InvoiceBerry is an easy-to-use billing and invoice software that claims to resolve all the billing related in 60 seconds. But, this is not always true. Billing and invoicing is one of the most tedious and complex jobs that one can ever handle.

To attain perfection in this job, one needs to own the best and cut-above billing software.

Also, with the change of time, business needs changes. Hence, it is very much possible that you need the best InvoiceBerry alternative to cater to the ever-evolving business needs.

All your answers related to hunting the ideal InvoiceBerry alternative will be hidden in this post. So, stay tuned.

Why You Might Need an InvoiceBerry Alternative?

Businesses, especially the growing ones, need a tool that evolves with them and acts as a support rather than a hindrance. While InvoiceBerry is a good choice, it lacks flexibility after a certain point.

Also, the technology trends upgrade so frequently that any billing software can become obsolete in no time. All these factors raise the need to upgrade the existing billing and invoicing software and choose the best InvoiceBerry Alternative.

What is an Ideal InvoiceBerry Alternative?

To replace the InvoiceBerry with full perfection, you need an alternative that is advanced, updated, easy-to-use and is pocket-friendly. We did extensive research on all these parameters and found out the best match- Moon Invoice.

Already trusted by 1.7 million users globally, Moon Invoice is the best alternative to InvoiceBerry and many other leading billing and invoicing software. Its performance is so up to the mark that many leading media houses have featured it a couple of times.

If you have already managed to know about what wonders Moon Invoice can do and using it then congratulations as you have made the right choice. If you are ignorant on this front, here is a quick overview of Moon Invoice.

Built with the world’s leading and cutting-edge AI, Moon Invoice is a highly affordable and easy-to-use billing and invoice software that automates the invoicing process from the ground up brings accuracy in invoicing, and allows a business to utilize the manpower more efficiently.

By incorporating this billing and invoicing software into the ecosystem, businesses can easily:

  • Save times and efforts invested on invoicing task
  • Speed-up the billing process and accomplish the job easily
  • Reduce the workload from the front-end team and invest their potential in business-focused tasks
  • Improve customer satisfaction and build-up a professional image amongst the customers

What Makes Moon Invoice A Top InvoiceBerry Alternative?

Moon Invoice is packed with some awesome features and facilities that are not present in InvoiceBerry. Here is a look at them.

Cloud Sync

If you want to bring uniformity and all-around accessibility to your business data then the Cloud Sync feature offered by Moon Invoice is nothing but a blessing for you. Moon Invoice billing and the invoicing app is available for all the leading platforms like macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows.

Cloud Sync - Moon Invoice

Using the Cloud sync, not only accessing billing and invoice operations on all these platforms is possible, maintaining uniformity in data and documents is also possible.

You can continue the work from where you left regardless of the change of the device during the operation.

This feature is nothing less than a blessing to maintain continuity in the billing operations. InvoiceBerry fails at this front and forces you to remain restricted to certain devices.


While you will be able to enjoy the invoices and quotes facility in InvoiceBerry, it lacks big time to make you efficient enough to send professional estimates. Moon Invoice has this feature in its superior form.

Its in-built estimate feature helps a business to stay organized and tension-free when generating accurate and professional estimates is the need of the hour. This billing and invoice software offers plenty of estimated templates that make the job a little more effortless.

You don’t have to try hard on estimation generation. Just enter the details in the format and you are good to go.

Time Tracking

If you want to find out the exact productivity of your team and the ROI of your business then you must start using the time tracking feature. Sadly, this feature is not present in InvoiceBerry and gladly Moon Invoice has it.

Time Tracking - Moon Invoice

Because of the help of this feature, finding the billable hours and payable salary is easier than ever. By using the data-rich timesheets and reporting, Moon Invoice helps a business get optimized easily and efficiently.

There is an in-built timer that tracks productivity happening at every second. This feature is very crucial from the business and team management point-of-view.

Some More Perks Of Using Moon Invoice

You get a free cloud sync facility. Using this facility, you can easily safeguard your data from multiple kinds of losses and protect it by all means.

Moon Invoice lets you create your first invoice for free. If you want to test its capabilities, Moon Invoice never says no. Without giving any credit card details, you can generate your first invoice and cancel it at any time.

To handle all your queries and concerns, Moon invoice has around-the-clock customer support. Its customer support is highly responsive and is all ears to your queries.

Great savings are on your way while you chose Moon Invoice as the top InvoiceBerry alternative. While your monthly expenses with InvoiceBerry are $15 per month, Moon Invoice only charges you $2.50 per month. Likewise, savings are impressive with Moon Invoice.

Concluding Words

If you are looking for Top InvoiceBerry Alternative then nothing can win over Moon Invoice. This modern era and cut-above billing and invoice tool have managed to beat InvoiceBerry at multiple fronts.