Do you know how many invoices a small business needs to create in a single day? As per the client market size of an SME, there arises a need for 1.5k invoices per month. 

Do you think creating errorless 1.5k invoices per month is easy for any small business owner? As a matter of fact, no! An SME requires an online invoicing software or app to help create professional and customized invoices every day.

With today’s blog post, I will help you know how to create multiple invoices and track client payments using an online invoice generator free app. Moon Invoice is the best free invoicing app for Android and iPhone. 

Creating Multiple Invoices on Mobile

An invoice is a bill that you send to the client with a detailed list of products or services sold from your end. While managing a business online, you have to send business invoices, credit notes, debit notes, recurring invoices, interim invoices, final invoices, proforma invoices, etc.  All these invoices have different instructions and times for sending it across to the customers or clients. 

Moon Invoice, a free invoice app for iPhone and Android, helps you create all the different types of invoices and memos on your mobile phone. Yes, you need not log in to the web or desktop version for creating invoices. Our online invoicing software helps you create invoices in a few clicks using your smartphone. 

Create Professional Invoices & Send Across in Less than 2 Minutes

The entire scenario of creating invoices is now becoming a hassle-free and exciting task. If you have downloaded Moon Invoice, an online invoice generator free app for Android or iPhone, you can easily create business invoices on your phone in less than two minutes. 

  1. Login in to your Moon Invoice Account 
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Open the top third option called ‘Invoices’
  4. Click on the ‘+’ sign for adding or creating a new invoice

After you click on the ‘+’ sign, the following screen will appear. Filling the correct details is easy as most of the invoice format is filled by selecting the right drag-down option. 

New Invoice


(Moon Invoice Android App Screenshot Featuring Invoice Creation)

To create multiple business invoices on your Android or iPhone device, you need to follow the following instructions. 

  1. Select the customer or contact you wish to issue the invoice for.
  2. Invoice numbers will be auto print; you need to check them once before sending them to the client or customer.
  3. The currency will be auto-checked; you can change it as per your need. 
  4. The invoice issue date will be auto-filled by the software considering the latest date. Therefore, you must change the invoice due date before sending it to the client. 
  5. Next are the two different tabs mentioning discount and deposit. If you have agreed to any discount with the client, you can mention the discount percentage in the discount tab. Also, if you have taken any deposit in advance from the client, you can select it from the deposit tab.
  6. Next, you need to fill in the data like P.O.# and subtitles.
  7. Mention the shipping cost in the tab manually. Also,  drag the shipping method tab and select your appropriate shipping method for the products sold.
  8. Next, there are two check boxes – where you can select whether the invoice is a recurring invoice so that it can be auto-created on the recurring date. 
  9. Also, you need to check on the discount before the tax box to allow your invoice to show a discount before calculating the tax amount.
  10. Next is selecting the appropriate payment method. Finally, you need to click on the payment method tab and wait for the options to appear on the screen.
    Payment MethodsWith Moon Invoice online invoicing software, the customers will get 24 secure payment gateway options to choose from. Also, if your preferred business payment method is missing, you can click on the missing payment type at the screen’s footer and mention the gateway you wish to add.
  11. The selected payment gateway method will be added to the invoice to help the clients to pay directly via the invoice.
    Payment gateway method
  12.  After setting up your preferred payment method, next is to add tasks by correctly mentioning the task name, task rate, tax rate, and any other additional notes. You can add more tasks by clicking on the ‘add task’ button.
  13. Next is adding up the products by entering the product name, quantity, quality, tax price, final rate and notes. You can add multiple products by clicking on ‘add products’.
  14. Last but not least, you will get the total amount, including taxes and discounts, at the bottom of the invoice. You can verify it and add your business terms and conditions or notes before sending it to the client. 
  15. You can also add an attachment by clicking on the attachment sign at the footer of the invoice.

Get Notified For Payments

Once you have sent the invoice by setting up the correct payment gateway method, you can expect a notification on your Android or iPhone device for payments. Our free invoice app for iPhone and Android will send payment alerts when a customer completes the payment process. 

Different business payment services have different payout times. You can check the payout time of various business payment services by visiting our Moon Invoice Payment Integrations page. 

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It’s a Wrap!

Moon Invoice, an online invoice generator free app for Android and iPhone, allows your business to save a lot of time creating professional invoices. Business owners can select from 62+ inbuilt templates and invoice themes for creating business invoices. Apart from invoicing, the Moon Invoice best free invoicing app for Android and iPhone helps with estimate creation, expense recording, time tracking, payment management, and many other features. To know more about our online invoicing software, you can log on to Moon Invoice.