Time tracking is crucial for a business that wants to ensure timely completion of projects and upright payment of payable hours. Besides, doing real-time time tracking is crucial from the team productivity point of view.

It helps a business to find out whether or not its employees are justifying their salary and appropriately utilizing the work hours. While accomplishing this job is tough manually, an automated time tracking software brings great relief.

In this post, we will discuss the top 15-time tracking software that can make big differences in small businesses’ operations.

#1 – Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is online billing software that comes with impeccable time tracking abilities. It has an in-built time tracking feature that can help you find out the exact payables hours, project progress, and employees’ productivity over a single click.

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Developed with the world’s most advanced and high-end technology, this cloud invoicing software has already made its way to 1.7 million business houses and enterprises and has helped them to have automated and streamlined time tracking.

Moon Invoice

It offers a feature-rich app for easy and all-time functionality. There is a dedicated app for each platform and free updates are available at regular intervals.

Moon Invoice comes with an impressive cloud and mobile sync facility that allows a business to enjoy functionality around-the-clock. With the help of this cloud invoicing software, you can set multiple billable charges as per the project demands and optimize team productivity with time.


  • Clear and interactive interface
  • Multiple deployment facility
  • High-end security
  • Impressive recurring billing management
  • Customer care support that cares for customers’ concerns


  • App needs to be more responsive
  • Payment via a few types of cards takes times

Pricing – The basic subscription lets you enjoy world-class time tracking at a mere cost of $2.50 per month.

#2 – Harvest

Harvest is an ultra-modern time tracking software that has managed to become our first choice our Moon Invoice with its ability to do hourly monitoring. You can create logs and update the billable hours on a weekly basis.

Harvest Invoice Alternative

As it comes with impressive integration, it can easily work in a combination of any online invoicing software and streamline operations. Harvest has the ability to fetch data from multiple projects and club them together to form quality and feature-rich reports.


  • Tracks over-due and overbooked tasks can be monitored
  • Quick and time-bound email reminders are auto shared
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Loved the way it import and export information from other departments


  • Less flexible interface
  • Lacks a bit at integration front

Pricing – For a small business, a $12 per month expense can be a bit pocket-friendly. Hence, it is more of an enterprise-sort of choice.

#3 – BigTime

With the help of BigTime time tracking software, a business can save a great deal of time and effort by automating the entire time tracking process. It supports multiple plug-ins and integrations to simplify time tracking.

It can make resource allocation an easy job by providing a real-time overview of employees’ availability, on-going projects, and allotted resources.

BigTime Alternative - Moon Invoice

With the help of BigTime, many small businesses have already saved many work hours and utilize them efficiently.


  • DCAA compliant auditing
  • Impressive integration that simply and quicken every job of time tracking
  • The in-built reminder keeps everything on time
  • Training is thorough and extensive


  • No customization ability in the billing cycle
  • Product updates are less and not very impressive

Pricing – Pricewise, it is of medium quality as per month expense is $5.95 with its basic version.

#4 – Hourly

If you need to do real-time tracking from anytime and anywhere, go and grab hourly. It is advanced time tracking software that can go GPS –based tracking of off-site employees and allows a business to find out the exact team productivity.
Knowing about over-timing and underpaid employees are easier with this tool.

Hourly Time Tracking software - Moon Invoice


  • Automatically update the timesheets
  • Automatic turns billable hours and track assigned jobs
  • Great for project estimation


  • Limited file format for reporting
  • The app is slow in forecasting

Pricing – At $8 per month, Hourly offers decent time tracking features.

#5- Odoo

Odoo is our fifth choice for quick and hassle-free time tracking. We loved the way it has managed to bring automation in jobs like tracking the payable hours and creating detailed reports from the data captured. The dashboard presents the data and information in a crystal clear manner.

Odoo Alternative - Moon Invoice


  • Gathers payable hours details from multiple projects easily
  • Can help with inventory tracking
  • Sends notification for pending jobs
  • Fetches time tracking details from multiple projects simultaneously


  • Not much impressive integration
  • Navigation is not that much impressive

Pricing – Odoo is a decent choice to make as at $4 per month, you will get features like estimation and reporting.

#6 – Wave

Wave helps you gain full transparency over the time spent on the hours spent on accounting and billing without much effort. Effortlessly, it tracks the profitable projects and lets you find out what the non-billable internal time is.

wave alternative - Moon Invoice

As it is free software, any business can use it without any qualms and hesitation. It is an amazing customization ability which makes it an ideal choice for every industry type. It is fully automatic and doesn’t force you to spend hours after hours in time tracking.


  • Identifies areas of improvements without disturbing the workflow
  • Seamless integration simplifies the things
  • Time tracking is reliable and happens in real-time


  • This online billing software needs to be more feature-rich
  • The app could have more modules

Pricing – All of these features and facilities are at absolute zero cost as it is an open-source time tracking software.

#7 – Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice doesn’t need any introduction as this is a very famed business billing software. Though it is online invoicing software, it has a dedicated project time tracking facility. Using this feature, anyone can easily keep tabs on the time invested in each project, billable hours, and team productivity easily.

Top alternative to Zoho - Moon Invoice

Its timesheets let you record the time spent on each task by your employees and keep track of the team productivity.


  • Does automatic time logging
  • Provides detailed reporting
  • Supports multiple file format


  • Less in-built timesheet formats
  • The app lacks responsiveness at times

Pricing – The very basic subscription of Zoho Invoice starts with $9 and offers features similar to Moon Invoice.

#8 – DeskTime

DeskTime is a mobile and web-based time tracking app built for small businesses. Using this app, small businesses can easily do workflow management and keep track of the team’s productivity easily. It comes with a 14-free trial that can be availed of without any credit card.
By tracking the time dedicated to the projects, it minimizes the odds of business loss.

DeskTime Time Tracking - Moon Invoice


  • Document title tracking facility
  • Delivers time tracking data with detailed timestamps
  • Facility to provide auto-reminders


  • Doesn’t offer timely updates
  • The app is buggy at times

Pricing – The basic subscription starts with $95 which is way more expensive than Moon Invoice and other options.

#9 – EverHours

For straightforward yet feature-rich time tracking, we would suggest EverHours. It is packed with some modern time tracking features and capabilities to capture quality data. Its reporting is very much flexible and helps you add/delete the data easily. You can customize the reports with 30 different combinations.

EverHours Time Tracking - Moon Invoice

End-users won’t face any difficulties in assigning deadlines to the tasks and projects associated with different departments.


  • Good compatibility with all the leading platforms
  • The interface is simple and straightforward
  • Easy to configure


  • There is no time editing facility from the extension panel
  • Takes time to switch between platforms

Pricing – Basic subscription is packed with regular time tracking features and costs only $5 per month.

#10 – TSheets

With an in-built QuickBooks integration, the TSheets time tracking tool can be used by any small business without any qualm. It has a hefty open API which makes it highly efficient software. Its time tracking is highly flexible and helps a business to log time spent on projects.

TSheets Time Tracking - Moon Invoice

It is known to give a personal touch to time tracking by giving full customization ability in time tracking. Its usage is easy and feature-rich.


  • Sends overtime alerts immediately
  • Flexible and easy deployment
  • Out of the box plugins


  • A bit unfriendly user interface
  • App becomes buggy with heavy documents

Pricing – At $4 per month, TSheets lets you enjoy detailed time tracking reporting.

#11 – Hubstaff

Saving time and efforts on time-tracking is now possible with Hubstaff. This advanced tool can optimize the entire time tracking process with its powerful APIs. Effortlessly, it can easily integrate with 30+ project management tools such as PayPal and QuickBooks.

Hubstaff Time Tracker - Moon Invoice

This integration makes time tracking easy and effortless. Its feature-rich dashboard brings time tracking data at a centralized place and provides great flexibility and optimization.


  • Manually and digitally logging of time
  • Great customization abilities
  • Can easily integrate with other tools


  • Expensive for small teams
  • Modules are in excess for small businesses

Pricing – HubStaff’s basic subscription starts at $208 and offers a wide range of features.

#12 – Time Doctor

If you are a business that seeks no time wastage and full utilization of work hours then start using Time Doctor. We are very much impressed with its great compatibility and wide integration. As it comes with a very user-friendly interface, you will face no hassle in getting started. There is robust team support as well.

Time Doctor Time Tracking - Moon Invoice


  • Sends real-time idle time notification
  • Auto-updates are available
  • Responsive customer care


  • Doesn’t track invoices

Pricing – $9.99 is what you need to spend for its basic subscription.

#13 – TimeCamp

TimeCamp makes employee hour tracking, bill management, and invoice generation a downhill job by bringing high-grade automation in the job. It sends auto-updated and alerts on the team’s productivity on an hourly basis. It is a great help to do effective project time management by estimating project completion timings.

TimeCamp Time tracking - Moon Invoice


  • Comes with graphical timesheet facility
  • Brings everything under one platform
  • Has a positive impact on productivity


  • Limited functionality of the mobile app
  • Lacks offline capabilities

Pricing – With TimeCamp, you need to spend $5.75 per month for basic features.

#14 – Toggl

Toggl is what we would suggest to any business that needs to have graphical and flexible business hours reporting. It supports third-party integration to include data from multiple operational fronts. Quick and accurate data processing helps a business to generate feature-rich and insightful reports over a few clicks.

Toggl Time Tracking - Moon Invoice

We were impressed with its ability to import/export timesheets in multiple formats. Also, file format conversion is possible. With Toggl’s user-friendly interface, time tracking can be handled by any novice hand.


  • Allows end-user to set user control rules
  • Time tracking is possible from different devices
  • Cloud sync brings uniformity in data


  • Report customization ability is limited
  • Freeze at the time of heavy data processing

Pricing – Toggl charges you $9 per month of features similar to Moon Invoice.

#15 – Timely

At last, we picked Timely for quick, automated, and effortless time tracking. Flexible time tracking, reporting, robust API, bulk editing, etc. are some of the features that make it stand out from the crowd. It creates easy-to-share reports and allows for easy changes.
Modifications of entries in the reports are not a painful job. You can create multiple teams and track time-based upon different criteria like location, work-hours, time –size, and so on. Such detailed time tracking helps a business to ensure upright usage of available work hours.

Timely Time Tracking - Moon Invoice


  • Memory Tracker feature helps you track the time privately
  • Automates every time tracking job
  • Project time tracking and estimate is real-time and accurate


  • Can’t work offline
  • App lacks credibility

Pricing – While Timely offers decent time tracking features at $7 per month, it comes with user limitations.

Wrapping up

Time tracking software is an easy way to ensure the rightful use of the team and available resources. All the above-mentioned choices are trusted by many and are filled with every feature that a business needs. You won’t be disappointed with them.