If it is that time of the business where your operations are growing or business trade is increasing and small office software such as Excel and Word is just not sufficient enough to handle work balance then, it is perfect time for you to opt for the best & free invoice maker.

If you want to change the look of invoices & templates or maybe facing issues keeping the track of time, expenses and/or payments, then it is best to go with online invoicing solutions. There are many features that an online invoice generator has to offer but the important decision is to on what basis or factors you should select an invoicing software for your business? We have listed a few of the critical points based on which you can make the decision as per your business need.


Accounting or Invoicing?


First of all, you’ll need to derive the requirements of your invoicing purpose. As long as you don’t require auto-billing, most of today’s available cloud-based accounting software contains all the qualities of an invoicing generator. There are advantages to manage accounting with invoicing software such as you can perfectly integrate your invoicing & accounting and also in most of the cases they both will cost you almost similar.

You should go for the invoicing platform if any of the following points apply such as:


– You already have an accounting software and it can be integrated with any invoicing program
– Your business requires all the invoicing features and benefits
– You need auto-billing
– You have deduced the accounting software options and none of them fulfils your invoicing features need


Local Server or Cloud-based?


Most of the accounting or invoicing solutions are cloud-based on which our primary focus would be however, there are many locally installed invoicing programs available. Cloud-based professional invoice services give you convenience, instant access anywhere-anytime, secure data storage and easy backup facility. Local server based invoice programs are usually cheaper as it has one-time cost rather than subscription.

Local Server or Cloud-based - Moon Invoice

Free or Paid?


Most free versions of invoicing apps offer basic features but for the advanced features, there would be subscription charges with it.


What Features You Need?


You’ll have to finalize a list of features that is feasible and useful to your business. Moreover, if you want all the invoicing features available then you should go with this one. Also, check whether the invoicing platform could be integrated with your current software or not. But, the sensible thing would be to not pay for all the features when you don’t need all of them.

What Features You Need - Moon Invoice

The best way to proceed is with a list of all the features based on their necessity for the business. We have generalised and mentioned them below:


Online payment option        Customizable templates                  Estimates/quotes
Recurring invoices                Automatic payment reminders       Client portal
Interactive Dashboard         Attach files to invoices                      Stock/Inventory list
Automatic receipts               Financial reports                                Automated late fees
Customer statements          Offer percentage discounts            Multi-lingual
Auto-billing                            Inventory tracking                              Multi-currency
Time tracking                        Expense tracking                               Sales tax
Mobile apps                           Calculate Discounts                          Import/Export & Print

Options, Trial & Decide


Now that you have the list of possible features that you would like based on your business requirements, it is time for you to consider your options for the best invoice service provider who could fulfil your needs. Whichever the option you choose, then it is time for you to go for the free trial offer to know the features and functionality to try before you buy. More importantly, you can initially evaluate on the basis of invoice templates, custom settings, payment, billing, time tracking, reporting, etc. If you didn’t find it suitable for your business than you can go with other options available.


Moon Invoice lets your business be on top of the competition with Instant Invoicing & Billing, an Easy track of Payment & Notifications, Accurate Insights & Reporting Data. Few amazing add-ons with Moon Invoice are that you can add & “Manage Multiple Businesses”, “22+ Professional PDF Templates”, “Import/Export & Print Utility” and data backup “iCloud sync & MoonSync support”.