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Tutoring Invoice Template

While you do so much for your students, tedious administrative tasks should not hamper the growth of your business. No matter how serious the effort you deliver, if you are not getting paid on time, then you are likely to fall short of achieving financial goals. To help you out, we at Moon Invoice provide customized tutor invoice templates to make your life easier. You can send instant invoices, receive timely payments, and fulfill your business goals.

Tutoring Invoice Template

Download Free Tutoring invoice template

Here are different types of teaching invoice templates to relieve the stress of generating invoices. Utilize these templates to make clean and accurate invoices on the go.


Tutoring templates are ideal for tutors running a home-based business or online group sessions. It ensures you deliver a nice-looking invoice in a professional way and quickly get paid for your services. Select the tutoring template and get rid of unnecessary paperwork once and for all.

Private schools
Private schools

Tutors offering their services in private schools or colleges can make the most of private school invoice templates. Send invoices made from these templates to collect tutoring fees and encourage kids’ parents to complete payment straight away without stepping out of their homes.

Music teacher
Music teacher

Get a well-designed readymade invoice template for music teachers to issue invoices in just a few clicks. You are no longer required to make an invoice from scratch. Just edit the necessary information and share it with your clients via Email or WhatsApp.

Use Professional Invoices to Improve Your Reputation

Generate beautiful invoices using Moon Invoice that not only foster relationships but also improve your reputation.

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What is the Use of a Tutor Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Tutor Invoice Template?

When you create template-based invoices in a professional way, they capture client's attention quickly and help them learn about outstanding payments. Here is why tutoring invoice templates are in demand.

Automate calculations

Using online invoice templates, you don't need to waste time and effort calculating rates and discounts to find the total due amount. As soon as you enter service charges, it will automatically calculate the sum, eliminating the need for manual check-ups.

Cloud Storage

Tutoring invoice templates are easily downloadable from anywhere and can be stored in cloud-based software that has no chance of misplacement. When needed, you can access it from your smartphone in seconds instead of flipping through papers.

Financial Management

Digital invoices are helpful in keeping a tab on inbound and outbound cash flows effortlessly. With invoicing software, you get comprehensive reports to analyze profits and plan a financial strategy for next year. Plus, one-click tax reports to submit tax returns on time.

How to Create or Fill an invoice for

Creating an online invoice for a tutoring business is simple and easy. Follow the below steps to generate an invoice using the software.

  1. Get a tutoring invoice template free from Moon Invoice and download it to make the necessary changes.
  2. Start adding your tutoring business information like the tutor’s name and contact number.
  3. Then, include your student’s details like enrollment number, full name, residential address, and phone number.
  4. List out tutoring services provided by you during the academic year.
  5. Next, include tutoring fees for services along with applicable taxes and you will get the total due amount automatically.
  6. Lastly, mention some additional notes in case you want to remind your clients about payment conditions..
  7. Now, tap on the ‘Save’ button and generate the final invoice copy, which you can share with your clients.
How to Create or Fill an invoice for tutoring?
Why Should Tutor Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Why Should Tutor Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Tutors must send digital invoice copies to students when it comes to collecting tutoring fees. Here is why it is important.

Shows Professionalism

Sending neat and clean invoices is a great way to showcase your professionalism and improve credibility. Such invoices can help build your reputation and attract new customers as well.

No Follow-ups

Professional invoices boost the payment process. You don’t need extra effort to remind clients about their due payments and can expect faster payments as soon as you issue an invoice.

Maintain Financial Records

While maintaining paper-based invoices takes a lot of effort, invoices made from professional templates only need a few clicks. You can explore financial reports anytime on your device.

Focus on Business Growth, Leave Invoicing to Us

Moon Invoice is the all-in-one software to hassle-free manage tutoring invoices, receipts, and business expenses without any special attention.

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Invoice Tips for Tutor Business Owners

Invoice Tips for Tutor Business Owners

Handy tips for tutors that should be considered while drafting an invoice to receive on-time payments from clients.

Pick Suitable Invoice Templates

Choose a ready-made invoice template to make fresh invoices for your tutoring services. It helps you fill in all information related to your business and clients even if you create an invoice in haste.

Add Due Date

You must add a due date to inform clients about penalties that might come into effect if they make late payments. It ensures clients do not take much time to pay tutoring fees.

Payment Options

Enable online payment options for students to transfer tutor fees online rather than carrying in-hand cash. It makes the entire payment process easier and you get payment without delays.

Payment Terms

Include payment terms and conditions to avoid consequences once payment is made. There is no need for long paragraphs. Keep it short and simple to make sure it is clearly understandable.

Review Invoice Copy

Always take a closer look at the invoice once you fill in all the details to ensure everything is clear and understandable. Also, check whether the outstanding amount is correct.

What Should Be Included in a Tutoring Invoice?

Here is the list of elements that you must add in your tutoring invoice before sending it to your clients.

Invoice Details

Add invoicing details like invoice number, currency, due date, and issue date.

Tutoring Business Information

Enter your business name followed by full address, email, and business logo to clarify who the issuer is.

Client's Details

Fill in the details of the student like his or her full name, address, city, current semester, and academic year.

Tutoring fees

Mention tutoring fees along with description for services you delivered to students through online or offline classes.

Payment Terms

Cleary type payment notes to help clients pay in a timely manner and avoid late charges.

Tutor's Signature

You can digitally sign the invoice document using software or take a printout to add your business stamp.

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Tutoring Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Tutoring Clients?

Tutors conducting sessions at their homes can send invoices to students' parents or guardians right after the completion of the term or semester. Some tutors organizing online group sessions can share tutoring invoices on a weekly or monthly basis. If you are hosting a web seminar or special classes for students, then you can issue invoices in advance to demand payment prior to the tutoring session. Whereas, those who are associated with tutoring franchises may have different payment conditions to collect money from clients at regular intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of tutoring invoices?

Here are a few types of tutoring invoices that you might consider for your business.

  • Simple tutoring invoice
  • Credit Invoices
  • Debit Invoices
  • Prepayment Invoices
  • Mixed invoices

Can I make an invoice for personal classes?

Why not? You can create an invoice original copy in minutes as soon as they demand an invoice. You can request clients to pay the due amount for personal tutor services through professionally-made invoices and accept timely payment.

Is there a template on Word for an invoice?

Yes, Moon Invoice, a cloud-based invoicing software, provides templates in MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs, and PDF. you can download any of these templates as per your requirements and get the tutoring invoice ready without any extra effort.

Can I create my own invoice template?

We offer fully customizable templates to fulfill your invoicing needs. Choose any one from more than 60 invoice templates available, make necessary changes, and convert to invoices with a single click of a button. Explore templates now on Moon Invoice.

Which is the best software to create tutoring invoices?

Currently, there are many software available in the market, but Moon Invoice comes out on top because of its accuracy and reliability. It leaves no room for errors and helps you create custom tutor invoices that attract clients’ attention in a fraction of a second. Hence, you get paid promptly.