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Schedule Client Appointments, Manage Stock & Speed-up Billing with Spa & Salon POS System.

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Manage Inventory

Spa and salon have got a considerable amount of skincare products to be maintained in the store. You can keep a check on your spa or salon products digitally by integrating our salon and spa POS software.

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Schedule Appointments

Schedule all your client appointments on the go with spa and salon POS software. Plan your salon or spa's calendar by having a glance at the POS system. Our POS system helps you manage clients efficiently.

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Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Complete Cloud Access

Not an active business partner at the salon or spa? Do not worry! Our spa & salon POS system allows you to access your business from anywhere in the world. Just login & you are on it!

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Secure Payments

Accept payments from your clients and customers through various business payment gateways. We help you with a highly secure salon & spa POS system for swift business payment services.

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Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Salon Insights

Get a complete check on your salon and spa outlet income with our spa POS software. We help you manage your business better by checking the detailed service reports from the available filters.

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Quick Billing

Bills on the go! Yes, with Moon Invoice POS, you can avoid the billing hassles within a second. All your streamlined client bills can be printed in a moment. So, get ready to bill your customers!

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Moon Invoice

Running an exotic spa or salon outlet?

Our spa and salon POS software suit the requirement of both standalone as well as multi-chain beauty and lifestyle outlets.

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Manage your service business at your fingertips!

Time and flexibility run hand in hand when you have our spa & salon POS system! Consult our experts to run your sweet mart independently!

Modern POS System for Retail & Restaurant

Are you running any of these businesses or outlets? POS System for Each Defined Vertical.

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Reduce Your Operating Costs to 75%

It's time to integrate your spa and salon with our Cloud POS system!

A salon and spa billing software helps you manage your business autonomously. Our POS system has extensive features to save your business hours & enhance overall business productivity.

Connect with our experts for managing your clients smartly!

Frequently Asked Questions

By integrating our salon and spa POS software in your store, you bring many tasks to automation mode. It helps manage inventory, products, sales, billing, bill printing, tax summary, business insights, etc.

POS systems for restaurants help your business focus on other creative tasks as many operations are managed with automation. Be it order management, stock management, billing, sales report, etc., is managed via the software.

Be it standalone or multi-chain salons, our spa & salon POS system suits both. We have got the essential POS features to ease your business operations.

Yes, your spa or salon can expect secure business payments from clients and customers with the Moon Invoice POS system. We have got all the famous International business payment services on our board, including PayPal, UPI, Stripe, Razorpay, Internet Banking, etc.

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