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Therapy Invoice Template

Helping patients recover from mental illness isn't done in just a single day. Similarly, boring administrative tasks like invoicing and accounting consumes a lot of your time. Luckily, we have made it easier with our ready-to-use therapist invoice templates. Pick any of your preferred therapy invoice templates and generate professional-looking invoices in no time. Issue an invoice as soon as you complete a patient's treatment and receive payment in a timely manner.

Therapy Invoice Template

Download The Free Therapy Invoice Template

We offer a variety of therapy templates to lessen your workload and improve cash flows. All you need to do is download, edit and
generate therapist invoices in just a few minutes.

Blank Commercial
Blank Commercial

Download the blank commercial template from our invoicing platform for free and edit the necessary details such as patient name, contact, email and consultation fees. Once the invoice is ready, share it instantly with your clients via Whatsapp or email and expect payment faster.


Get an invoice template designed specially for your different therapy sessions. Invest no time in designing and formatting invoice hard copies with our online invoicing platform. Issue therapy invoice in such a professional way that your client does not waste a minute in completing the payment.


Make sure you give proper treatment to those who are suffering from mental illness without worrying about paperworks. Choose a customized psychologist template, fill up details and make error-free invoices as soon as you are done with the patient's treatment.


Psychiatry practice often keeps you busy in treating individuals with mental health problems. This does not mean you send poorly-made invoices. Just download a psychiatrist template that caters to your requirements and create digital invoices in a fraction of minute.


Put the patient’s details and consultation charges directly on a ready-made invoice template perfectly designed for Psychotherapists. Issue a professional-looking invoice that quickly captures your client’s attention and helps you get paid faster. Download it at no cost.

Behavioral psychologists
Behavioral psychologists

Generate clean and error-free invoices that actually make a difference in terms of payment collection. Once your patient's health is recovered, use this ready-made template for generating invoices and experience no more delays in payments. Collect free psychologist templates now.

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Never let hand-made invoices affect your financial plans and business efficiency.

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What is the Use of a Therapy Invoice Template?

What is the Use of a Therapy Invoice Template?

Invoices made of therapy template not only garners client's attention easily but also eliminates need of proper storage space. Here is why most therapists prefer downloading invoice templates.

Remote Accessibility

Invoices are no longer accessible from remote locations if made using pen and paper. This challenge has now been overshadowed by digital invoices. Such online invoices are created only using suitable therapy templates and can be easily accessible even if you are far away from the clinic.

Less Unpaid Invoices

Clients may delay the payment process if they do not have a clear idea of the due amount. This could be possible because of poorly-written invoices on paper. To get rid of such recurring issues, the use of a customizable therapy template significantly impacts your invoicing process, ultimately you would have less unpaid invoices.

Easy Health Insurance Claims

Therapy invoice templates aid you in preparing invoices that are easy to store and access when you need them most. It plays a vital role in claiming health insurance as you would have invoices right at your fingertips. As a result, you can expect quick approval from an insurance company.

How to Create or Fill an Invoice for a Therapy?

Be it for a therapist or psychiatrists, Moon Invoice has made the online invoicing process effortless. Here is how to generate online therapy invoice in a few steps:

  1. Get a therapy invoice template free Invoice of your choice by logging in to Moon Invoice.
  2. Then, add the patient's details like name, address, email and therapy services provided to them.
  3. Also, include therapist name, contact details and clinic logo while creating a therapy invoice.
  4. Thereafter, add your consultation fees and describe healthcare checkups provided to the patient.
  5. Now, the total pending amount will be automatically calculated while you mention the issue date and due date.
  6. As a therapist, you can also include additional notes if required for under-treatment clients.
  7. Once all details are included, click on the 'Save' button to get your invoice ready.
How to Create an Invoice for an Accounting?
Why Should Therapist Business Owners Send Professional invoices?

Why Should Therapist Business Owners Send Professional invoices?

Therapist send professional invoices to patients for numerous reasons, here are some of them:

No Frequent Call-ups

When you share professionally-made invoices in a timely manner, you don't have to engage in call-ups. You can encourage clients to pay due amounts online instead of cash payment.

Professional Reputation

Since ordinary invoices fail to make a long-lasting impression, sending online invoices in a professional way can build a strong reputation within the medical community.

No Dispute Over Invoices

Professional invoices reduce the chances of client's disagreement as it clearly highlights due date and amount along with payment terms. Ultimately, helping you to get paid on time.

Spend Less Time and Effort on Administrative Tasks

Let our software Moon Invoice handle your invoicing job while you focus on a mental health therapy practice.

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Invoice Tips for Therapy business Owners

Therapists should follow these effective tips while creating a new invoice from scratch.

Write Clean Invoice

Make a clean and error-free invoice that is easy to read and understand for your patients. Refrain sending poorly-made invoices as it might result in payment delays.

Mention Correct Outstanding Amount

Every time you mention the due amount, double-check whether the entered number is correct. If not, you may engage in dispute over invoices and the client would not complete the payment.

Include Payment Terms

It is the important part of the invoices that should be taken care of by a therapist while generating invoices. Define the payment terms and conditions in detail.

Offer Payments Options

Provide your patients a convenient way of completing payment via different modes. This option eliminates the need of being physically present and carrying the cash all the time.

Review Therapy Invoice

Whenever you create an invoice, develop a habit to check it twice or thrice before sharing the invoice with clients. Make sure you read every detail carefully to ensure all things are correctly mentioned.

Keep Record of Issued Invoices

Therapists should have a copy of sent invoices kept securely in cloud storage. Such invoices play a significant role at the time of tax return. Eventually, you don’t need to flip through papers.

What Should Be Included in a Therapy Invoice?

As a therapist, you must include these below-mentioned details when it comes to generating a new therapy invoice.

Invoice Number & Date

Insert basic invoicing details such as invoice number, issue date, due date and choose currency.

Clinic Name & Contact

Type your clinic name, address, email and business logo along with an emergency contact number.

Patient's Name and Phone Number

Ensure the patient's name and contact details are correct to avail health insurance claims.

Checkups Details

Put healthcare checkups and therapy sessions carried out by you along with consultation fees.

Payment Terms

Clearly describe payment terms & conditions to get rid of last-minute disputes with clients.

Therapist Signature

Authorize an invoice by putting your signature or stamp once the invoice is ready-to-go.

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Therapy Clients?

What is the Best Time to Send an Invoice to Your Therapy Clients?

The time for Issuing invoices to your clients relies on the type of therapy received by the patient. For preliminary assessment, you can share invoices once the checkups are completed and the patient is all set to leave your clinic. However, the same can’t be said for patients receiving therapy sessions periodically. For them, you can send invoices weekly or monthly, depending on the number of patient’s therapy sessions.

Additionally, you must consider issuing the original copy of the invoice only after the patient's health starts improving. In case of home visit you can generate a therapy invoice straight away using our invoicing app if the client demands. Sending accurate invoices on time not only boosts the payment process but also develops long-term relationships with clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an invoice in therapy?

It is a written document that signifies the consultation fees demanded by the therapist for providing necessary check ups and therapy sessions. This formal document is issued by the therapist, asking the patient to pay the said amount. It can be kept in patient health records to avail insurance claims.

How do I make an invoice for therapy?

Here is how to make a therapy invoice at no cost using Moon Invoice:

  • Login to Moon Invoice as a free trial user
  • Download therapist invoice template for free
  • Fill details such as patient’s details, due amount and due date
  • Next, save the invoice and share it via Whatsapp or Email.

Can I create my own invoice template?

Yes, we offer 66+ invoice templates for free. You can choose any template that suits your requirements and simply edit it. As soon as you save the button, your invoice will be ready to share with patients. Avail your 7-day free trial on Moon Invoice and go through different invoicing templates.

How can I save a digital therapy invoice?

Therapist invoices made through invoicing software can be saved automatically in the cloud storage. You don’t need to worry about storage space as everything will be stored in cloud-based invoicing software. So, you can access those invoices easily whenever needed.