POS System for Salon
and Spa

Makeover your salon & spa business with our effortless billing and checkout system. Don't let manual billing and stock management knock back your business! Download Moon POS to deliver a seamless industry experience.

POS System for Salon and Spa

Why Does Your Spa or Salon Need a Point Of Sale System?

Running a beauty salon or a spa? We understand how important it is for you to manage your store and customers. Here are some reasons you can efficiently help your business grow by investing in the right salon POS systems.

Quickens the Billing Process

A spa and salon POS system helps with a quick billing feature to speed up the checkout process. Moon POS has the most user-friendly checkout interface that prints bills in the blink of an eye. View, edit, and download salon bills for your clients in a single click.

Quickens the Billing Process
  • Quick billing improves customer service.
  • Quick bill and checkout are signs of using an efficient POS system.
  • Easy checkout is accessible to anyone handling the billing functions in the beauty salon or spa.
Quickens the Billing Process

Manages Beauty Product Stocks

Stocks and inventory are a significant headache for spa and beauty salons. Gone are the days when the salons were only selling services; now, they are selling products too. Our salon and spa POS software helps manage the complete product inventory as our POS has a synchronized billing and stock management system.

Exclusive Stock Benefits
  • As and when you create an invoice, the product stock is updated in the application.
  • Get low-stock alerts for selected stock update products.
  • Manage new purchases as per the stock and inventory reports.
Manages Beauty Product Stocks

Forecasts Business Growth

One of the many reasons we recommend our beauty salon POS software is that it helps forecast your business growth with the help of 20 different financial reports. Whether sales, stock, profit, expenses, or invoices, our POS system automatically generates all the accurate financial reports for your salons and spas.

Exclusive Reports Benefits
  • View, download, and print 15+ different business reports.
  • Make your financial decisions based on the profit and loss reports.
  • Get a clue on the unpaid bills with the invoice aging report.
Forecasts Business Growth

Helps in Creating Happy Hours' Campaigns

Make your spa and salon business more engaging and fun-loving by offering discounts on beauty and spa services. Our salon and spa POS system helps design unique discount campaigns as per the categories and products selected. The discounts are automatically applied at the time of the checkout.

Exclusive Happy Hours Benefits
  • Design customized offers on different beauty and spa services using Moon POS.
  • Apply the discounts effortlessly during checkout.
  • Auto-schedule the discount campaigns in advance for particular days or events.
Helps in Creating Happy Hours' Campaigns

Offers Multiple Payment Options

The ultimate goal of any business is to get timely payments. Moon POS, salon and spa point of sale offer 15+ online payment methods for receiving payments. Be it PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, UPI, and more- we have all the popular payment methods integrated with our salon and spa POS software.

Exclusive Payment Benefits
  • Accept client payments by cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, or online methods.
  • Issue receipts to the clients as proof of payments.
  • Request a custom payment method if your frequently used payment integration is not listed in our beauty salon POS software.
Offers Multiple Payment Options

Manage Your Beauty Salon & Spa's Billing 10X Faster

Moon POS can help your beauty and salon business gain immense billing speed and accuracy with its exclusive inbuilt POS features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spa and Salon POS Software?

A best salon POS system helps the spa and salon business with efficient billing, checkout, stock management, business reports, appointment scheduling, customer loyalty program, and much more. It is designed to streamline the business process easily for seamless management.

What Should be Included with An All-In-One Salon Point of Sale Provider?

An all-in-one spa and salon POS system must have features like billing, receipts, stock management, online payments including debit and credit card payments, business reports, loyalty program, etc.

What are the Payment Solutions Provided by Moon POS?

Moon POS provides online payment integrations such as Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and other digital wallets. Our POS system for salon and spa also records payments received by cash and cheque. Nevertheless, it also supports debit and credit card transactions.

Can I Use My Existing Computer Or Tablet?

Yes, our spa and salon point of sale system supports Android tablets as well as Windows desktops. Be it online booking, employee management, or payment processing- everything can be easily managed using the salon point of sale system on your computer or tablet.

Is My Data Secure Using Your Salon POS System?

Yes, Moon POS is a safe spa and salon POS system because your data is end to end encrypted.

Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your salon or spa business account with Moon POS anytime.

Can I Download Moon POS for FREE?

Yes, we offer a seven days free trial offer that starts as and when you register your salon and spa business.