According to Built with trends, nearly 19,57,864 websites are actively using stripe. That shows the amount of stripe payment accounting software integrations. 

If you are not utilizing an online billing software that integrates with stripe, you are already far behind your rivals. Invest in such an accounting tool with stripe payment billing integrations and PayPal, Braintree, and Square, among others.

What is the most significant feature of a company owner’s existence, apart from offering excellent facilities to customers? It’s for everyone to get paid on time. At the same time, let us be frank, make the invoice, give it to the client, await the client’s move, and finally, the payment processing takes time. That is the reason to use the best stripe software integrations to get paid faster.

Payment Volume of The Stripe

Payment volume of the stripe (Source – CBInsights)

As a private entity, stripe does not share detailed statistics on internal measurements such as payment rates. As of 2019, Stripe payments totalled $150 billion. A threefold spike from 2017. In reality, stripe’s payment volume increased at a CAGR of 71.88 percent between 2015 and 2019. Stripe’s payment processing volume has grown at a minimum of 50% each year over the last five years. It also shows the rise in stripe payment accounting software integrations.

Why is accounting integration with stripe essential?

Stripe accepts 29 different payment types. So, accounting integrations give your business and customers a wide range of payment options. And that is one of the main reasons to get paid faster on stripe.

Businesses frequently use stripe as their safe and automated payment portal for online payment processing. It is, therefore, one of the simplest and most reliable methods of receiving payments online. 

You will begin accepting payments electronically in minutes without the need for a retailer account with best stripe software integrations. It includes an excellent dashboard for monitoring your clients’ data, bank pay-outs, and much more.

Stripe has developed on its network to extend its product offerings:

  • Stripe Connect is capable of handling more complicated marketplace purchases.
  • Stripe Billing streamlines subscription and invoicing administration.
  • Stripe Pay-outs and Stripe Issuing, which include quick cashouts for gig economy jobs and interactive card issuance, respectively, make money transfer easier.
  • Stripe Atlas (a company incorporation tool) and Stripe Sigma (a business monitoring and monitoring tool) will simplify business processes.
  • Stripe Treasury enables networks to have embedded banking-as-a-service capabilities.
  • Stripe Climate enables companies to allocate a portion of their income to carbon-reduction programs.

The amount of websites that use the best stripe software integrations stripe has an 18.54 percent market share in the payment processing segment.

How do stripe payment accounting software integrations work with Moon Invoice?

Stripe safe payment incorporation is available for Moon Invoice. You can say that Moon Invoice is the best stripe software integration. You can conveniently handle your company payments by selecting Stripe from our various payment choices. Your customers can complete their payment on Moon Invoice using debit and credit cards, and the transaction will be completely safe.

How to link stripe with your Moon Invoice’s business account?

To get the stripe payment billing integrations, follow the simple steps as instructed below:

  1. Please sign in to your Moon Invoice account.
  2. Click on the Profile Pic and then Add a business.
  3. Fill in the Company Information and then click Payment Methods.
  4. Choose stripe and go to the link.
  5. You’re moving to the official page of Stripe. You can create or log in with a new Stripe account.
  6. After an exemplary configuration, you will be redirected to the Moon Invoice Page.

Stripe is a convenient, fast, and safe way to accept payments online. Stripe does not need a merchant account. It means that you can get started and receive transactions in minutes. Stripe does everything, from keeping the clients’ payment card numbers, subscription-based billing, and bank pay-outs.

The pricing is straightforward: 2.9 percent + 30 cents (includes American Express cards).

Payments are prompt: funds would be deposited through app incorporation with your bank account within 72 hours.

Several pointers on how to collect payment from customers more quickly

1. Set payment objectives early and provide clear reminders

Set Payment Objectives Early and Provide clear Reminders - Moon Invoice

Make sure customers appreciate the cost schedule from the very beginning. You don’t want to have some reason for being lost or for paying late. Make it crystal clear where and what they’ll pay. Use stripe payment Billing integrations that allow you to build invoices that state plain and succinct payment terms

2. Simplify the payment process for clients

If you can provide a wide range of payment options to your clients, you can open up work for yourself. The more adaptable your criteria are, the less often they will default on a bill, and therefore the less likely it is that you will occur.

Use best stripe software integrations to provide multiple payment facility options to your clients.

3. Bill clients promptly and adhere to a regular payment schedule

When the job is completed, invoice the client as soon as possible. Sending the invoice to your client as quickly as possible establishes a connection between the completed job and payment, indicating that you’ve taken all necessary steps to reduce the processing time.

An online accounting program or expense monitoring software or stripe payment accounting software integrations that accept invoice payments can assist you in generating invoices as soon as you complete a job with a customer.

4. Maintain contact and follow-up

If you should not receive reimbursement immediately after invoicing the client, it is essential to retain communication to ensure your client knows you monitor the payment’s status.

Maintain Contact and Follow-Up - Moon Invoice

Outstanding balances can be complicated, particularly if your cash flow is impacted, but resolving the issue ensures you’ve accomplished everything possible. Businesses use online payment processing software such as stripe payment billing integration software or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to communicate with their customers.

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Final Take Away

So, that was all about how to get paid faster with stripe payment accounting software integrations. The primary explanation is that the more payment options available to the user, the faster they can spend and the more you will collect payment. With stripe payment billing integrations, your customer’s experience will be smooth.

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