Invoicing refers to demanding payments. 

Businesses and startups use online billing software to demand payments from clients and customers. 

With different types of invoicing apps, there are different features offered. Let’s focus on innovative features offered by a few invoicing and billing apps. 

Let’s start the blog with the basics of invoicing.

Using an online invoicing software

Businesses need a free invoice maker app to generate timely invoices for their customers and clients. In a single day, many businesses need to generate 50-100 bills for their clients depending on the footfall of the clients or demand. Having invoicing and online billing software helps businesses generate quick and bulk invoices within minutes. Free invoice templates help invoice app users generate final invoices quickly. 

Moon Invoice, online invoicing software, offers free invoice templates to users with 66+ readymade themes to generate final invoices. Our free invoice maker app allows users to create unlimited invoices and mark them as due or paid as payment status. We have also published a complete guide to handling unpaid invoices earlier, a must-read for startups and professionals. 

Currently, businesses use different software for managing their financial and non-financial operations. But when it comes to billing and invoicing, using versatile software is always beneficial as it offers more features helping you manage a lot more than just invoicing your clients. So, let’s move ahead with the basic and advanced invoicing features of cloud accounting software.

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Basic invoicing features

Because of the ongoing competition, there has been a considerable list of invoicing apps that we can see online. Whether downloading an invoicing app for Android or iOS, or macOS, you can quickly get 10-20 invoicing applications, including Moon Invoice, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho, Invoicely, Invoice Simple, Invoice Home, Wave Invoicing, etc. All these online invoicing software has got the basic invoicing features in common. Let’s talk about some of the basic invoicing features below.

1. Proforma & commercial invoices 

One of the standard invoicing and billing app features is creating proforma and final invoices. A proforma invoice is a preliminary bill of the sale generated as proof of sale before delivering the goods or services. On the other hand, a commercial invoice is a final invoice issued by the seller to the buyer for demanding payments. 

2. Credit notes

Credit notes

A credit note is issued against any damage to goods or invoicing error as a credit of the amount used for any future transaction. Our free invoice maker app helps businesses issue unlimited credit notes to their buyers or customers with a single click. 

3. Estimates

Generating business proposals is one of the common invoicing app features that help businesses to draft estimates and send them to their clients digitally. Our online project estimation app allows businesses to create estimates within minutes, converting estimates to invoices with a click.

4. Purchase order

Purchase Order

PO is one of the modules that manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers require to run their business efficiently. The sellers generate purchase orders to get confirmation from the buyers. Free invoice maker apps such as Moon Invoice allow businesses to generate digital purchase orders with a quick edit option. 

5. Expense recording

Recording expenses is very important for startups, professionals, freelancers, and businesses. Online billing software helps with the expense recording feature to help generate quick expense sheets when required. 

6. Bill to print

Billing is important; at the same time, printing the bills is also important. Online invoicing software allows businesses to add and set the printer for printing quick bills. Users can add either a standard or thermal printer for issuing quick customer bills.

How to manage online billing operations?

Advance invoicing features

Many online invoicing software offer unique features to attract more users to download their apps. Essential invoicing apps don’t offer a set of advanced invoicing features. These features are pretty helpful for managing business smoothly. 

1. Offline sync

Not many invoicing apps provide this advanced feature called ‘offline sync’ for apps. With an offline work mode, businesses can continue working on the invoices and other features without an internet connection. As soon as the connection is resumed, the invoicing app syncs the data that is produced offline. 

2. Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

An advanced invoicing app feature refers to cloud storage. The cloud accounting software for businesses stores all the data on the cloud, thereby assuring the business owner to rely on their app for data storage and security. 

3. Business insights

While managing all your business data using a single invoicing app, it becomes essential to have a fully-functional invoicing app for managing the business insights. Moon Invoice, online billing software, offers business insights to help business owners get accurate reports on their sales, accounts, clients, payments, and taxes. 

4. Client management

Another excellent feature that online invoicing apps provide these days is client management. The client and vendor management feature makes it easy for the business owner to handle the client statements and payments easily. Our online invoicing app allows users to download client insights and statements with a click!

5. Convert to invoice

Another exclusive feature that helps businesses and professionals save time and effort on making invoices is the convert to invoice option. Businesses can generate estimates and purchase orders, and proforma invoices and get them converted to final invoices with a click. 

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Does your invoicing app offer offline sync?

All the five advanced features mentioned above, including the offline sync, client-vendor management, convert to invoice, business insights, and cloud data storage, are offered by the Moon Invoice app. We have all the basic and advanced invoicing features to offer with our online billing software. 

The advanced features allow businesses to save time and effort while managing their routine business operations. Also, it gives a better financial view of your business, thereby making sound business decisions for the expansion of your firm or brand. 

Download our fully-functional cloud accounting software and start sending unlimited invoices and estimates from your smartphone. Tap on our website link for more details.