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Consulting Invoice Template

Upscale your consulting business by focusing more on your creativity and professionalism and less on the operational and financial tasks. Moon Invoice will help you generate quick consulting invoices using readymade consultant invoice template forms.

Generate consulting invoices in Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, or Google Sheets by downloading our readymade consulting invoice templates online. Start customizing the consulting invoice sample and send it to your clients in minutes.

Consulting Invoice Template

Download Consulting Invoice Template Forms

As a consultant, you must create customized invoices for your clients. Customization is the key to an excellent impression; some consulting invoice sample templates are attached.

Software Consulting Invoice Template
Software Consulting Invoice Template

Software development companies or freelancers must download our customized and detailed software consultant invoice template for raising an invoice against the software consulting services. Download our consulting invoice sample in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google Docs with a single click.

Business Consulting Invoice Template
Business Consulting Invoice Template

Business owners who want to get paid on time must download our business consulting invoice template in Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, or Google Docs. Customize the consultant invoice template by adding relevant company and business details. Our invoice template helps break down the invoice details, too.

Interior Design Consulting Invoice Template
Interior Design Consulting Invoice Template

Recently provided interior designing consultant for a residential or commercial project? Here is a simple yet personalized interior design consultant invoice template for your reference. Download our consultant invoicing template in the preferred format and start customizing it by adding the relevant interior designing consulting details.

Content Writing Consulting Template
Content Writing Consulting Template

Content writers, editors, bloggers, and social media professionals can now download our readymade content writing consultant invoice template to invoice their clients for writing and social media consultation services. Download the template, edit it by adding relevant details, and share them.

Sample Template for Consulting Services
Sample Template for Consulting Services

For any consultation services, we have a perfect sample invoice template ready in our collection. Download our template sample invoice for consulting services in Word, Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF with a single click. Customize the details of the sample invoice by adding relevant consulting details and share them with the client.

Legal Services Consulting Invoice Template
Legal Services Consulting Invoice Template

Legal professionals or law consultants must download our readymade legal services consultant invoice template in their preferred format. Customize the details by adding the relevant information related to the company and legal consultation, payment terms, and business signature. Send them across to get paid.

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Minimize generating a consultant invoice from scratch by downloading our readymade consultant invoice templates.

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How to Create a Consulting Invoice?

Consultants can easily generate invoices or bills by downloading our invoice template for consulting services. As a consultant, you can register with our consulting invoice software, Moon Invoice, and generate consulting invoices in 60 seconds.

  1. Login with Moon Invoice or Download Consulting Invoice Template Online
  2. Choose the most preferred invoice template for consulting as per the services you provide
  3. Start customizing the invoice template by adding relevant invoicing details such as invoice number, date, and currency
  4. Add company details such as company name, address, and phone number
  5. Add a company logo to enhance the branding of your consulting firm
  6. Add client details such as the contact information and website address
  7. Add line items by breaking down the consulting amount into hours of consulting work, service provided, and other expenses such as applicable taxes
  8. You can also mention the consulting work details line explaining in the form of itemized list or brief descriptions
  9. Highlight the total amount and payment due date with payment terms
  10. Add your company signature
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?
Invoice Types for Consultants

Invoice Types for Consultants

Different consultants have their designated invoice type, mentioning the kind of service they provided with the payment or contract mode they were hired on. Here are the different types of invoices involved when you are a consultant.

Hourly Rate Timesheet Invoices

Hourly rates invoices are generated by consultants who work on hourly-based projects, such as photographers, editors, writers, designers, and painters. Here, the rate in the invoice is mentioned in the hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours.

Fixed Fee Project-Based Invoice

A project based fees offer is also known as a retail project, where the consultants have a set fee for specific work or deadlines they have discussed with the client. Irrespective of the number of hours, the cost remains the same.

Milestone-Based Invoice

Some consultants work with the clients on the milestone fee or stages. For example, a specific invoice is raised after reaching a particular milestone or stage of the project. It is known as a milestone-based invoice.

What is the Right Time to Issue a Consulting Invoice?

Depending on the type of consultant invoice, the time for issuing the consulting invoice varies.

When to Send an Hourly Rate Invoice?

Generally, consultants must issue hourly rate invoices regularly to keep the payment coming. In contrast, some consultants send an invoice immediately after completing certain hours of the week or fortnight.

When to Send a Fixed Fee Project-Based Invoice?

Consultants working on a fixed fee project choose to issue an invoice to their client every month. At the beginning of each month, the consultant sends an invoice for last month's work and generally gets paid.

When to Issue a Milestone-Based Invoice?

A milestone-based invoice is shared with the client when the consultant hits each milestone during the project course. As per the agreement, the client releases the payment for each milestone the consultant achieves.

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Quick Invoicing Tips for Busy Consultants

Improvise your payment cycle and cash flow by following these consultant invoicing tips shared by our experts.

Use Invoicing Software

Consultant invoice software is the best platform to generate a consulting invoice. Invoices generated via invoicing software are professional and accurate. Invoices can be edited multiple times and issued directly from the software via email or WhatsApp.

Highlight Payment Terms

Set clear payment terms to help your invoice get paid on time. Invoice payment terms defining due upon receipt, net 30, net 45, net 60, and net 90 help the client to understand the latest date for sending the payments, avoiding late fees.

Say No to Manual Invoicing

Manual invoices are out-of-the-date. Issuing invoices on paper, doing manual calculations, and formatting can make a wrong impression on your clients. Also, manual invoicing can lead to many errors or calculation mistakes, raising authenticity concerns.

Review and Double-Check

Proofreading is the key to accuracy. Reviewing an invoice before sending or double-checking an invoice total and other details before sending it to the client helps maintain the details' accuracy. It helps to rectify mistakes before issuing a final copy to the client.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Another fact to getting paid on time is offering multiple online payment methods to the client. When a client has more payment gateways to send payments, the client can easily choose the preferred one and send the payment on time.

Automate Recurring Invoices

A Recurring invoice is issued to regular clients or for regular or long-term projects. Generating an invoice on time can help you get paid, and that's what the invoicing software does by automating the recurring invoices for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write an Invoice for Consulting Services?

A consulting business invoice can be easily generated by downloading the consulting business invoice templates online. Also, a consulting business software helps generate professional invoices in minutes.

What Should a Consulting Invoice Include?

A consulting invoice must include all the necessary information of a professional consulting invoice including the invoice date, number, business name, billable hours, services rendered, expense report amount, signature, payment terms, and much more.

What are the Billing Methods for Consulting?

The billing methods for consulting include hourly rate, fixed project flat rate fees, milestone-based payment, value-based pay, retainer fee, cost plus and expenses plus markup, etc.

How to Do Consultants Bill for Services?

Consultants must download the flexible invoice templates to generate a final invoice. The independent small business consultants working on hourly projects can issue a timesheet invoice to bill for their provided services. Moreover, a consulting invoice software helps send professional invoices in minutes.