Thanks to technological transformations, businesses are expanding their limits globally. No matter what industry you are in, no matter what business scale you have, or even if you are a freelancer providing services like graphic designing, you can have clients anywhere across the world. But with the involvement of international clients, there comes the issue of payment. And that’s why we need to discuss Razorpay. We will tell you how Razorpay payment integration can make things easier for you.

According to their official website, over 2,00,000 businesses are using Razorpay payment gateway. Some of them may be using Razorpay payment accounting software integrations too.

Though it is only available for Indian businesses to accept the payments digitally, emphasizing technology, they’ve made it simple to connect the platform into a merchant’s website as Razorpay payment billing integrations and included API-driven automation. 

They charge zero rupees for a one-time setup and charge only 3% for each transaction done with international cards. That is one reason to use the best Razorpay software integrations to receive the payment globally and locally.

Razorpay Usage StatisticsRazorpay Usage Statistics (Source – Builtwith trends)

Razorpay is currently being used by over 19,906 websites, according to Builtwith statistics. This graph illustrates the businesses that use Razorpay payment integration directly or indirectly. In the Payment Acceptance category, India Razorpay ranks fifth.


Why Razorpay for International Payment?

Well, if you go for a Razorpay payment accounting software integration, you can put a price in 100 different currencies for any product or service. Razorpay accepts cards issued by all worldwide central banks, and payments are settled in Indian rupees in the merchant account. The payment’s exchange rate is established by Razorpay’s banking partners and is often costly to you as the merchant or your foreign consumers.

For authorized firms, international payment acceptance is enabled by default. Other companies may seek foreign payment acceptance on their Razorpay dashboard by completing a short application form. There are not many reasons why not to use Razorpay payment integration for payment.

Here’s how international payments via Razorpay payment billing integrations may help your business expand

  • Accept payments with international bank cards or the PayPal wallet.
  • For qualifying firms, instant payment gateway integration and activation are available.
  • You can offer prices in 100 currencies.
  • Razorpay currency conversion settlements in INR competitive price at 3% per transaction.

Several ideas on how to collect consumer payments more rapidly

1. Try to have a routine follow-up with your clients once you bill them

If you do not get reimbursement immediately after billing the customer, it is critical to maintaining contact so that your customer is aware that you are monitoring the payment’s status.

Outstanding balances may be challenging to manage, significantly if your cash flow is impaired, but addressing the problem confirms you’ve done all necessary. To connect with their consumers, businesses employ online payment processing software such as Razorpay payment billing integrations or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

2. Get it very clear, with whom to coordinate for payments

When you are doing business with large firms, it is not the CEO or the owner you deal with for your monthly or project bills. Some dedicated people and departments manage the project and its billings. 

Follow a Standard Payment Plan and Bill your Clients from Time to Time

So, be clear that you are communicating with the right person when it comes to payment.

3. In terms of payment, double-check your offerings

If you can offer your customers a variety of payment alternatives, you will get business. The more adaptive your criteria, the less often they will default on a charge, and therefore the less probable you will occur.

Use the best Razorpay software integrations to present your customers with a variety of payment alternatives.

4. Have you defined the payment terms loud and clear to the customer?

Make sure that buyers understand the pricing structure from the start. You don’t want an excuse to be late or lose yourself.

Make clear where and how much they are going to pay. Use Razorpay payment integration that enables you to create invoices with clear and concise payment conditions

5. Follow a standard payment plan and bill your clients from time to time

When the task is finished, send an invoice to the customer as soon as feasible. Sending the invoice as quickly as possible to your customer provides a link between the finished service and payment, suggesting that you’ve made all required efforts to shorten processing time.

Follow a Standard Payment Plan and Bill your Clients from Time to Time

An online accounting program, expenditure tracking software, or Razorpay payment accounting software integrations that make invoice payments may let you generate invoices as soon as you finish work for a client.

So, how to link or connect the Razorpay account to your Moon Invoice business account?

When you use the best Razorpay software integrations, the business becomes easy and quick:

  1. Log in at Moon Invoice.
  2. Choose any picture of your liking as a profile picture and add your business.
  3. Enter your information about the company and then tap Payment Systems.
  4. Select Razorpay and then link.
  5. In a few seconds, you will be redirected to their official website.
  6. Once it is done, you will be redirected to the Moon Invoice Page after an exemplary configuration.

Razorpay is a popular choice among Indian businesses looking for a secure and flexible payment gateway, often in the form of Razorpay payment integration with their online invoicing software. Setting up the business profile with Razorpay is quick and easy. Clients are not charged any additional setup fees. Above all, it accepts international payments, allowing your company to grow globally.

In 2020, Razorpay saw a whopping 252 percent increase in the number of trade partners who exchanged on the platform or using Razorpay payment billing integrations and a 176 percent increase in the number of end-users using Razorpay for online purchases or bill payments compared to the previous year. 

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Bottom Line

So, we have given enough information on Razorpay payment integration with several statistical facts. And with the flexibility it brings, you can’t deny that it is becoming the most preferred platform for payments in India.

It all matters when you bill your client digitally and offer him to pay digitally. Use Razorpay payment accounting software integrations for that. Contact us at   or call us at +1-805-491-9393 for a free demo for online billing software.