While freelancing brings its fair share of freedom, you need to stay on track with deadlines to maintain good client relations and stay ahead of competitors. Some freelancers feel that using a free time tracker can hamper their productivity. 

Rather, it can help you stay productive and even increase business profitability. Moreover, you can even integrate your time tracking software with automated invoicing software to invoice without any hassles.

Every freelancer must follow these time tracking tips to keep their business profitable. 

1. Set Reminders to Track Time 

Trying to juggle tasks and keeping track of your timer can be an issue- at least in the beginning. However, adding reminders is a great way to get started.

Consider setting reminders on your laptop, phone, or computer to turn on/off your timer. You can set intervals to ring every one hour or an interval that works for you. So, whenever the alarm goes off, take a short break. This will keep you refreshed, and you will be able to do much more in a lesser time. 

Best Time Tracking Software for Freelancers - Moo Invoice

2. Select A Good Time Tracking Software 

There are many free timesheet management software in the market. But, you need to choose one keeping your needs in demand. Many have web versions, while some even offer a plug-in for Chrome. You can even choose a solution that offers a mobile app version. 

Time tracking tool for employees will let you assess your time and efforts and even make accurate invoices using online invoicing software. Thus, make it a point to understand the benefits and features of the time tracking solution you have chosen before purchasing it. 

Some online billing software also offers time tracking features and even lets you take screenshots to share progress with your clients. Whereas some will help you record hours on a real-time basis for seamless invoicing. 

Best Time Tracking Software for Freelancers - Moo Invoice

3. Set up A Method For Making Invoices 

Now that you have a record of your billable hours, the next step is to make invoices using online invoicing software. When you need to manage multiple clients, it becomes all the more important to track invoices and make a system that works for all. 

Time tracking tools for employees can help you automatically generate invoices as and when needed. Else, you might choose to set a day aside and create invoices that day. 

Time tracking software for freelancers - Moon Invoice

4. Have Your Records in Place

As you kick start the invoicing process, make sure you keep your records in place and track them from time to time. Knowing the dates when you have sent your invoices, the amount you have invoiced them for and the amount that has already been paid will help you organize your work accordingly. Besides, it will be super easy for you to report your income and calculate your taxes during the year-end.

Also, having organized records lets you get a better hang of how your time is being spent. You can analyze them to cut down project times and adjust your billable rates accordingly. Automated invoicing software can help you understand when you should send the invoices and even send payment reminders on your behalf. 

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5. Don’t Undercharge

Have you ever charged less for a larger project? You might have seen your time entries growing and your wages adding up and worried that clients would not pay you for the same. But, you don’t need to do it and work for free or lower your amounts beyond a certain limit. 

Always remember that when your client requests a project, they need to get an idea of the cost. If you work on lower charges, chances are you will need to work on that for a longer run. Keep the client updated if the project takes longer than expected and communicate the delay in the same. This way, you will be able to make the right invoices using an online invoicing generator and set the right precedent for your clients. Furthermore, you will be able to set your charges for long projects and even onboard high-ticket clients faster. 

6. Have Fixed Working Times

Yes, we get it that you choose to freelance, not to be tied by the clock. But, identifying times where you can work with peak focus will help you deliver better outputs and maintain a steady workflow. 

The best part is that using a free time tracker; you can make your own schedule and even stay accountable for the same. This will also help you manage your billable hours with online billing software.

Moreover, when you have set hours for your work, no one will interrupt you during that time. This will reduce distractions and even improve your ability to track your hours accurately. 

Also, when you know that you will have free time, you will be able to focus on your tasks in a far better manner. You can set your time tracking solution in a chrome extension, set the alarm and then work on completing your task with 200% focus! 

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Wrapping Up 

Free timesheet management software can do wonders for your business for those new or even established in their freelance career. You will get paid faster and achieve financial stability faster when you know the right time to bill clients. This way, you will take on more projects and gradually make big profits.

So, please keep track of your time with good time tracking software and invest in an online invoicing generator to unravel all its business benefits. If you wish to purchase one but cannot finalize it, you can contact us at +1-805-491-9393 or reach us at support@mooninvoice.com.