Accounting is one operation that demands utmost accuracy and precision regardless of the business size. Some of the key operations of accounting are beyond humans’ capabilities. This is where online billing and invoicing software comes into the pictures.

This piece of technology has impeccable capabilities that can help a business to streamline and automate the entire accounting process. The surging demand for accounting software has made the marketplace a bit over-crowded.

There are multiple players in this field which is either a good or a bad thing. Good as in there is no dearth of opportunities and bad as in choosing the right kind of tool is not that easy.

This is why we are lending a helping hand. In this article, we are suggesting to you some of the best business accounting software that a small business can bank upon in 2020 and beyond.

#1 – Moon Invoice

Undoubtedly, our first choice is Moon Invoice. It is the best-of-breed cloud invoice software that is equipped with every needed accounting feature. Its cut-above technology is capable of reducing human interaction to the maximum possible extent and increasing the accuracy and viability in business accounting operations.

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As you will reach at the end of the list, we will find out that it is one of the most affordable online billing software that any small business can own without any qualms.

Moon Invoice

As it has amazing customization ability, it can easily meet the ever-evolving business needs.

Equipped with features like payment processing time tracking, mobile sync, recurring billing, invoicing, and many more, Moon Invoice is capable of handling the workflow of any kind of business.

Small businesses can also bank upon bank it because of its amazing affordability. With a bare minimum monthly expense, its subscriptions are easy-on-the-pocket and feature-rich at the same time.

Introducing this cloud invoicing software in any business ecosystem has sure-shot benefits like increased productivity, better cash-flow management, and improved accuracy.

After reading all this, you won’t be surprised to know that 1.7 million+ global businesses have already shown faith in Moon Invoice. Gladly, Moon Invoice has managed to upkeep all the expectations.

Why We Loved It?

  • Impressive security encryption
  • Great OS compatibility

Starting Price – $2.50 per month

#2 – FreshBooks

Up next on the list is FreshBooks. It is an easy-to-use online billing and invoicing software that businesses of all kinds can bank upon. While it offers more or less features similar to Moon Invoice, it is far pocket heavy than our first choice.

FreshBooks Invoice - Moon Invoice

It has amazing multi-currency support and lets a business accept payment via multiple means.

Why We Loved It?

  • Ease of usage and great functionality.

Starting Price – $7.50 per month

#3 – Zoho

Zoho is a well-known name in the industry of business software. This service provider offers multiple kinds of software and accounting is one of them. Its accounting software comes with a friendly interface and has ample features.

Zoho Accounting software - Moon Invoice

Why We Loved It?

  • Amazing integration

Starting Price – $9.00 per month

#4 – QuickBooks

Built by some of the most advanced cloud computing technology, QuickBooks is a best-of-breed product. Its high cost makes it a classified product but its functionality is one-of-its-kind.

QuickBooks Online - Moon Invoice

It organizes everything in one place efficiently and helps you save time and efforts in accounting related operations.

Why We Loved It?

  • Multiple add-ons

Starting Price – $25 per month

#5 – Invoice2Go

Invoice2Go is suitable for small businesses that aim to automate mundane yet crucial accounting operations. While it can be used on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms easily, MacOS is not at all compatible.

Invoice2Go - Moon Invoice

Why We Loved It?

  • Ability to handle multiple businesses.

Starting Price – $5.99 per month

#6 – Wave

With capabilities like creating professional-looking invoices and tracking expenses in real-time. Wave is our sixth choice. It integrates well with your bank and syncs all the payments.

wave invoice - Moon Invoice

By managing the cash flow, it makes your tax ready easily. It is free for use. Hence, a lack of some crucial features is expected. However, it is not at all a bad choice for start-ups and freelancers who need only basic features.

Why We Loved It?

  • An easy interface that needs no special expertise to use.

Starting Price – Free to use.

#7 – Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple offers the simplest way to bring accounting to the cloud and have better accessibility. It lets you send online estimates and quotes and help you close a deal in the quickest possible manner.

Invoice Simple - Moon Invoice

Why We Loved It?

  • It’s a great feature-rich invoicing app.

Starting Price – Not mentioned on the website. (Custom quote)

#8 – Bookipi

Trusted by 800,000 million businesses, Bookipi has made our list because of its amazing capabilities. It can track the expenses in real-time and makes the same set of data accessible on all kinds of devices.

Bookipi Invoice - Moon Invoice

Why We Loved It?

  • Clean intuitive UI/UX

Starting Price – Free

#9 – Billdu

Billdu is a professional invoice maker that can be trusted by any of the small business and freelancer because of its free services. Yes, it is absolutely free to use yet offers an impressive feature-suite.

Billdu Invoice -Moon Invoice

It comes with an in-built invoice template library to speed up the invoicing process. Just pick a pre-built format and you are all set to generate a professional invoicing.

Why We Loved It?

  • 14-days free trial

Starting Price – Free

#10 – Invoicera

Our last choice is Invoicera which is a powerful and feature-rich accounting tool. Effortlessly, it can integrate with your existing business and support the business at every level.

Invoicera - Moon Invoice

Why We Loved It?

  • Laudable customization abilities.

Starting Price – $19.95 per month

Wrapping Up

Having accounting software that can automate multiple billing and invoicing operations is a real blessing for all sorts of businesses. Small businesses can integrate success and high-end team productivity by using this simple tool.

All the ten software that we discussed above can easily incorporate into a small business and streamline accounting operations from beginning to end. Hence, ditch the manual accounting and automate it using powerful cloud invoicing software today.