The bar industry has rapidly evolved over the past few years, with more bars opening up across different regions. With this growth comes a challenge many establishments face – how can they effectively manage their operations? Bar POS systems are becoming increasingly popular among these businesses as they provide a way to streamline transactions and optimize efficiency without sacrificing the customer experience.

According to recent studies, the global point-of-sale terminal market reached $94.40B in 2022. It’s projected to increase at an estimated CAGR of 8.3% during 2023–2030. Point-of-sale (POS) terminals facilitate payment processing in various settings, including healthcare facilities, hotel lobbies, restaurants, resorts, convenience stores, petrol pumps, shops, etc. These devices accept credit/debit cards, enabling cashless transactions.

This blog post will discuss some of the best bar POS systems designed for bars that enhance operational efficiencies while providing ease of use for bar owners, staff members, and customers alike.

What is a Bar POS System?

A Bar POS System refers to a Point-of-Sale (POS) technology solution explicitly tailored to the needs of bars and nightlife venues. Unlike traditional retail POS systems, A great bar POS System offers features that help improve speed, accuracy, and organization when serving drink orders and handling money transactions.

The point of sales systems for bars integrates seamlessly into existing hardware infrastructures such as tablets, iPads, or Android tablets, allowing multiple payment types, menu management, inventory control, tab management, employee management, real-time reporting & analytics, and easy integrations with accounting software packages.

Bar managers benefit from the best POS system for bars due to their simplified operations & increased profits through efficient order-taking, accurate billing & ordering processes, and other vital features while improving overall guest satisfaction. Additionally, owners gain insights via intuitive data visualizations that identify trends leading to improved decision-making.

All these functionalities make Bar POS Systems essential tools for any establishment looking to modernize its service capabilities.

The Importance of a POS System for Bars

Running a busy bar requires precise management strategies, which can be accomplished effectively using POS systems designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Traditional cash registers fall short compared to modern bar POS software, streamlining processes necessary for efficient operations. Barkeepers appreciate placing orders swiftly thanks to the easy-to-use interfaces and the ability to monitor ingredient supplies and accurately record transactions.

Furthermore, advanced features such as age verification, happy hour pricing, customizable menu options, and software integrations are included to adapt to individual bar settings. Ultimately, these distinct characteristics significantly enhance the overall guest experience and maximize profits.

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Top 7 Best Bar POS Systems (Features and Pricing)

1. Moon POS

Moon POS system is an advanced yet user-friendly solution tailored to the bar industry. It provides essential tools and features that help operators run efficient and profitable food service businesses. It is the best POS system for bars for small and medium scale.


  • Touch Screen Interface: Moon POS boasts an intuitive touch-enabled interface that facilitates swift navigation through functions like ringing up orders, managing tables, and handling payments. Bartenders can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without compromising accuracy or customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Management: Moon POS simplifies inventory tracking by allowing managers to closely monitor liquor levels, ingredient usage, and par levels across different locations or brands. It helps prevent running low on crucial items and reduces overstocking.
  • Table Management: Moon POS assists servers in monitoring table occupancy and optimizing table turnover rates. Its table map view displays real-time status indicators like occupied, pending, or ready status for each station. Servers receive notifications when customers enter waiting lines and can prepare accordingly.
  • Tabling and Reservations: Moon POS allows users to organize bookings based on specific dates, VIP sections, or other criteria. Managers can prioritize patrons based on spending history or customer ratings to offer personalized treatment and maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Moon POS empowers establishments to develop deeper connections with regulars. By recording customers’ drink preferences, favorite seats, and communication channels, servers ensure an exceptional guest experience and promote repeat visits. It boosts customer retention.
  • Employee Scheduling: Moon POS accommodates diverse work shifts and schedules to suit individual needs or seasonal demands. Employees receive automatic alerts when their next assignment commences.
  • Tax Compliance: Moon POS streamlines tax compliance procedures and supports accurate calculations for various states, regions, and countries.
  • Online Ordering: This feature allows customers to place orders online for pickup or delivery. It includes a user-friendly interface where customers can browse menu options, customize their order, and complete their purchase. The online ordering system also integrates with the point-of-sale software so that orders are automatically updated in real-time.
  • Upselling Items with Exclusive Discount: This feature encourages customers to add more items to their order by offering exclusive discounts on certain combinations of products. For example, if a customer adds a specific dessert item to their order, they may receive an automatic discount on another dessert item or an appetizer. This feature helps increase sales while providing value to customers.
  • Business Reports: This feature provides comprehensive business reports that give insights into various aspects of your business such as sales performance, inventory levels, employee productivity, etc. These reports help you make data-driven decisions and optimize operations to achieve better profitability and efficiency.

Overall, these additional features enhance the functionality of the Moon POS system and enable business owners to manage their establishments more effectively.


Moon POS offers two pricing tiers for point-of-sale systems designed for small businesses – Silver and Gold. The Silver plan costs 6.83$ per month while the Gold Plan costs 13.67$ per month. Each package presents a distinct range of features. Discover what each tier provides by visiting this link!

2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is a popular iPad-based bar POS system designed specifically for restaurants and bars. It offers ordering management, inventory tracking, recipe scaling, kitchen display system integration, employee scheduling, and analytics reporting. It also includes tools for managing reservations, cash flow, and generating compelling reports.


Following is the set of features for Touchy Bistro’s bar POS system.

  • Reservation Management – Enables customers to create and manage dinner or event reservations and confirmation emails.
  • Order Management – Streamlines the ordering process by providing quick shortcut keys and suggested modifiers based on item history.
  • Recipe Scaling – Automatically adjust portion sizes based on ingredient yields or specified target prices per gram.
  • Inventory Tracking – Tracks stock levels, par levels, and automated reorder alerts.
  • Kitchen Display System Integration – Connects line cooks to digital screens displaying new orders via QSR codes.
  • Employee Scheduling – Simplifies shift planning and creates work calendars and availability lists.
  • Analytics Reporting – Generates real-time sales performance metrics and identifies trends or issues requiring attention.
  • Menu Customization – Supports customized recipes, substitutions, modifications, and allergy warnings tailored to each order type.
  • Payment Processing – Facilitates card transactions and splits receipts among groups.
  • Tax Compliance – Calculates appropriate tax amounts based on local regulations and supports automatic filing.
  • Loyalty Programs – Creates personalized reward structures for frequent visitors and tracks progress through earned points or badges.
  • Mobile Applications – Offers dedicated applications for iOS and Android platforms to enhance offsite accessibility and ordering capability.
  • Social Media Sharing – Permits users to share updates, promotional materials, or user-generated content across various networks.
  • Online Booking Services – Seamlessly syncs with OpenTable, Yelp, Reserve, or others to simplify reservation creation.
  • Third-Party API Accessibility – Interfaces with many external APIs or SDKs supporting additional extensions or add-ons.


The pricing details for TouchBistro’s bar POS system vary depending on the number of terminals needed and any desired premium features or integrations. As of my knowledge cutoff date, here are the approximate subscription costs for standard plans (excluding custom quotes):

Single Terminal Plan – 69/month+200 annual fee for software upgrades

This point of sales system for bars is Ideal for small establishments needing basic functionality and limited storage space.

3. Clover POS

Clover POS is a cloud-based POS system designed specifically for the bar and nightclub industry. Clover’s pub POS systems provide an intuitive interface and streamlined processes to handle complex tasks associated with running a busy hospitality business.


  • Track Inventory: Tracks stock levels and generates alerts when items reach reorder thresholds; organizes products into logical categories or tags for improved visibility.
  • Menu Management: Simplifies creating, editing, copying, duplicating, or archiving menus and menu types to accommodate seasonal variations or special events.
  • Employee Scheduling: Streamlines assigning work shifts, generating attendance records, and clocking hours worked through timecards or geolocation check-ins.
  • Analytics Reporting: Generates insights derived from sales patterns, trending products, top-selling days of the week, or other performance indicators to optimize operations and boost profitability.
  • Software Integrations: This bar point-of-sale software Connects seamlessly with third-party apps such as 7shifts Schedule, Lightspeed Restaurant POS, QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise Solutions, or Upserve HQ Restaurant Operations Platform.
  • Multi-Location Management: Consolidated view for multiple establishments under single logins, allowing owners or general managers to monitor performance metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): Helps build loyal patron databases by collecting contact information during transactions or via web forms, then sends targeted messages to drive repeat visits.
  • Digital Receipt Handling: Emails electronic copies of orders directly to customers upon completion or shares QR codes printed on paper slips for easy retrieval later.
  • Barcode Scanner Support: Speeds checkout procedures utilizing handheld scanners connected wirelessly or physically attached to iPad stands, kiosks, or counters.
  • Timeclock Feature: Ensures accurate calculation of labor cost percentages tied to sales figures by recording when employees arrive, depart, take breaks, or switch roles during scheduled periods.


It comes in 3 pricing structures:

Starter – 100$ per month with a robust POS + compact device.

Standard – 140$ per month with restaurant owners can take orders quickly, accept payments easily and run their business efficiently with a powerful POS, counter‑optimized device, and robust business management tools.

Advanced – 190$ per month, with which you can run your business with a robust POS, take orders and payments anywhere, and manage complex operations with powerful business management tools.

4. The LightSpeed Restaurant

The LightSpeed Restaurant Point of Sale System for bars is a comprehensive solution designed specifically to meet the unique needs of bars. This cloud-based platform offers advanced features such as inventory management, employee scheduling, table reservations, customer relationship management, and more. The bar point-of-sale software also integrates with other third-party applications like OpenTable or Square Payments.


Here are some of the advanced bar POS features:

  • Cloud-based software accessible via any device with an internet connection
  • Inventory management module to help manage stock levels, automate ordering processes and reduce waste
  • Integration with accounting systems for seamless financial tracking and reporting
  • Customer loyalty program management to encourage repeat business
  • Employee management features for scheduling and time clock functionality
  • Table management tools to streamline seat assignments, order taking, and payment processing
  • Comprehensive reporting suite to monitor sales performance, inventory levels, labor costs, and operational metrics
  • Advanced menu engineering capabilities to analyze food costs and profit margins
  • Mobile app for self-ordering by guests and kitchen display system integration for increased efficiency during service periods.


The Lightspeed POS comes in overall 4 prices:

  • Lean – 69$ per month
  • Standard – 119$ per month
  • Advanced – 199$ per month
  • Essential – Need to get a customized quote

Each plan has its own features and functionality, such as availability in multiple locations, receipt printer, process payments, etc.

5. Toast POS

The Toast POS system is a modern touchscreen technology designed to enhance the overall guest experience at bars. Toast’s bar point-of-sale system’s intuitive interface makes it easy for bartenders to navigate and quickly process transactions without losing focus on the customer interaction required to maintain high standards within the food service industry.


  • Fast & secure card reader and scanner technology
  • Separated billing and charging interface
  • Split check option
  • Tipping feature
  • Order status updates for guests
  • Third-party app compatibility such as OpenTable, SquarePayroll, QuickBooks, Upserve Inventory, and many others
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for remote access and control
  • Ability to create, save, and reuse order templates
  • Automatic backup and recovery services
  • Accessible API library for developers to build custom solutions
  • Multi-location support
  • Timeclock and scheduling features


Regarding the pricing of Toast POS, it has 4 pricing plans, including for food trucks.

  • Quick Start Bundle – which is entirely free POS software.
  • Core – Which starts at 69$ a month
  • Growth – Which starts at 165$ a month

And there is another custom quote option, per your requirement, such as loyalty programs, online ordering capabilities, cash drawer, etc.

6. Square POS

Square for Restaurants is an advanced, user-friendly, and versatile cloud-based bar and restaurant POS system for intended to enhance the functionality of dining establishments. Its comprehensive feature set comprises payment handling, table administration, inventory control, and online ordering abilities.

Created to integrate the front and back of the house, reduce miscalculations, and boost productivity, Square for Restaurants stands as a top choice among industry professionals.

The system boasts the best POS system for bars has many attributes, including real-time sales reporting, course sequencing, and round-the-clock assistance. Customizable price schemes and equipment alternatives are obtainable to cater to the varying necessities of diverse food service ventures.


  • Cloud-based technology allows access from anywhere on multiple devices
  • Integration with other applications like reservations and accounting software
  • The Touchscreen interface facilitates quick order entry and splitting of bills
  • Real-time tracking of sales helps manage inventory levels and speed up closing out tickets
  • Automatic tip adjustment based on item prices or custom gratuity percentages
  • Ability to create custom menus and modifiers for drink items
  • Sales reports break down daily, weekly, and monthly sales data
  • Timecards allow managers to view and approve hours worked by employees easily
  • Mobile Card Reader accepts credit cards wherever your business takes you
  • Inventory Management tracks products used in recipes and automatically deducts them from available stock when sold through the POS.


While Square’s bar and restaurant POS systems are free, a cost is associated with accepting credit card payments (2.6 percent plus 10 cents for each touch, swipe, or dip as a payment processing fee).

7. Skytab (formerly Harbortouch)

SkyTab (previously known as Harbortouch) is one of the best bar POS, widely utilized by bars across various regions worldwide. Their cutting-edge solutions help simplify day-to-day tasks in running and maintaining a successful bar operation.


  • User-friendly Interface – An intuitive touchscreen interface enables fast and accurate transaction input without requiring extensive training for new employees.
  • Table Management Capabilities – Easily organize tables, assign seat numbers, track open/closed statuses, and manage waiting lists.
  • Menu Creation Features – Build custom menus tailored to each bar area or event space; add photos and descriptions for every item served.
  • Order Routing Functionality – Streamline kitchen workflow by assigning orders and printing ticket slips for various stations effortlessly.
  • Inventory Tracking – Monitor stock levels and generate automated reorder alerts; view usage statistics to fine-tune inventory decisions.
  • Employee Scheduling Tool – Simplify scheduling hassles by creating shifts and sending notifications; handle shift swaps and availability updates.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Generate detailed sales summaries and variance analysis; identify trends and areas needing improvement.
  • Payment Acceptance Solutions – Swiftly process credit, debit, gift card, and mobile wallet transactions with encrypted security.
  • Loyalty Program Integration – Offer personalized promotions, reward points, and exclusive discounts through direct integration with popular loyalty apps.


You can avail of the POS software of Skytab for 30$ (original price 69$) with limited functionality.

What are The Benefits Of Using a Bar POS System?

Effective management and smooth operations are crucial to success in today’s fast-paced bar environment. One key aspect of achieving this goal is implementing the best bar POS system.

Here are several reasons why having the best bar POS system is indispensable for your bar business:

1. Improved Order Accuracy and Speed

By automating manual tasks such as placing orders and calculating costs, your staff can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. The best Bar POS systems enable quicker transaction times and reduce errors due to miscalculations or illegible handwriting.

Thus, implementing a great Bar POS system correlates with higher sales volume due to faster service times and lower error rates.

2. Enhanced Data Collection and Analytics Capabilities

The Best Bar POS systems capture essential customer data points such as preferences, purchasing habits, and demographics. By analyzing this data, proprietors can better understand patron behavior patterns and adjust menus, promotions, and pricing accordingly.

Furthermore, real-time reporting and advanced analytics dashboards empower owners to monitor performance indicators and quickly address potential issues before they negatively impact the bottom line.

Many new POS systems and free bar POS need to provide this functionality. For in-depth insights, you need a specialized POS system.

3. Integrated Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is crucial for any hospitality business seeking operational excellence and profitability. Owners and managers can instantly see current stock levels and consumption patterns by integrating automated inventory tracking directly into a bar POS system.

Forecasting future demand helps anticipate appropriate ordering quantities, minimizing waste due to miscalculations or unexpected shifts in the market. Intelligent data analysis from real-time transaction inputs and historical purchase records drive accurate supply forecasts.

Whenever stock falls below predetermined minimum levels, notifications trigger prompt action to expedite emergency shipments or temporarily adjust menus until depleted goods can be replenished.

These proactive measures drastically reduce financial losses from insufficient raw materials or ingredient shortages that impede service speed or impact customer satisfaction.

By closely monitoring inventory intake and consumption via an intuitive interface attached to point-of-sale stations throughout the premises, management remains fully aware of all necessary adjustments needed to sustain optimal product offerings day after day.

The result is optimized inventory levels that balance supply with demand, promoting maximum value and efficiency without compromising customer delight.

4. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty represents a key advantage gained by implementing a POS terminal suitable for bars, given its ability to streamline workflows and reduce errors associated with human inputting mistakes throughout daily activities involving order taking, payment processing, inventory management, and tracking individual tabs or split checks.

By minimizing confusion or miscommunications leading to incorrect charges or incomplete orders, patrons feel confident their requests receive proper attention and completion without incident or hassle. As a result, repeat custom increases and word-of-mouth referrals boost traffic levels, enhancing profit margins over time.

Therefore, customer loyalty programs emerge as a primary driver behind prosperous ventures capitalizing on the best POS system for bars integration toward maximizing guest satisfaction and corresponding bottom lines based on favorable firsthand experiences encouraging return business and subsequent recommendations spreading awareness beyond existing clientele circles.

5. Streamlined Payment Processes

Incorporating state-of-the-art card readers within top POS systems is essential for securing customer payments while maximizing ease of use. Support for contactless technology like NFC further simplifies cashier processes. Customers appreciate being able to utilize their preferred form of electronic payment at checkout since these methods are widely available.

The ability to accept multiple types of cards and alternative payment options is particularly beneficial for attracting tech-savvy crowds who rely heavily on digital wallets or Apple/Android Pay. Besides providing a frictionless payment experience, accepting credit cards and mobile wallets instills greater confidence among patrons in handling sensitive financial information.

As customers gain comfort using the latest payment innovations, repeat business increases as their preferred method becomes standardized. With the growing preference for cashless transactions today, establishments equipped to handle these diverse payment modalities remain competitive against those still solely reliant upon traditional tender methods.

Ultimately, embracing cutting-edge POS terminals capable of processing multiple forms of currency enables bars to maintain high security and flexibility when serving their clientele.

6. Ease of Table Management

Many POS systems also feature table management solutions designed for busy bars. Servers use tablets or handheld devices linked to the POS system to manage reservations, table status, and guest history. Seat availability displays help guests find open spots rapidly.

Digital table maps even show waitstaff which section each food order belongs to, allowing them to swiftly locate where drinks or meals belong, diminishing confusion or mix-ups during hectic peak periods.

The convenience and clarity gained through digital table mapping contribute to increased customer satisfaction and positive reviews online.

Implementing a modern POS system into a bar’s daily operations yields impressive improvements across various aspects, setting up successful long-term growth. Whether a small startup or an established establishment, there is no question that adopting a trusty POS solution makes all the difference.

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How to Choose a Bar POS System?

The point of sale (POS) system is crucial in streamlining operations and enhancing the guest experience in a bar environment. It is a hub for all sales activities, including taking orders, managing inventory, handling customer data, generating reports, and processing payments. Therefore, selecting the right POS system should align with your business goals and budget.

1. Features and Functionality

When considering a POS system for small bars, focus on its key functionalities that will improve your operations (quick service) and increase customer satisfaction. Some bar-specific features are:

  • Table management to optimize table layouts and reservations
  • Menu engineering tools to create customizable menu items
  • Order management to control kitchen workflows, Barcode scanners
  • Inventory tracking to monitor stock levels and sales tracking
  • Integrated payment gateway to securely process transactions
  • Scalability to accommodate seasonal traffic fluctuations
  • User Interface and Employee Training

Another essential factor to consider when picking bar management software is the user interface and employee training. Opt for a system that offers easy navigation and minimal downtime during shift changes. Consider how quickly new employees can learn the strategy and contribute to your bar’s success.

2. Pricing and Deployment Models

When determining which POS system to implement in your bar, it’s crucial to consider both the initial upfront costs of purchasing and deploying the equipment and software and the potential long-term benefits that could be realized through increased efficiency and improved processes across various areas of operation.

Calculating the total cost of ownership over time allows for better comparison between options available on the market today. Understanding Return On Investment (ROI) metrics and analyzing them against each other enables a more informed decision about where to allocate resources, ultimately leading to maximized profits and growth opportunities.

Carefully examining differences in monthly subscription fees vs. perpetual license purchases, for example, may reveal significant advantages depending on the size and stability of your business operations model.

Ultimately weighing those findings against any additional expenses related to setup, configuration, training, or maintenance required by specific cloud or locally-hosted setups must also be considered before settling on a provider able to deliver on promises of positive financial outcomes while meeting your particular application needs.

3. Technical Support and Security

Lastly, ensure the selected POS system has excellent technical support and robust security features. Look for providers who guarantee quick response times for troubleshooting issues and protecting sensitive customer data. Implement robust encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication to safeguard your business assets and protect valuable patron information.

Moon POS: Best POS System for Bars

The best bar POS system, Moon POS offers a comprehensive solution for small to medium-sized restaurants or bars looking to enhance efficiency and improve the customer experience. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive layout, Moon POS makes it easy for staff to navigate and process transactions quickly and accurately.

Additionally, Moon’s feature set includes table management capabilities, customizable menus, and real-time reporting that allows business owners to stay informed on how things are going at all times. The cloud-based platform means that Moon POS can be accessed from any device, providing flexibility and convenience for those who want to keep an eye on things even when away from the establishment.

Overall, Moon POS is the best POS system for bars as it offers everything needed to run a bar seamlessly, making it an excellent choice for anyone searching for a reliable partner for their small bars.