Mobile invoicing is the need of the hour for busy accountants and business owners. In addition, busy startup owners and professionals often look for a smart mobile invoicing solution to generate and issue bills anywhere. 

Moon Invoice is an ideal and best free invoicing app for Android and iOS that helps our users generate estimates, bills, and purchase orders. However, if you are new to invoicing or mobile invoicing, here are some incredible things that you must know before going premium with any of the invoicing plans. 

Android invoicing app

With 133+ million users alone in the USA, Android is booming as a good mobile operating system offering user-friendly UI and excellent security. In this scenario, trusting Android for your business invoicing is highly recommended. 

An Android invoicing application is designed for Android-supported smartphones. The app allows Android users to create and send unlimited invoices and estimates from their smartphones. It works with the help of an active internet connection. With the help of just the internet and the best Android invoice app, sending bills to clients and customers becomes an easy task. 

Moon Invoice is the best free invoicing app for Android, offering basic and advanced invoicing features to help businesses and professionals manage hassle-free invoicing. Let’s talk about managing your first few invoices on Android. 

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Are you new to invoicing?

Digital invoicing is a remarkable way to get paid faster. With the help of our free invoice app Android, businesses can accelerate their invoicing functions for getting paid on time. In addition, it helps in minimizing the wait for the invoices to get paid, thereby making your business smooth. 

Professionals and startups new to invoicing on Android must feel relaxed as Moon Invoice offers a highly user-friendly interface that requires less technical assistance in generating invoices. Moreover, our smart mobile invoicing solution offers 66+ predefined invoicing templates to generate custom invoices within minutes

A few things make sense before you choose the right Android invoicing app for your business or project on a long-term basis. So, let’s discuss the same below.

Things to know while getting a mobile invoicing plan

Mobile invoicing is a smarter and more innovative way of sending or sharing invoices. Before subscribing to any invoicing plans, here are a few things to consider or take care of. 

1. Different invoicing modules

There are different types of invoices, such as proforma invoices, credit notes, commercial invoices, interim invoices, etc. As an Android user, you must ensure that your best invoicing app for Android provides all the different invoicing modules covering various invoices. 

When invoicing with mobile, it helps generate the different types of invoices via a single device, saving both time and effort. Whether you need to issue a proforma invoice for the goods clearance or need to demand payment using a commercial invoice, everything is settled via a single Android invoicing app. 

2. Convert to invoice feature

Convert to Invoice Feature

Smart mobile invoicing includes a convert to invoice feature that helps estimates, proforma invoices, and purchase orders automatically convert into a final invoice with a tap. As a result, Android users don’t need to generate a new invoice after sending estimates or proforma invoices. Instead, the final invoice is generated with a tap of your finger. 

3. Free invoice templates

Our best Android invoice app offers 66+ predefined invoice templates to generate custom invoices easily. In addition, android invoicing apps offer free invoicing templates that are easy to use and modify for creating quick invoices. Change themes, backgrounds, margins, and other invoicing elements with a single click by getting the free invoice templates

How to Generate First Invoice on Android?

4. Popular payment methods

Popular Payment Methods

Invoicing apps are a type of online payment processing software as it offers various payment methods for getting paid securely. For example, Moon Invoice is an online payment software that offers 20+ popular payment methods, including Stripe, Braintree, UPI, RazorPay, and PayPal, to get quickly paid from your clients or customers. 

Our best invoicing app Android allows users to integrate the pay now button in the invoice for getting paid quickly. It helps quicken the payment cycle, thereby helping businesses to improve their cash flow positively. 

5. Offline sync

One of the excellent suggestions before choosing the best free invoicing app for Android is looking up the offline sync feature. The offline sync feature helps Android users to generate invoices, estimates, credit notes, and purchase orders without any active internet connection. Once the connection is retrieved, the offline data syncs automatically, saving all the work managed offline. 

6. Import/export data

Suppose you are changing your invoicing app; it is important to transfer your invoicing data to simplify your work process. Moon Invoice, the best free invoicing app for Android, has an exclusive import and export feature that helps users import and export the invoice data within minutes. In addition, we offer an exclusive cloud sync feature with data import-export to keep all the data secure and easily manageable and accessible. 

7. Business reports

Business Reports

Invoicing apps help businesses and professionals to get accurate business insights with the means of data fed in the application. So, before you download or subscribe to the best free invoicing app for Android, make sure it helps to download the various business statements such as sales reports, tax reports, purchase reports, quarter statements, profit & loss reports, client statements, and Invoice aging reports. 

By downloading the business reports, the owner can easily have foresight on the upcoming finances and expenses, making business management easier and more accurate. So, it is one of the features to look into before getting a smart mobile invoicing solution. 

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How much does an invoicing app for android cost (Fee)?

Android invoicing apps generally cost around 4 to 9 USD/month. However, the price range is different compared to the different features offered. For example, moon Invoice, the best free invoicing app for Android, costs 4.19 USD/month, offering basic to advanced invoicing features with the latest payment gateway integrations. Connect with our smart mobile invoicing solution for free for seven days to start invoicing to your clients and customers from anywhere. 

Tap on our website to acknowledge more about our invoicing features. Also, get our invoicing app for iOS, macOS, and Windows at the same price. Explore the different Moon Invoice subscription plans now.