PDF invoice templates for the self-employed.

For generating a profit and loss statement using the Moon Invoice app, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Login to Moon Invoice software, app, or website
  2. Click on reports in the dashboard menu
  3. Click on profit and loss > view or download report

There are different types of professional invoices, including business invoices, interim invoices, proforma invoices, final invoices, credit notes, debit notes, etc.

Many invoicing apps are best for self-employed professionals, including Moon Invoice, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Invoicely.

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