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Subcontractor Invoice Template

Being a subcontractor, we know how difficult it is to manage paperwork while delivering extraordinary services. But, not anymore! We have a perfect invoicing solution that will make your invoicing process a breeze. After all, who doesn’t like getting paid faster? Yes, It is possible when you have invoicing software like Moon Invoice to send professional-looking invoices in MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, or Google Docs without any manual effort.

Subcontractor Invoice Template

Download the Free Subcontractor Invoice Template

Ditch the old way of creating invoices and explore multiple Subcontractor invoice templates totally free for generating digital invoices in one go.


Choose a subcontractor invoice template to quickly create an invoice from scratch. Instead of spending time on designing and formatting. Download the template and fill up the necessary information. Issue an invoice soon after adding details and receive payment 2x faster.

Recurring or regular clients
Recurring or regular clients

No one likes to put double effort on creating a similar invoice for regular clients. Select the ideal template from a range of invoicing templates and generate it within minutes. As a result, you can invest more time in delivering excellent services.

Multiple projects
Multiple projects

Get the seamless billing process with our interior design invoice template. Let your client understand every minute terms of the invoice with full clarity and transparency.

Get Subcontractor Invoice Ready in a Few Taps

Ensure timely payments by generating invoices without any manual dependencies

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What is the Use of a Subcontractor Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Subcontractor Invoice Template?

Sharing invoices made using the perfect subcontractor templates provides many perks that you might not be aware of. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a subcontractor invoice template.

Error-free calculations

When you select the subcontractor template, you no longer need to check the calculations manually. As soon as you enter the rates for each service, the total sum will be automatically calculated. This means no chance of possible errors and your invoice is ready to go.

2x faster payments

Subcontractor invoice template can lead you to faster payments as it grabs the client’s attention quickly. Neither you need to engage in phone calls nor need to meet them personally. Clients can click on the payment link or complete the payment using other options. Whichever way they choose, you get paid on time.

No invoice storage problem

Since subcontractor invoice templates can be stored on cloud storage, you will never run out of storage space. It is another reason why you must go for subcontractor invoice templates. Also, you don’t need to purchase archive boxes as there will be no paper-based invoices.

Sales reports

Subcontractor invoice templates not only help you make quick invoices but also assist in generating monthly reports. That’s because having digital records means no need to gather invoices from different corners of your office.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Subcontractor?

Whether you want to issue invoice straightaway or after sometime, Moon Invoice has made the invoicing process easy-peasy. Let’s understand it step-by-step.

  1. Firstly, choose sub contractor templates that align best with your service from Moon Invoice.
  2. Thereafter, download the template on your desktop or mobile and make necessary changes.
  3. Start adding your business details like name, email, and address along with the company’s logo.
  4. Then, include important details like currency, issue date, due date while making a new invoice.
  5. Next, add service task descriptions along with quantity and rates. Here, you can add multiple tasks.
  6. Precisely mention payment terms and conditions for service offered by subcontractors to get paid on time.
  7. Later, hit the save button to convert the template into a subcontractor invoice and share it via Whatsapp or email.
How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Subcontractor?

Why Should Subcontractor Business Owners Send Professional Invoices?

Professional invoices are far better than ordinary paper-based invoices due to the following reasons.

Tax Season Survival

Keeping a copy of professional invoices handy can help you survive the tax season. There is no need to flip through papers, instead get them from cloud storage whenever it comes to tax filing.

Increase Brand Recognition

Professional invoices are not just meant for maintaining records, but for capturing client’s attention in seconds. When you send timely invoices, it leads to increased brand awareness.

Improved Cash Flow

Issuing professionally-made invoices is similar to improving cash flows as it encourages clients to pay the due amount promptly. No physical presence is required to receive payments.

Your Invoicing Hassles Sorted!

Pick any suitable invoice template and create an e-invoice in a matter of seconds.

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Invoice Tips for Subcontractor Business Owners

In case you are sending the digital invoice for the first time, here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Show Professionalism

Always send an invoice in a professional way to build trust and long-term collaboration. Create a clean invoice that must have all the necessary information.

Choose Subcontractor Template

Pick the perfect subcontractor template according to your service before you share an invoice to the clients. Such a good-looking invoice can quickly capture a client's attention.

Write Detailed Service Description

Never forget to include performed tasks and their descriptions when it comes to sending invoices. You can even include product details if required.

Add Correct Service Cost

Whenever you include a service rate, make sure it is the correct one. Develop a habit of double-checking the cost at the time of finalizing the invoice.

Clearly Mention Payment Terms

Put payment terms and conditions to dismiss false claims if made by clients after service completion. You can even write additional notes if required.

Review an Invoice

Once you have completed adding details, review the invoice to make sure no important fields have been missed. Only share it when everything looks good.

What Should Be Included in a Subcontractor Invoice?

Here are some essential details that must be added while creating a professional-looking subcontractor invoice.

Invoice Number & Date

Ensure you add correct invoicing details such as number, currency, issue date and due date.

Business Information

Fill necessary business information like business name, address, email and business logo.

Client Details

Make sure you enter the correct client's name, billing address, phone number, and city.

Task Details

Mention what services you carried out along with their rates, offered discounts and total sum.

Payment Terms

Highlight payment terms & conditions to avoid any misunderstandings or payment delays.

Owner Signature

Complete an invoice by adding your signature or business stamp once all details are included.

What Should Be Included in a Subcontractor Invoice?
What is the Best time to Send an Invoice to Your Clients as a Subcontractor?

What is the Best time to Send an Invoice to Your Clients as a Subcontractor?

The ideal time to share the digital invoice to clients is right after finishing your job. Sometimes you can send an invoice in the middle of your work, requesting for partial payment in case of large and complex projects.

While working on multiple projects, subcontractors can ask for full payment by sending an early invoice to the new customers. This is mainly because of unfamiliarity with new clients that may result in payment delays.

Therefore, knowing your clients also matters when it comes to providing service. Time for handing over an invoice depends on what service you offer and how long it will take to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subcontractor invoice?

It is a written document to request a payment for provided services by subcontractors. By sending this invoice, subcontractors can ask clients to pay the due amount in a professional way. Subcontractor invoice includes task descriptions and service charges followed by the total sum of the pending amount.

How do I create a subcontractor invoice?

Creating a sub-contractor invoice is quite an easy process. Here are the steps you need to follow on invoicing software.

  • Select the subcontractor template from a variety of invoice templates.
  • Download the preferred template.
  • Do required edits as per service provided to the clients.
  • Mention payment terms and conditions.
  • Save the details to create an invoice.

How to share a subcontractor invoice?

With Moon Invoice, a subcontractor invoice can only be shared after you have saved the details. All you need to do is click the email or print button. You can either send an invoice by email or take out a print to handover an invoice hardcopy. It is recommended to review it thoroughly before sharing an invoice.

Can I make customizable invoices?

Of course, we offer more than 60 invoice templates, from which you can choose the most suitable one for your business. Download your chosen template and edit the details in a few minutes. So, whenever your clients demand an invoice, issue a customized invoice instantly.

What is a subcontracting example?

Consider a scenario where a construction contractor approaches an electric engineer for completing wiring works in a building. Here, the hired electric engineer is considered as a subcontractor. Contractors handle entire works of building, while subcontractors only look for specific tasks within their expertise.