Here is a fact-based statistic to consider before we get into the best Invoice Ninja alternatives for 2021.

A recent survey by, “Year Ahead,” revealed that nearly 57% of Mid-sized businesses had enacted free online invoicing software, just 1 % less than large businesses. At the same time, the rise of internet billing software is still in its early stages in Small businesses, with 45% implementing it.

Firms that Have Implemented Accounting SoftwareImplementation of accounting software for business

Accounting is one of the most intense industries globally, and every company that does business in this area must strive to be as competitive as possible to survive. However, in today’s digitally dominated world, the best accounting software for business cannot be your only weapon for ensuring survival.

To choose the top alternative for Invoice Ninja, let’s discuss the actual Invoice Ninja itself. Customers may be invoiced and billed using Invoice Ninja, a “free, open-source solution.” It enables you to quickly create and send attractive invoices from any device with an online connection’ and is a Business & Commerce app.

If you’re on the fence about buying Invoice Ninja but haven’t looked into the various free online invoicing software options offered by competitors, you should do so. It just takes a little moment to look at the best Invoice Ninja alternative. You can rapidly get a comprehensive understanding of alternative systems by reading their primary functions and ideas.

Best Invoice Ninja Alternative to look in 2022

Here we begin our exclusive read with information on the best accounting software for businesses. Few of the best Invoice Ninja alternatives include cloud-based functionality.

1. Wave

Wave Accounting

For those seeking the most acceptable and best Invoice Ninja alternative, Wave is a great choice. It is a very successful and widely used brand in the company accounting industry. 

Wave’s free online invoicing software provides many accounting functionalities for your small business, including revenue, transactions, double-entry accounting, banking, and various reports, making it ideal for freelancers and sole proprietors. Wave’s online invoicing software is also suitable for sole proprietors.

Customer service is a priority at Wave Accounting, which provides personalized invoicing training and excellent customer care. However, since Wave accounting does not assist in the monitoring or managing inventory systems, it is best suited for businesses that operate facilities rather than sell goods.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online

If you’re searching for cloud accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses or the best Invoice Ninja alternative, QuickBooks is a great option to consider. QuickBooks Online is a very well and extensively utilized brand in the area of business accounting. 

There is a wide variety of capabilities, strong accountability, excellent payroll and taxes, and many links to other programs available via the software. Also, it isn’t a surprise that FreshBooks is a top alternative for Invoice Ninja and QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks Online is an excellent choice for small businesses seeking dependable free online invoicing software, as well as big or project management companies.

3. Moon Invoice

Online Billing Software for Small Business- Moon Invoice

As one of the first companies to provide a fast, all-in-one payment solution, Moon Invoice is the top alternative for Invoice Ninja and the best accounting software for businesses.

Customer billing options have been reliable from the beginning of the invoicing cycle, thanks to this free online invoicing software. Contractors, small business owners, and big corporations benefit from its ability to efficiently and ultimately meet their particular needs and objectives.

Because of the more easily accessible tax structure, you can keep track of the value of your tax liabilities no matter in which country you are operating. Moon Invoice software makes it simple to generate invoices regularly.

Moon Invoice automatically sends bill alerts to help you keep track of your expenditures in a short amount of time and to give extralinguistic support. A best Invoice Ninja alternative you should consider.

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4. FreshBooks


As mentioned earlier, FreshBooks is the top alternative for Invoice Ninja, which is best suited for a single proprietor or freelancer who typically maintains company records using Excel and spreadsheets.

FreshBooks is simple, uncomplicated, and easy to use. FreshBooks offers both a self-employed package and a team plan for small businesses with several users. FreshBooks often provides an intuitive user interface that many casual technology users will find simple to use.

FreshBooks has included double-entry accounting capability, which is a significant advantage for any small business with at least one employee.

This free online invoicing software facilitates budget management, corporate billing, time tracking, and the ability to track customer payments. Additionally, FreshBooks allows you to create flat-rate or hourly projects, as well as client estimations.

5. Harvest


Harvest includes time tracking as a standard feature, with the addition of online invoicing as an optional extra. Harvest is free to use. Small businesses or self-employed people who do not need a robust infrastructure from the start are the best accounting software for business. 

Harvest is a user-friendly platform that enables users to generate invoices quickly and simply without technical knowledge. Harvest often simplifies transferring data to Excel, which is a valuable tool for anybody who has to manage monthly billing.

If you need an accounting solution, this may be an excellent choice as accounting software for the healthcare industry. One disadvantage of this free top alternative for Invoice Ninja is that it is more expensive than other plans that do not include custom themes.

6. Zoho


Zoho Invoice is well-structured and simple-to-use accounting software for small businesses that are widely used. This top alternative for Invoice Ninja offers a variety of user-friendly apps. Companies will benefit from the ability to streamline the billing process and save time as a result.

In many cases, the Zoho Invoice contains a report builder, which can be viewed and modified using the available software while the Invoice is hosted in the cloud. It is thus possible to make use of and connect Zoho Invoice to its other platform if you want to manage invoices, invoices and invoicing, quotations, linkages, and expenditures, among other things.

7. Invoicera


Invoicera is another excellent free invoicing software option for companies that operate on a time-and-materials basis. The rest of the application is cloud-based, allowing you to utilize it on and around your mobile phone. Although the program’s settings are quick, many choices cover virtually every aspect of accounting except personal accounting.

While Invoicera, as a best Invoice Ninja alternative, does not provide as many templates as other competitors, its templates are entirely customizable.

8. Xero


For small company accounting solutions that business owners can use for various purposes, there is no better alternative to Invoice Ninja than Xero, the best Invoice Ninja alternative.

While Xero offers sufficient accounting capabilities, it also can incorporate apps into the applications. Xero interacts with over 700 other applications, giving you a wide variety of alternatives.

Xero is a fantastic choice as free online invoicing software for sole proprietors, freelancers, and small- and medium-sized companies, but it is also a good match for those working in the information technology, law, banking, and e-commerce industries.

Invoice Ninja X Odoo X Moon Invoice

9. Kashoo


Kashoo is another option to Invoice Ninja that you may explore. However, Kashoo 2.0 introduces a completely redesigned user experience. Kashoo 2.0 retains all of the features of Kashoo 2.0, including address, balance, taxes, and invoices, but it has been entirely redesigned.

As a free online invoicing software, Kashoo’s simple setup method enables you to rapidly create your company, upload tax data, including sales tax records, and access your bank accounts.

10. ZipBooks


While the Lite version of FreshBooks allows for limitless invoices, they can only be issued to a maximum of five clients. ZipBooks’ free edition, on the other hand, allows for an infinite number of invoices and customers.

Another fantastic feature of this best accounting software for business is that you may update your company and adjust your accounting needs at any time, whether you choose the Smarter plan ($15 per month) or the advanced plan ($35 per month). These premium memberships feature time tracking, unlimited users, and block books.

11. InvoiceBerry


Through Zapier, InvoiceBerry connects with over 1500 apps, allowing you to automate tasks and uncover new productivity superpowers. This does seem to be the top alternative for Invoice Ninja.

Zapier allows you to automate and connect to other critical apps with only a few clicks. These connections enable automated data transfer between apps, allowing you to focus on your most essential tasks.

Additionally, you may integrate time-tracking technology to allow for a more accurate evaluation of each second spent on tasks and projects. Additionally, InvoiceBerry integrates with Slack and Trello.

You may use Slack to keep your whole team updated when new quotes are produced or paid. Alternatively, you may add a new InvoiceBerry item to your Trello board. This free online invoicing software saves you time throughout the day by operating in the background while you concentrate on your business.

12. Invoice2go


A professional and simple invoicing system, Invoice2go helps businesses in monitoring all of their expenses and payments throughout the month or calendar year. It is a reporting tool that aids companies in trying to keep track of all of their operations and transactions-related information.

Businesses can generate and send professional invoices and estimates to customers in a matter of minutes using online tools. Invoice2go also allows businesses to accept online payments from consumers using debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal via their website. The software helps companies keep track of all bills, debts, and income received from particular customers by using reminders.

As an additional feature of this best Invoice Ninja alternative, you can set payment reminders and send nice notes to consumers about future payments. It also maintains track of whether or not the Invoice has been viewed by the client, according to Invoice2go. Client feedback may also be collected and reviewed by including it in the billing procedure. 

As a free online invoicing software, it may send out email reports regularly that include information on total invoicing, collections, and receivables across customers. Invoice2go assists in creating a digital profile for companies and comfortably suited for all organizations, big or little.

13. Sage 50Cloud

Sage 50cloud Accounting

Sage 50cloud Accounting is the most excellent option to Invoice Ninja for consumers with a greater level of technical expertise. They provide a comprehensive set of features for small companies, including robust customer administration, sales monitoring, purchase orders, and a stock control module.

Sage 50cloud accounting, which is available in three flavors, is well-suited for small and growing companies, including Quantum, which can manage up to 40 customers.

Scalability is a critical component of Sage 50Cloud accounting.

14. Intacct 

Sage Intacct

Intacct is the powerful and most delicate accounting software for businesses that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to acquire entry-level accounting solutions. The free invoicing software is distinguished by its well-designed feature suite and is acknowledged by the AICPA as the market leader in financial-related CPA systems. Additionally, the technology enables financial professionals to make informed decisions based on important figures and statistics.

The platform, which includes significant connectivity with Salesforce, Development Sandbox, Clarizen, and Paychex, may be utilized by businesses in the retail, wholesale, and healthcare sectors and others that need active financial oversight.

15. AND CO 


AND.CO was created to help freelancers and entrepreneurs manage their companies to save time. It is also regarded as a one-stop-shop for time management, invoicing, payments, proposals, contracts, task management, and income expenditure monitoring. 

Using this free online accounting software, the user may effectively combine all aspects of company administration and reduce inefficiencies across the organization. AND.CO also assigns a personal “Chief Operator” to any freelancer who joins up with it during working hours to assist the user with problems connected to operating the business or utilizing the program through Live Chat. 

The best Invoice Ninja alternative includes customizing invoices to meet individual requirements and automatically creating invoices depending on the user’s contracts and projects. 

It also allows users to make money through different payment methods like credit cards and PayPal to be paid quicker, and there are no extra costs for accepting payments.  

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Bottom line

We highlighted the top alternative for Invoice Ninja, but the list is not limited to these options. Having attentive and sophisticated free invoicing software on your side is nothing short of a blessing since it simplifies accounting at all times. 

High cost, time, and energy savings are a thing of the past. So, even if you don’t think you need it, you should start utilizing it right now. We recommend being careful when deciding the best online accounting software for businesses. 

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