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Catering Invoice Template

As a professional catering service provider, you are responsible for offering delicious food and the best service. Running a catering business is not a piece of cake and there are a lot of tasks included in it and invoicing is one of them. However, Moon Invoice is there to make your billing super easy. A great platform to explore numerous invoice templates. Choose your desired catering invoice template and accelerate your billing to a great level. Find your invoice templates in MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs, and PDF.

Catering Invoice Template

Download the Free Catering Invoice Template

Looking for a highly personalized invoice template? End your search here as plenty of templates are available to sate your needs.


You have the responsibility to serve the best catering service with tasty meals. Let your billing responsibilities be fulfilled with our customized catering invoice template.

Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering

Offer wonderful corporate catering services for corporate events and corporate meetings. Incorporate success into your catering business by downloading catering invoice samples.

Weddings and Special Events
Weddings and Special Events

Run a successful business by providing the best catering service at weddings and special events. Ramp up your billing with our professional invoices for your catering business.

Empower Your Catering Business With Moon Invoice

Give a successful billing touch to your catering business. Discover 66+ templates that let you generate invoices in 60 seconds.

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What Catering Invoice Template Used for?

What Catering Invoice Template Used for?

Catering invoice templates ramp up the invoicing process for catering services professionals. These templates can be highly beneficial for all kinds of business sizes. Some of the utilizations are listed.

Time saving

Invoice templates are a super time saver to generate any invoice. The catering invoice templates help business owners to create an invoice quickly.


Catering invoice templates enhance professionalism through their format. The template's outlook is highly addressable to the professional touch.


Invoice templates always intensify accuracy in the invoice. The automation in the tax calculation provides a highly error-free outcome and thus prevents the future dispute.

Legal compliance

Invoice templates for catering are highly compliant with legal concepts. It includes details like the invoice number, payment terms, and tax information.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Catering?

Making invoices for a catering business needs some effort to put in. Certain fields are mandatory to fill in while taking any catering invoice example. Initially, one needs to download a template. After downloading the template, you need to customize and fill in the details as follows.

  1. Log in to Moon Invoice and seek the invoice template
  2. Choose the template and fill in the details reflecting your business and client.
  3. Add the service description along with the price.
  4. Include tax details (if applicable).
  5. Add the authorized signature to make the invoice look more official.
  6. Incorporating payment terms will also be a plus point for better invoicing.
  7. Review the invoice and download it in PDF form.

Now you can share the invoice with your clients directly via email or take a hard copy of the same and send it.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Catering?
Why Do Catering Business Owners Need to Send Professional Invoices?

Why Do Catering Business Owners Need to Send Professional Invoices?

Catering business owners have to serve their services in different places. It might be a residential function or an event for a big enterprise. The following points justify the reasons for sending professional invoices.

Enhance Clarity

Professional invoices give more clarity due to their professional format. All information looks clear and close to understandability.

Legal Compliance

Professional invoices always ensure compliance with legal regulations. Thus, it helps prevent disputes and penalties.

Create Trust

Professional invoices are helpful in building trust. It also enhances confidence among the clients to deal with a reliable catering service.

Client Satisfaction

The professional-looking invoices reflect professionalism in communication. Ultimately, it enhances client satisfaction.

Enhance Your Billing Process for Every Catering Order

Switch to reliable and highly professional-looking invoice templates. Download your desired catering invoice template from Moon Invoice.

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Invoice Tips for Catering Business Owners

Catering business owners must be careful while crafting an invoice. While adopting the following tips you can create catering business invoices that make an effect.

  • Never forget to include invoice numbers that help with the easy tracking of invoices.
  • Including a payment date is helpful for your clients to keep the payment date in mind.
  • Giving multiple payment options to your clients is good practice.
  • Specify the payment terms in an understandable language.
  • Provide a cost breakdown of each service to prevent confusion.
Invoice Tips for Catering Business Owners

What Information to Mention In a Catering Invoice?

Business Information

The business information section carries all the business details like business name, address, and contact details.

Client Information

Mention the client information for which you are issuing an invoice. It includes the client's name, address, and phone number.

Catering Service Description

The description section should include the full details of the catering service provided to the client.

Invoice Number and Date

Every invoice should carry an invoice number and date. The invoice number makes it easy to track any particular invoice.

Payment Terms

Mentioning payment terms is crucial to enhance payment understandability for clients.

Authorized Signature

Every invoice should have an authorized signature that reflects professionalism. It also enhances the officially authorized outlook of an invoice.

What Is the Ideal Time to Send an Invoice to Your Catering Clients?

What Is the Ideal Time to Send an Invoice to Your Catering Clients?

The catering business has a large scope of serving. From a small house event to a big enterprise event, it can serve the service to any place. Therefore, some clients can do a small or half portion of the payment and ask for an invoice. The remaining portion of the payment can be paid after the event is completed.

Therefore, the time to send an invoice varies from business to business. The time of sending an invoice should not be too early or too late. Well, whatever time you choose to send an invoice, it should be there on the invoice. There should be a fixed period during which you send an invoice.

Download a Catering Invoice Template Free

Create catering invoices easily by downloading a free catering invoice template from Moon Invoice. Let your invoicing be fast and accurate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make a Catering Invoice?

Catering invoices can be easily made by following the steps below

  • Log in to Moon Invoice or download a sample catering invoice template.
  • Add details about the business and clients including their name, address, and contact number.
  • Include your catering service details along with the price.
  • Add a signature
  • Mention the payment details
  • Review the invoice once and then download it.

How Do You Write a Catering Proposal?

Focus on the following information to write a catering proposal

  • Prepare a cover letter
  • Add the menu items and cost
  • Mention extra service
  • Points of Service policies
  • Include your signature

How Do I Make a Homemade Invoice?

To create a homemade invoice you need to accomplish the following steps

  • Invoice branding
  • Include a professional header
  • Include service description details
  • Add tax details
  • Include the invoice date
  • Payment terms and details

How To Ask for a Catering Quote?

To ask for a catering quote you must take into consideration the following points

  • Number of guests expected to come
  • Style of catering you want
  • Beverage service is needed or not
  • Final budget