Cloud Kitchen Management Software

A POS management system specially designed for cloud kitchens. Get a smart POS terminal to manage your online food orders. Quick billing guaranteed.

Online Invoice Payment Processing
Online Invoice Payment Processing

Optimize Cloud Kitchen Digitally

Our kitchen manager software helps optimize your dark kitchens digitally by organizing everything from order management, inventory, speed-up delivery, and billing. It is designed to offer a complete order management solution by enhancing productivity that ultimately helps in generating more revenue.

Our POS management system offers desktops, smartphones, and laptops a swift terminal setup. Hence, you can simply log on to the device to access your cloud kitchen's data. Manage your cloud kitchens or restaurant chain from anywhere in the world!

Add Menu Items With Images

To manage your cloud kitchen efficiently, we have designed an efficient menu that helps add items with images and descriptions for quick checkout. Next time you create a bill, you need not search for each menu item by typing its name, as you can easily find it by identifying images.

Online Invoice Payment Processing
Online Invoice Payment Processing

Central Order Management

Our cloud kitchen POS system allows access to central order management that helps restaurant or kitchen supervisors in processing different customer orders with ease. Cloud kitchen owners can access the status of live orders from anywhere in the world. Hence, we call it a simple yet central online ordering platform, as all your kitchen orders can be accessed and managed from anywhere without delay.

Track Inventory With Sales

Restaurant or cloud kitchen owners find it really difficult to manage inventories. Just like we need an expense tracker for keeping an eye on business finances, the restaurant business requires an inventory or stock tracker to keep an eye on the sales. Our restaurant system management tool offers accurate inventory tracking for all the grocery and food packaging items. Therefore you can focus more on growing your business, allowing our POS management system to record and track the inventory with sales.

Online Invoice Payment Processing
Online Invoice Payment Processing

Cloud Kitchen Analytics

Cloud kitchen owners can now get perfect business analytics to measure sales and performance, inventory, and taxes with our POS management system. A business owner can track the total number of items sold, quarters report, order aging report, expense, and tax report, profit and loss report, sales by user report, customer report, and more using our cloud kitchen management software.

One Click Billing

Busy restaurant owners and cloud kitchen managers often look forward to an easy billing terminal for printing quick bills. Restaurants can make the most of their dining and delivery business by experiencing one-click billing with our POS management system. Add items to the menu, add discounts and taxes, get the total amount, and click on the print icon to issue a bill to the customer.

Online Invoice Payment Processing

Increase Your Cloud Kitchen Productivity By 45%

Get started with Moon POS to manage your cloud kitchen orders, inventory, and billing on the go.

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Online Invoice Payment Processing
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Do You Wish To Improve Your Cloud Kitchen's Billing Cycle?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A POS system for a restaurant works basically like kitchen management software. It helps the restaurant or the cloud kitchen owner manage overall orders, deliveries, and bills using a single dashboard.

Cloud or dark kitchens need a complete restaurant management system (POS) to efficiently run their order and billing cycle. It helps take orders, track live orders, and bill. Also, kitchen management solutions help get perfect business analytics and performance.

Whether running a single food or delivery outlet or an entire chain, a POS management system's benefits remain the same. It helps minimize monotonous work, thereby digitalizing order-taking, stock management, menu management, billing, and taxation formalities.

POS systems help with customer relationship management that helps retain loyal customers too. Moon POS is quite more and beyond the traditional POS terminal. It stores all the customer data along with live table reservations or delivery information to print bills with customer names. It is a must-have online ordering platform for food aggregators.

Stop Wasting Time On Making Food Delivery Bills

Make the most of your cloud kitchen business deliveries by digitalizing your outlet's billing experience.