One of the most challenging aspects of business is invoicing, which is why companies pressure their accounting team or external accounting consultants. Several firms are now employing online billing software for contractors to make the procedure easier.

There are several organizational developments and duties in the typical company paradigm. Online invoicing software for Contractors may now be integrated seamlessly with online or cloud-based invoicing and billing solutions, giving small firms the best of both worlds.

There are various services that contractors may give, including firm planning, house renovation and architecture. When a contractor’s invoice is sent, it will include the total amount of work done and the number of hours and days it took to do that task. Free invoice generator apps for contractors may be found in various forms.

A contractor’s guide to invoicing

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When you’re a contractor, it’s a good idea to figure out precisely what goes into invoicing. And that is why we have provided a contractor invoice example with details.

Contractors must prepare accurate invoices that include crucial billing information, such as payment dates, an itemized description of services done, and the total due sum.

Providing the online billing software with free invoice templates and support is our top priority here at Moon Invoice.

Key points to follow while using any free invoice templates

It is common practice for a contract bill to include a description of the materials utilized and their amount and cost. Lastly, the entire cost of materials and labor, including tax, and any deposits, are included in this section at the bottom of the invoice.

Streamline your invoicing processes by using construction invoice templates.

1. Give each invoice a separate invoice number

Each one should have its unique invoice number if you send out invoices. This is advantageous to both you and your customers in record keeping. It’s also easy to track down a single invoice if there’s a payment problem. 

Suppose you’re having trouble keeping track of your invoices. In that case, the simplest way is to number them consecutively, beginning with Invoice No. 01 and moving on to Invoice No. 02.

2. The invoice date should be included in the next step

The invoice date should be included in the next step

In the top area of the invoice, please provide the date you will be mailing it. The header part should also include the company logo.

The date plays a key role when billing for Work in Progress (month by month).

3. Your company’s information (Invoice sender’s details)

Take any contractor invoice example; you’ll find that each template has the company’s contact information in the header. Including a logo here is optional. Make sure to include your name and contact information.

Include your company name on your invoice, even if it seems obvious. You can ensure that your consumers know who to pay by giving your firm a name.

Additionally, including additional firm information, such as a logo, can make your invoice stand out to your customer and convey a professional image.

To ensure that your customers know that you’re available if any concerns or inconsistencies need to be addressed, provide your contact information at the end of the document.

4. Client’s details & information

Client’s details & Information

Add your client’s phone number and email address at the bottom of the page. Then, verify with each customer that you have the correct billing contact information before sending out any bills. 

If you work for a big company, you may have to deal with a separate billing department from your regular business contact. So, when it comes to billing multiple clients, free invoice templates help a lot.

You may show your clients that you are detail-oriented and prepared to put in the effort by verifying that you have the most up-to-date information on your customers. As a result, there won’t be any delays caused by erroneously addressing your invoices to the wrong people.

5. Describe the services you offer

A table with four columns should then be created. Here, you’ll be able to list all the services you provide. 

There should be a short description of the services you performed in the first column, followed by the amount or number of hours worked, the rate of compensation, and the final sum for each service. Next, you may refer to our construction invoice template. 

Online Invoicing Software Vs. Downloadable Templates!

6. Be clear about your payment methods and terms

Be clear about your Payment Methods and Terms

Include in your invoice the methods of payment you accept and the conditions under which they may be made. For example, if you have a late charge policy, you should include it in your bill using online billing software.

The payment details should be included so that your customers know where the money should be sent or sent.

You may indicate whether you like to pay using PayPal, UPI, or any other card in this area. However, even if you don’t have a payment link, it’s a good idea to explicitly specify the payment methods you prefer so that there are no delays.

Include any relevant taxes in the bottom portion of your invoice. Consider using a larger font, solid letters or a different font color to draw attention to this part.

7. Time frame to complete the payment

Don’t forget to include the payment due date in a large, easy-to-understand typeface. The amount owing date should be as explicit as possible. For example, instead of “Payment Due in 45 Days,” use “Payment Due May 15, 2022,” which is more specific in your online invoicing software

This avoids misunderstandings and delays in payments, which may cause imprecise payment conditions.

Cheques, for example, are a time-consuming payment method. So, to avoid missing the deadline, make sure to include all available payment alternatives in your submission.

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Construction invoice template

Many free invoicing templates are available online if you don’t want to spend time producing a new invoice from the start. 

For example, there is a free construction invoice template and billing software provided by Moon Invoice that is suited to the unique requirements of contract employees, so you can change the document and begin billing customers right away.

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