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About us

Moon Invoice was founded in 2011 by Jayanti Katariya. Just like any other entrepreneur, he too was tired with the hassle of managing finances, invoicing and payroll. Understanding this scenario, he went onto develop an ideal invoicing solution that fills the gap invoicing and gave a much better way for business owners to manage their businesses. Moon Invoice was founded when there was a lack of technology to handle and streamline the whole bunch of payments globally. Moon Invoice quickly overcame this hurdle by helping them saving their time and avoid hiring payment staff.

Moon Invoice was immediately welcomed by many business owners looking for a better way to deal with their finances in one place. Today, Moon Invoice proudly delivers the time tracking and billing requirements of millions of customers around the world, from business owners to freelancers.

Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Streamlining Invoice Solutions

Moon Invoice is an online invoicing application that was developed with the vision of providing seamless invoicing solutions to businesses across the globe. Having been running a business ourselves, we know the hassle of tracking expenses, managing invoices and ensuring on time payments to be able to maintain the strong cash flow. Behind the idea of Moon Invoice is simple. We fill this gap and provide quick and fully-equipped online invoicing solutions to large scale businesses, small businesses, freelancers and contractors.






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