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House Cleaning Invoice Template

Are you in the cleaning, polishing, installation, or scrubbing business? We have got you covered with our 66+ predefined house cleaning invoice templates. Manage your cleaning business smartly by leaving the invoicing worries to us.

House Cleaning Invoice Template

Does Your Cleaning Business Need to Download House Cleaning Invoice Templates?

Belonging to the cleaning industry can sometimes keep you busy designing different types of invoices for different kinds of services that you have provided. Well, be it a normal windows pane cleaning, house cleaning, sofa cleaning, terrace cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning, or an AC installation and cleaning service, we have all types of invoice cleaning service templates for effective billing.

Complete House Cleaning Services
Complete House Cleaning Services

While you are running a house cleaning business, it becomes apparent to draft and sends perfect invoices to get you paid on time. Moon Invoice is an invoicing expert solution, just like you are an expert in house cleaning services.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services
Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services

While you or your staff are busy with the deep kitchen cleaning services, we have a readymade house cleaning invoice template for this exclusive service which helps in efficient and quick billing services. Once you are done with the service, issue an invoice via email.

Terrace Cleaning Services
Terrace Cleaning Services

Corporate or residential clients who would like to hire your agency for terrace cleaning services can be billed in no time with our readymade house cleaning services templates. Just add the line items and description to make a final invoice. Share, and get paid faster.

Renovation Cleaning Services
Renovation Cleaning Services

We have covered renovation cleaning with our house cleaning invoice templates that help you design renovation cleaning invoices in no time. Add the renovation cleaning details of the house or building, and issue the invoice to get paid.

Window Cleaning Services
Window Cleaning Services

Sometimes you need a customizable invoice for covering a particular service rather than the complete combo cleaning package. Our fully customizable invoice cleaning template helps house cleaning services like yours issue a quick window cleaning invoice.

HVAC Services
HVAC Services

House cleaning services also offer HVAC installation services as an extension to the regular add-ons. We help HVAC service agencies design a perfect invoice for their clients that includes the installation service descriptions with taxation and discount columns.

Let us help your business shine just like you shine your client properties!

Download customizable house cleaning invoice template in different formats to invoice your customers in a blink!

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How to Create a House Cleaning Invoice?

Need to generate a cleaning service invoice from scratch? Here you go. Follow these steps to create a customized cleaning service performed invoice.

Follow the Basics

The basics include designing your professional invoice right from the beginning.

  • Add Company Logo
  • Mention Invoice Date and Due Date
  • Mention Invoice No.
  • Add Customer Details, Including the Client's Name, Client's Home Address or Office Address where the cleaning service was performed, and Select the Right Currency
Follow the Basics

Focus on the Details

The details include the professional service description, home renovation or installation details, and total cost.

  • Full House Cleaning Description
  • Service Flat Rate
  • Service Discount
  • Tax Details
  • Total Service Cost
Focus on the Details

Don't Miss These Add-Ons

Here the add-ons refer to some important yet professional information that has to be highlighted in the invoice for the client's quick attention.

  • Payment Terms and Conditions
  • Additional Notes About the Service
  • Attachments (Image or Doc Files)
  • Digital Signature
Don't Miss These Add-Ons

Share or Send to Get Paid Faster.

After an invoice is generated by mentioning all the client's home details or office details with a professional cleaning description, the next step is to verify your invoice and send it to the client. Sending an invoice early can help you get paid on time. Hence, always share your invoice post-proofread to decrease the payment cycle period.

  • Double-check Invoice
  • Share Via Email
  • Send Via WhatsApp
  • Download and Send
Share or Send to Get Paid Faster.

Benefits of Creating & Sharing a Customized House Cleaning Invoice

One size fits all is no longer a running marketing idea for businesses. Since people have become choosy, their expectations have also drastically changed. Likewise, your housekeeping or cleaning offices need customization in the business documents, especially when sending an invoice to get paid on time. Moon Invoice helps your cleaning or HVAC service business with the following benefits:

  • All business records in a single place
  • Customization for each type of client with description variation and amount variants, including a discount for retainer customers
  • Payment recording and collection made easy
  • Taxation details are easily maintained
  • Helps in business accounting, bookkeeping made easy
  • Late payment tracking. Getting on-time payment alerts
  • Get business insights
  • Check customer outstanding and sales

What Types of Invoices Does a House Cleaner Require to Send?

As a house cleaning business agency or a professional, it becomes essential for you to look up to the type of invoices that can be generated for your retainer customers or clients. Here are a few types of invoices that are helpful for your business. Our online invoice app helps with readymade house cleaning invoice templates for the following types of invoices.

Standard Cleaning Invoice

A standard invoice is a final invoice that is apt and generally sent at the end of the service. It has the details that mention what the client owes you, including the payment instructions.

Interim Cleaning Invoice

An interim cleaning invoice is sent in the middle of the work. Many times house cleaners need to buy more cleaning products or other materials for which they generate an interim invoice.

Proforma Invoice

We can consider the term pre-payment cleaning invoice rather than proforma here for house cleaners, as many cleaning agencies issue an advance invoice to get paid prior.

Recurring Invoice

In the cleaning industry, you get some fixed clients or retainer customers for whom you need to issue recurring invoices at regular intervals. So, consider this too for your business.

Timesheet Cleaning Invoice

A critical type of invoice for house cleaners is the timesheet invoice. Cleaning agencies often work on an hourly basis, for which generating time logs and time sheets become evident.

Debit or Credit Invoice

A debit or credit invoice helps your cleaning business manage or settle repeated customer payments. Also, what the client owes can be stated correctly at the end of the invoice.

Send Different Types of Invoices to Your House Cleaning Customers

Get started customizing your house cleaning business invoices, as we offer all house cleaning invoice templates with unlimited edits.

Start Creating Invoices

Incredible Invoicing Tips for House Cleaning Agencies & Professionals

While you are busy customizing your house cleaning invoice template, we shall help you with some tips to make it look more professional and accurate. Here we go!

Branding, Add Some Marketing Fuel to Your Invoices

Invoices are your business document that needs to be integrated with your business's branding or marketing strategies. Hence, one tip for designing the best invoice template is to include a business logo or watermark. A company logo or brand logo defines your business's identity, which is essential for branding.

Cross-Checking, Mention Perfect Date & Unique Invoice Number

While designing an invoice, the invoice's basics must be accurate to help with future references. For example, at the time of taxation or business audit, the unique invoice number can help refer to any particular invoice or document you have been looking for. So, mention the perfect invoice date, number, and due date.

Accuracy, Totalling Must be Accurate to Win the Client's Trust

Accuracy wins trust, be it any business. Hence, to win your client's trust, it is essential to draft an accurate invoice with all the correct and valid information, including the line items, description, and total. Other invoice columns, such as tax, discount, and quantity, should also be accurately mentioned to leave no room for error.

Clarity, Mention All the Terms and Conditions in the First Invoice

To have a long-term relationship with your client, or to gain the customer's confidence in the first business transaction, showcase all the essential business and payment information in the invoice under the section notes or terms and conditions. Clients must understand each of the terms or important information before accepting or approving the invoice.

How does Moon Invoice add Wings to Your House Cleaning Business?

While looking forward to a house cleaning invoice template, it is vital to clarify your facts about our invoicing app. Our online invoicing solution is a one-stop software for businesses and professionals who must draft and share unlimited invoices, estimates, and receipts. We help clients to get paid faster by offering readymade house cleaning invoice templates.

  • 66+ predefined house cleaning invoice template(s)
  • Design customized invoice by adding business logo and signature
  • Send invoices via email, WhatsApp, or print them on the go!
  • Edit columns, design tax groups, and customize the background with different themes
  • Create a proforma invoice and convert it to a final invoice with a click!
  • Track customer payments
  • Set payment alerts
  • Add custom payment methods and integrate online payment methods to invoices
  • Invite the team to manage your business invoices
  • Download the invoice aging report with a single click!
  • Manage more than invoicing. Get a personalized dashboard to track customers' outstanding payments and sales.

What is the Right Time to Send a House Cleaning Invoice?

Cleaning services or businesses must understand the importance of sending an invoice promptly to get paid on time. So, there is no right time to send an invoice to your client. The only time to send an invoice is after the service is completed.

If you are the owner of the cleaning service agency, you can download mobile invoicing app to raise an invoice as soon as the service is completed. If your agency has sent other workers or team for the cleaning services, you can invite them to the software dashboard and ask them to raise an invoice right from the client's place to get paid promptly.

As an online invoicing software brand, our goal is to help businesses or agencies get paid faster by promptly raising an accurate invoice. For the same, we have introduced readymade house cleaning invoice templates that help your business accountant or team update the little details to get a final invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invoice a house cleaning service?

While you are all worked out after cleaning your client's place, you would like to automate your invoicing process. With free templates from the expert invoice software, you can create easy-to-use, fully customizable, and professional invoices in a matter of seconds. Download the best invoice templates and get started.

How do I bill for janitorial services?

You must follow specific steps to bill your client professionally for janitorial services.

  • Choose and fill in your house cleaning invoice template with all the necessary details, such as invoice no., issue date, due date, due amount, payment details, etc.
  • Send the invoice to your client through billing software such as Moon Invoice.

How do you quote a cleaning job?

To be successful in your cleaning job or venture, you must price your corporate client services correctly. For each client, this might be a time-consuming task to manage. However, with an easy-to-use estimating tool like Moon Invoice, you can quickly generate estimates and quotes. Once your company's information is entered into the cloud, the software may create quotes based on the needs of each client.

What is a free cleaning invoice template?

A free house cleaning invoice template or a free cleaning invoice templates refers to invoice templates that allows house cleaning industries or offices to create final invoices based on the template suggestions and design. It may include invoices for window cleaning, HVAC services, terrace cleaning, etc.