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How Moon Invoice Supported Rasmus Mortensen To Run His Freelancing Graphic Designing Services Smoothly

Moon Invoice spent a dedicated time to fathom the needs of Rasmus and delivered the solution that he has been looking for so long. Rasmus needed an easy to use, all in one solution which could track his expenses and manage his finances on the go, and Moon Invoice couldn’t have done it better.

Moon Invoice helped pave the way for Rasmus to grow his graphic services effectively than ever before. Moon Invoice presented its esteem invoicing features to Rasmus to ease up the process of managing finances, keeping track of expenses, income, etc. all in one app.

Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice


The quest for the online invoicing app that has it all begins. Baffled, Rasmus looked online for an ideal solution. He tried to find out solutions, all of which missed the mark concerning his requirements. However, at that point he discovered Moon Invoice and promptly pursued a free trial. He prevailed upon immediately, and in a few days, he went for the subscription.

"It has a user-friendly interface and is anything but difficult to utilize. I discovered everything the features that I required to make my invoicing simpler and better," Rasmus said. "I had a couple of requirements and questions, which I got addressed quickly through the customer support.


With tight cutoff times and different projects, Rasmus Mortensen struggled keeping the steadiness over his invoicing. That’s when Moon Invoice came to his rescue.

"I used to bill my clients toward the finish of consistently for my web designing services. I began to delay invoicing for my one-time extends so I could do everything at once," Rasmus said.

For his services, Rasmus bills his customers month to month, quarterly, and yearly. So with Moon Invoice, he made a common invoicing profile for every client with the recurrence, and rate. Moon Invoice utilizes this data to consequently send invoices within a pre-defined time frame indicated by the client.

"I love the recurring invoice which you can simply set up a billing profile for every client once, and Moon Invoice deals with the rest. I get truly glad toward the start of the month when I understand that Moon Invoice has done all my invoicing for me!"

Moon Invoice


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