If you are planning to look for ways to enhance the performance and productivity of your team, Time Tracking can be the perfect place to start. In an ever-changing and competitive business environment, Time can mean money. Among the various metrics that can be used to describe the productivity of your team and thereby the success of your business, Time is one of the key factors.

But in reality, Tracking Time and Attendance is a chore that most employees find it annoying to do.

Some tips and tricks to make your staff use their Time Tracker

Make it easier

Introduce Tools, and Business Apps like Time Tracking App, Time Keeping App, and Task Management App that is easier to learn, use, and follow. This step well taken, will solve half the problem. Set clear guidelines to follow, so that there is no confusion in tracking time accurately and under the right task/ project or labels.

Communicate and Monitor

Communicate with your team in an open manner, as to why it is important to track time, and how it will affect the overall productivity, earnings and success of the business. Good time tracking helps in understanding the status of a project, whether the project is on track to meet the deadlines, to predict the future resource and need requirements, and to allocate resources efficiently. It also helps to bill and raise Invoice accurately.

Communicate and Monitor - Moon Invoice

Once your staff understands the importance of Team Works Tracking and Time and Attendance Tracking, they are most likely to follow and use their Time Tracker.

Be open to feedback and Improvising

Be open to listen and understand what your team feels about the Time Tracking system, and what else can be done to make it better. More importantly, being a Team leader, you should lead from the front as an example, by accurately logging and filling your Timesheets.

Award and Reward

Keep your team members interest and keenness to record Time high, by introducing simple prizes and awards, that will reinforce their behaviour. For, e.g., the whole team gets to do a TGIF party only if everyone has finished filling in their Time Sheets and Trackers. This will ensure that not only your team members will individually follow Time tracking, they will also ensure that everyone in the team does, so as to have a relaxing time.

Award and Reward - Moon Invoice

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