Congratulations on managing an active side-hustle.

Trust me, managing a side business apart from other professional commitments is not easy at all. 

Side-hustlers often look forward to managing project timings for delivering efficient results. But what’s the secret key to achieving that?

Or, How to manage an active side-hustle without delaying project deadlines?

All these questions might be hitting your brain while taking up multiple projects. So, here we are to help you manage your side-hustle without delaying the deadlines. 

Do you call yourselves a side-hustler?

What’s the perfect definition of a side-hustler? A side-hustler is a person who simultaneously makes income from other modes of profession apart from active employment.  Managing two or more professions at a single time is also called a side-hustler. 

So, if you call yourselves a side-hustler- this blog piece is designed for you. 

A side-hustler faces one important challenge, ‘time management.’ So, how to do that professionally without disturbing any of your ongoing tasks or projects?

Have you heard about the time tracking app? A time tracking tool or app is designed to help side-hustlers to manage project timings. It has features to help you invoice your clients according to the time spent on each task or project. Indeed, it is one of the best time tracking software for contractors, freelancers, and side-hustlers.

What is a time tracking tool?

A time tracking app or tool helps manage the various project timings with a start and stop the clock. It helps to understand the person how many hours he has spent on a particular project or task. Moreover, the same is updated to the client by sharing the time tracking project details. 

Many time tracking tools are synergized with online invoicing software to create invoices with time calculation per hourly rate. Freelancers can directly raise an invoice for each project by managing the timings using the time tracking app.

Moon Invoice: time tracking feature

Moon Invoice is a time tracking app offering many invoicing features, including estimates, quotes, payment reminders, proforma invoices, credit notes, reports, etc. Well, one of the notable features of Moon Invoice is ‘time tracking’; it has two different ways to manage project time logs.

  1. Manage it via clock in and out (manually in and out date selection)
  2. Manage it with play, pause, and stop buttons 

Moon Invoice Time Tracking Feature

Moon Invoice online invoicing software has a time log feature to help you manage project timings with ease. You can add up the projects and tasks and simply start the on and off button at the top of the screen to track time. Nevertheless, you can start invoicing your clients based on the time logs for getting paid quickly. 

How time tracking app help side-hustlers?

Side-hustlers often need a free invoice maker app to send unlimited invoices to clients or customers. As an employee, you never need to worry about sending or sharing invoices as your company’s HR manager has to deal with the operations. But when you are working as a side-hustler, you are managing both an employee and accountant for the client. Hence, you need to invest in a time tracking app that helps manage project timings and invoices. 

There are various reasons that side-hustlers and freelancers rely on time-tracking apps to manage their projects or tasks. And of course, we will discuss these reasons to help you choose the best time tracking application. 

Say yes to managing multiple tasks & projects!

5 Reasons, why side-hustlers need a time tracking tool

Side-hustlers, freelancers, contractors, or consultants must have an online invoicing software with a time tracking feature to invoice time log projects. Apart from accurate invoicing, there are many reasons that side-hustlers need a time-tracking tool. 

Let’s discuss the same!

1. Improve productivity

The first reason for investing in a time tracking app like Moon Invoice is that it helps you enhance work productivity. As you are aware of the timer clock, you are more conscious about the time that is being recorded. Hence, you are more responsible for the particular project or task. 

Also, an invoicing software that offers more than many features, including estimate creation, proforma invoice, commercial invoice, time tracking, purchase orders, business reports, etc., helps you manage various business operations via a single dashboard. Hence, you need not run for different tasks with different apps or tools. A single free invoice maker app is enough for managing both invoices and time logs. 

2. Manage timely projects

Manage Timely Projects

Time logs are highly effective for managing projects or tasks. With time logs, you get an idea about the hours spent on each project or task. The calculation becomes easy and quick. Also, when you have a project timer running at the top of the screen, you are more accurate in keeping an eye on the hours spent on each task or project. Above all, it helps you in understanding your ability and capacity for managing various tasks. 

For example, a content writer can judge the number of words written in a particular time frame. It helps them to judge their ability with the help of a time tracking app. 

3. Calculate work rates

As a side-hustler, how do you establish your project rates? Do you charge it per hour or project? You need to have a free invoice maker app that helps make a correct decision with the project time calculation feature. 

Calculating work rates will help you stay updated on the projects that are either giving you a good income or not. Also, it will help you set a fixed project rate for repeated businesses. In short, a time tracking app helps you to perfectly examine your work rates for each project or task that you undergo.

4. Bills accurately

One of the most important reasons for having an online invoicing software with a time tracking feature is to help you bill more precisely. Bills that need to be calculated on the hourly or weekly rate must be prepared by calculating the time invested for the particular task or project.

Time tracking tools are designed to keep you posted with the accurate calculation of the hours, for which billing becomes accurate and quick. Invoices that are converted from the time logs don’t need a re-check! Instead, it saves time for the freelancer or contractor in designing invoices as time logs are auto-calculated by the invoicing software. 

5. Helps assess client or project value

Online invoicing software like Moon Invoice gives you a chance to determine the project value with the help of a time log. While using the time tracking app, you need to choose the project or task for which you need to run the time log. The time log calculated for the project against the income helps you access the project value. 

You can take future projects by accessing the current project values. A time tracking app helps shape your project budgets and expenses too. 

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Earning extra is more a necessity than a dream. As a side-hustler, you need to plan your projects or clientele, considering the long-term benefits. For helping you run your side business more efficiently, you must think about paying a nominal fee every month to online invoicing software. Moon Invoice is a free invoice maker app helping you achieve your tasks or projects with the help of a time tracking feature. Learn more about our invoicing app by visiting our official website!