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Videographer Invoice Template

Worry about your videography invoice generation? Say goodbye to manual and complex invoice generation and switch to our videography invoice templates. Create the invoice with minimal effort and save your precious time. Request your clients to pay your amount faster and utilize your saved time to focus on your creativity and make catchy videos. Templates are available in Word, PDF, Excel, and Google Docs.

Videographer Invoice Template

Download the Free Videographer Invoice Template

Get the free videography invoice template to generate professional invoices for video editing, video production, and film production.

Freelance Video Production
Freelance Video Production

Freelance video editors are in high demand in the market. Our readymade free video production invoice template helps to generate an invoice with all the necessary details to demand payment. Just enter the details, and the final invoice is ready.

Agency Clients
Agency Clients

Now it's easy to create a professional invoice for your clients with our videographer invoice template. With a hassle-free concept, you can now generate invoices for your video production business.


Videography is a time-consuming task that needs lots of effort and creativity. Our readymade templates make it easy to generate invoices for a freelance videographer and agencies.

Video Editing
Video Editing

Promote your video editing business to the next level. Our ready-to-use video editing invoice template makes it simple for payment requests from your clients. Just fill out the entire details, and the invoice is ready to share with your client.

Production Assistant
Production Assistant

Are you working as a PA in the film industry? Now, request your payment smartly and professionally with a free invoice template. Run your production smoothly from beginning to end while generating invoices.

Film Production Invoice
Film Production Invoice

Don't waste your time and effort in generating manual invoices for your work. Choose our invoice templates for the film production profession. It's simple, easy, and rich in a user-friendly interface.

Create a Videographer Invoice Template Within 60 Seconds!

Explore numerous templates with catchy designs to make a bill with clarity

What is the Use of a Videographer Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Videographer Invoice Template?

As a professional videographer, you need an elegant way to generate video production invoices within a minute. Our videographer invoice template offers the following benefits.

Accurate Data:

Nobody loves to have an error in payment calculations. Our invoice templates are crafted with high care for data accuracy. They have been made to avail high transparency while requesting the payment.

Showcase the Work:

Beyond the payment request, invoices also play a vital role in presenting the work. Our video production invoice enables professionals to highlight their work concisely.

Work Records:

Invoices are a great way to keep a record of work. It enables professionals to have a clear record of their tasks. Also, it helps in keeping taxation records.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Videographer?

You need to follow the steps below to generate your professional videography invoice:

  1. Get the Moon Invoice Application or Moon Invoice Web Application to generate the invoice.
  2. Alternatively, you can also download our free invoice templates.
  3. Fill out all the required fields with the date and invoice number.
  4. Add your business details like business name, logo, contact details, and complete address with pin code.
  5. To get the payment, add your bank details with the mode of payment and due date.
  6. Add the payment terms as per your business policy
  7. Put your signature to make your invoice authorized.

Finally, after completing the things, the invoice is ready to share with clients. You can also take a hard copy of your invoice and send it to the client's address.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Videographer?

Why Should Videographers Send Professional Invoices?

Sending professional invoices makes a good impact on your business. Our invoice helps you to get your payment on time. Create a professional invoice
for video editing or video production with a simple approach.

Reason to send professional invoices:

  • Create a good business bond
  • Professional impression of the brand
  • To get payment faster
  • Transparency in the profession
  • Account record and tax record
  • Legible data while filling out the tax

Invoice Tips for Videographer Business Owners

Create and send error-free, professional invoices with readymade templates of Moon Invoices.

Add Accurate Data

While filling an invoice, it is mandatory to have accurate data filling. Any wrong data can lead to trouble by defaming the business. Also, inaccurate cost information can make an incorrect payment. Choose our video production invoice templates to keep the errors at bay.

Highlighting Total Amount

Highlighting the total net amount to pay is a good way to let the client know the total payment. Unhighlighting the amount can lead to confusion.

Mention Clear Payment Terms

Mentioning the payment terms clearly and concisely is a correct way to let your client be aware of the terms.

Add Description

A description in the invoice helps in a better understanding of the service. With an informative description, clients get to know every required data about the service.

What Should be Included in a Videography Invoice?

For any videography invoice, there are many crucial points to include. In general, the following points need to be considered.

Header section

The header section reflects your business details like business name, logo, contact number, and address.

Client section

You need to fill in the client pieces of information- name, contact information, and address.

Invoice date

It's the invoice issuing date

Due date

The due date lets your client know about the last date to make the payment.


The description section includes all the details about your service. The videography invoice may comprise the following data.

  • Type of service like video editing, film shooting, freelance videography, etc.
  • The equipment or the software used
  • Duration of the work
  • Any additional service provided

Payment terms

The invoice should contain all the payment terms in a clear flow. These terms of payment may vary from company to company and videography services.

Payment method

This includes the way of payment you accept for your service.

What Should be Included in a Videography Invoice?
What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Videography Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Videography Clients?

Sending an invoice before delivering the service or too late after looks unprofessional. The best time to send your video production invoice is right after the completion of the service. The invoice should be sent in a precise format while following all the basic professional ethics.

Get Videographer Invoice Template Free to Turn Frames into Payment

Our videographer invoice template is free to avail high-accuracy invoice generation


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write an Invoice for Videography?

Making an artist invoice is simpler than you might think! You can use tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create a professional-looking invoice. Start by jotting down your contact details, then add your client's info, a unique invoice number, and the date. Next, describe the artwork or services you provided with their respective costs. Finish up by outlining how and when you expect to be paid. Voila! You've got yourself an artist invoice.

However, using an artist invoice template from Moon Invoice is best to generate a professional artist invoice in minutes.

How Do I Send an Invoice for Film Production?

The invoice-sending process for film production or a video production company will be the same as any other profession. You can either send the soft copy via email or take a printout of the invoice and send the hard copy to the desired address.

How Can I Start My Videography Business?

Starting a videography business also needs sharp planning, dedication, and a legal approach. It is a good option for those who have a keen interest in capturing moments. Follow the steps below to uncover the answer on how you can start your video production company."

  • Define business plan
  • Buy high-quality equipment
  • Make a dedicated team
  • Apply for a videography business license

Can I Create My Own Invoice Template?

Yes, you can create your own invoice template as per your choice.

How Do I Create an Invoice for Professional Services?

The basic method will be the same as that of other invoice generation. You should follow a professional flow to create an invoice for the professional services. You must include the payment terms. You must include company name, customer/client name, invoice number, and total number of hours spent on work.

How Should I Calculate the Cost of My Video Production Services on My Invoice?

The cost of video production depends upon the type of service you provide. You can calculate the cost as per the quantity and price for the particular service or the hourly rate. Our invoicing software enables you to calculate the video production cost easily. Additionally, factors like equipment cost, labor cost, tax, and discount are important points to consider in the invoice.